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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Owner's Manual

Yes, your Datsun may be towed safely by another vehicle, with a few considerations.



See the Owner's manual: Operating the Car

1974 B120 Owners Manuals 1972 USA

B120 page 25    USA page 17
th_25.jpg   th_17.jpg
If the car is being towed with the rear wheel on the ground, do not exceed 17 MPH (30 km/h). The selector lever should be in the "N" position. If the transmission is inoperative, it is advisable to two with the rear wheels raised off the ground, or with the propeller shaft removed.

Being towed by the rear wheels

However, these instructions were updated later. The 1980 owner's manual says:

  • It is necessary to use proper towing equipment to avoid possible damage...See the Towing Procedure Manual at dealer side.
  • All applicable government laws regarding the towing operation must be obeyed.
  • Before towing, make sure that the transmission, axles, steering system and power train are in good order. If any unit is damaged, a dolly must be used.
  • If the transmission is inoperative, tow the car with the rear wheels off the ground, or with the propeller shaft removed.
  • When the car is towed with its front wheels on the ground, secure the steering wheel in a straight ahead position with the ignition key turned in the "OFF" position.
  • When towing an automatic transmission model, try to restrict towing speed below 30 km/h (20 MPH) and towing distance less than 30 km (20 miles).
  • With manual transmission model, try to restrict towing speed below 80km/h (50 MPH) and towing distance less then 80 km (50 miles).
  • If the speed or distance must necessarily be greater, remove the propeller shaft beforehand to prevent damage to the transmission
  • Release the parking brake and set the gearshift lever in the "Neutral" position before starting to tow the car.
Nissan Patrol Y60 towing 1200 Coupe
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Factory-suggested Tow Points

Front - place rope around tension rod bracket

Rear - place rope around spring shackle

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Being towed by towbar


Being towed on a trailer seems very popular too.

Flatbed/flattray towing
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IMG_8513.jpg imagesCAS2MU6F.jpg


Trailer Queens
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