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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Models and Features

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   B110  4-door sedan
   B110R (2-door sedan)
  KB110  (2-door coupe fastback)
  VB110  (van/wagon)
   B120  (truck/pickup aka ute or bakkie)

Datsun 1200 2-door Sedan is the ultimate cruiser. It is a classic 3-box sedan. Sedans have frames around the door glass (as opposed to a 2-door Hardtop). The 2-door sedan is sometimes called a 2-door post (because of the B-pillar).



Whereas the 2-door coupe is a fastback design, the 2-door sedan is a notchback design with the same rear panels as the 4-door sedan.

press photo
15927.jpgAlbum 15927 748.jpgAlbum 748

2-dr sedan is almost exactly like the 4-door sedan, except:

  • Longer doors (from coupe, but with different glass)
  • Folding front seats are standard
  • Rear side window and rear C-pillar are different

The roof, windshield and trunk are the same 4-dr and 2-dr sedan.

Gary_p's race car
10500.jpgAlbum 10500

131.jpgAlbum 131


Here's a preview:

23531.jpgAlbum 23531 23532.jpgAlbum 23532

5270.jpgAlbum 5270 gso.jpg

b110061.jpg b110031.jpg sunny1200_catalog_p0607.jpg

1971PressPhotos1200Sedan.jpg 1973_1200_Sedan.jpg


2-door sedans were not sold retail in Australia. The dozen or so are private imports.

1. oan878 2-door sedan, now owned by Duncan in southern California
174_5581fcbfd7994.jpgUpload click to view 20091003%20095646%20DSC09240.jpg 10477.jpgAlbum 10477 8093.jpgAlbum 8093 8094.jpgAlbum 8094 7277.jpgAlbum 7277

2. Ade's 2-door sedan, sold to Tappet
10067.jpgAlbum 10067 10068.jpgAlbum click to view 10097.jpgAlbum click to view 10098.jpgAlbum click to view

3. Levey's 2-dr
22512.jpgAlbum 22512 21710.jpgAlbum click to view 23825.jpgAlbum click to view 24241.jpgAlbum click to view 24243.jpgAlbum click to view 24262.jpgAlbum click to view 23133.jpgAlbum click to view 22985.jpgAlbum click to view 20298.jpgAlbum click to view

4. gx1200 Adam's 2-door Sedan with CA18DET turbo motor transplant
3455.jpg 10557.jpg

5. 1200post Stephen Best's SR20DET-powered car 11.29@120mph
17328.jpgAlbum 17328 14041.jpgAlbum 14041 5810.jpgAlbum 5810 6068.jpgAlbum 6068 6069.jpgAlbum click to view

6. 1200rallycar
1491.jpgAlbum 1491 1490.jpgAlbum click to view

7. Shaun's Penrith 2-door
3882_4fb21888ae875.jpgPost 406797 3882_4c41a0f109d8b.jpgPost 328008 3882_4c41a0fd551e6.jpgPost 328008 3882_4c41a10b7e649.jpgPost 328008 3882_4c423ea60846e.jpgPost click for topic 3882_4c423eb41174c.jpgPost click for topic 3882_4c423ec10f647.jpgPost click for topic 3882_4c423ecd11517.jpgPost click for topic 3882_4c423ef1bd4ce.jpgPost click for topic 3882_4c423f05dc19b.jpgPost click for topic 3882_4c423f0eb6877.jpgPost click for topic 3882_4c423f0eb6877.jpgPost click for topic 3882_4c423f3716f9f.jpgPost click for topic
Ex-bozman -> Paul Taylor -> shaun
2doorC.jpg 2doorD.jpg 2doorA.jpg 2doorE.jpg

8. Matto1kUte, Adelaide 2-dr

9. jmatt1200's up for sale in 2011

10. 'DATSLY'
3356.jpgAlbum 3356 3319.jpgAlbum 3319 3318.jpgAlbum 3318 26675.jpgAlbum 26675 26676.jpgAlbum 26676 26677.jpgAlbum 26677

11. Boostin/K-DOGG
11465.jpgAlbum 11465 11466.jpgAlbum 11466 11473.jpgAlbum 11473 Datsun1200002.jpgPost click for topic

12. WA orange sedan 1970

25206.jpg 25208.jpg


297.jpgAlbum 297 7353.jpgAlbum 7353

JDM Datsun 1200 GTR

See Main Article: GTR

North America

The only 1200s sold in North America were 2-dr sedans and 2-dr coupes.

1751.jpgAlbum 1751

6553.jpgAlbum 6553 17749.jpgAlbum 17749 140.jpgAlbum 140 143.jpgAlbum 143 20270.jpgAlbum 20270 11245.jpgAlbum 11245 26821.jpgAlbum 26821

North America 1973

17127.jpgAlbum 17127 29304.jpgAlbum 29304 29305.jpgAlbum 29305 29306.jpgAlbum 29306 29307.jpgAlbum 29307 29308.jpgAlbum 29308


1974 Limousine
5679662016_b517f5c679_o.jpg 5679097351_f2700c9b29_o.jpg Datsun-1200-1974.jpg

South Africa

Reportedy, there are at least five 2-door sedans in South Africa.

17185.jpgAlbum 17185


2-door sedan with Coupe Grille, front lip, overfender flares and the door post painted black.
19764.jpgAlbum 19764

Ski Style - Dusty's Oregon sedan
1831.jpgAlbum 1831

lOW sTYLE - 1200driver's Oregon sedan
1610.jpgAlbum 1610 1597.jpgAlbum 1597

Seattle Style
1479.jpgAlbum 1479 1480.jpgAlbum 1480

Electric Style - Blue Meanie & White Zombie
1605.jpgAlbum 1605 1604.jpgAlbum 1604

Waiting for style - Jerry Salee's 2-door
1603.jpgAlbum 1603

Texas Style | Midnight Sun style
125.jpgAlbum 125 128.jpgAlbum 128 

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