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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Steering Lock

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Category: Body Electrical System

A locking steering Column was a Datsun 1200 OPTION for early STD and DX models. It was standard equipment for USA 1200s, JDM GL and GX, and newer JDM 1200 pickups. The body of the steering lock is the same LHD vs RHD and early vs late. But the removable lock barrel, face plate and ignition switch differ. In particular, USA locks have a 2-wire connector for the key buzzer, while Japan locks say "Garage" on them.
28737.jpgAlbum 28737



In all 1200s — both RHD and LHD — the Steering Lock bolts to the right side of the steering column.
22009.jpgAlbum 22009
The body is cast 'KV-1'
22010.jpgAlbum 22010
'KV-1' cast at the saddle


28737.jpgAlbum 28737

A new lock comes with break-off bolts. Once tightened, the heads break off. To remove it requires tapping the bolts out slowly using a center punch, or using a hacksaw to cut grooves in the bolts.

POST Steering lock bolts- how to tighten?

lock bolts - two Philips head, two security head
25882.jpgAlbum 25882

48700-M1010 - early style without ACC position
11345.jpgAlbum 11345

USA Left: 1972-1973 5-position, Right: 1971 4-position
5022.jpgAlbum 5022
USA Lock Comparison - No ACC position for 1971. It also uses a different ignition switch.

* Single-sided Key, differs from door keys
* Takes small one-lug ignition switch
* Double-sided Key, same as door key
* Takes large two-lug ignition switch

48700-H1600 Early JDM with 'Garage' position and single-sided key
24434.jpgAlbum 24434


Lock Part Numbers

JAPAN- see Key_Part_Numbers
48700-H1600 ASS'Y LOCK, steering (3-position) (up to '71-Mar.) (Op.) ALL
* 48750-H2000 ASS'Y-SWITCH, ignition
48700-H2010 ASS'Y LOCK, steering (4-position) (from '71-Apr.) (Op.) ALL
48700-H2010 ASS'Y LOCK, steering (4-position) GX
* 48750-H1900 ASS'Y-SWITCH, ignition
48700-M1010 LOCK ASS'Y-steering [1972] GL, GX <> 48700-H2010 
** Also used by Cherry E10 <> 48700-H2020
* 48700-H2010 7510-7803
* 48700-G1060 7804-8210 S/#48700-H5010
* 48700-G1925 8211-
* 48700-A8605 PB110 GL,GX optional DX
  * 48750-A8700 SWITCH ASS'Y-ignition
  * 48479-E6601 ESCUTCHEON-steering lock
USA - see Steering Wheel Part Numbers
* 48700-H1900 ASSY-LOCK STEERING $217 USD
* 48700-H1901 ASSY-LOCK,STEERING(5 POINT) 0471- 0 48700-H1900 $156 USD

Key Lock

Removable lock barrel

Standard Motor Products 1200 US-168L
21996.jpgAlbum 21996

Standard Motor Products US169L {#1472GAS, 88922033, E1459A} 7-tumbler

AC/Delco E1499A {#88921918} - Short Type Lock


B210 RHD used a similar steering lock as B110. But the USA LHD version was considerably different.

B210 USA

USA B210 steering lock is totally different. Clamps at mid-barrel instead of end. 48700-H6200 pictured with Ignition Switch attached.
US183_FULL.jpg US183_BRACKET.jpg US183_TERMINAL.jpg

B210 Japan

JDM B210 steering lock looks similar to B110 version.
48700-H5000 and 48700-H5010
B210_lock-a.jpg B210_lock-b.jpg

(racer135- my RHD 1978 B120 uses a similar black 5-position key/steering lock barrel as the USA 1972-1973 mentioned earlier, albeit with a small single-lug switch with 5 terminals as pictured above. It may be exactly the same as the one above but there aren't enough photos to confirm. Also, when the start position spring failed in the switch, I replaced it with the switch from a Mazda 1000 ute I had for parts, which just happened to have the exact same switch!)

Ignition Switch

The actual electrical Ignition Switch for this type is removable, and bolts to the back of the key cylinder. In other words, the Ignition Switch is not strictly part of the Lock Cylinder, but connects to it. A rectangular wire connector from the dash harness attaches to the ignition switch.

Fitment of ignition switch into ASSY-LOCK STEERING
48750-E7705-1.jpgAlbum click to view 48750-H1900.jpg 

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