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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

WA orange sedan

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: User Community

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Western Australia orange 1970 2-door sedan is one of the few 2x1200s in the whole country.


POST The 2dr sedan..

this ones going in the shed for a resto. Got it running good and went for a drive up the road ... the A15 hauls

2011 July this was picked up by username from Dub-Ya Aye
25207.jpgAlbum 25207 25206.jpgAlbum 25206 25206.jpgAlbum 25206 25208.jpgAlbum 25208 25209.jpgAlbum 25209

* A15 engine with electric dizzy
* extractors with 2-1/4" exhaust
* 32/36 weber DGV
* 4-speed gearbox

14815_4e2161f0d682e.jpgPost 376156 14815_4e21621254361.jpgPost 376156 14815_4e216227e5bbb.jpgPost 376156 14815_4e216240c7c2b.jpgPost 376156 14815_4e216250353c4.jpgPost 376156

steering wheel
14815_4e21625f72b45.jpgPost 376156

14815_4e21627133aa9.jpgPost 376156

Is that a manifold with welded EGR blockoff plate?
14815_4e21627f5e6e6.jpgPost 376156

For Sale

2012 September POST EOI: datsun 1200 2dr sedan Perth

2013 June POST for sale

has rust of course but its not every day you see a 2 door sedan ... sitting 6 years out the back in the weather (had a respray 3 years ago)

Right away BeeJJ purchased it!

BeeJJ Build

POST build thread 

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