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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Aftermarket steering wheels

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Steering System

Aftermarket steering wheels have greatest variety, look great, have better shapes and sizes than factory 1200 steering wheels.



Aftermarket steering wheels generally require an adapter hub.


Purchase an aftermarket (non-factory) wheel for various reason:

  • Looks. Beautiful natural woods, a variety of bright colours, hi-tech looking modern designs, or maybe chrome
  • Room. A smaller diameter wheel requires more effort to turn, but provides a bit more leg room
  • Tall drivers. For those who like the seat back, extend the wheel
  • Racing. Smaller wheel turns the car faster for tight road circuits

6279.jpgAlbum 6279


To get more room:
* small diameter wheel
* flat-bottom wheel
* quick-release wheel

Small Wheels

Sparco P260 ultra-small 260mm diameter (10-1/4") for increase in room between wheel and lap/legs. Plus flat-bottom wheel gives even more room. This is for open-wheel competition vehicles and uses a 3-bolt pattern with 2" PCD so you would need an adapter to use with a common 6-bolt Steering wheel boss kit
3190_511a12deb566b.jpgPost 430056

Sparco 350mm (giving 25mm more legroom, as stock wheel is 400 mm)
174_57940f8ba0e97.jpgPost 480068

4180.jpgAlbum 4180

Flat/Non-round Wheels

OMP Kubic with flat top crown and bottom crown
15731.jpgAlbum 15731

4356.jpgAlbum click to view 4363.jpgAlbum click to view

Flat-bottom (MOMO Commando 2?)
1206.jpgAlbum 1206

MOMO Commando with flat bottom 350mm (first gen TYP Q 34 KBA 70251 with small horn button - Apache style but with "MOMO" on top of wheel)
17122.jpgAlbum 17122 19260.jpgAlbum 19260 16721.jpgAlbum 16721

Quick Release

Quick-Release Wheel allows you to get seated
3104.jpgAlbum 3104


1993.jpgAlbum 1993

Deep Dish
4246.jpgAlbum 4246


Autotecnica Dino woodgrain 14"
669.JPGAlbum 669 772.jpgAlbum 772 977.jpgAlbum 977 978.jpgAlbum 978 5493.jpgAlbum 5493

Grant GT 5-bolt
2531.jpgAlbum 2531 174_618aeca51962c.jpgPost 496151

slotted woodgrain Autotecnica Indy?
1909.jpgAlbum 1909 3843.jpgAlbum 3843 7813.jpgAlbum 7813

rayed hub
9093.jpgAlbum 9093

Vintage TARANTULA branded steering wheel
27799.jpgAlbum 27799


3082.jpgAlbum 3082 4246.jpgAlbum 4246 4298.jpgAlbum 4298 4356.jpgAlbum click to view 4363.jpgAlbum click to view

Holy Spokes

round.holes steering wheel

5-hole spokes

19699.jpgAlbum 19699 3791.jpgAlbum 3791

4-hole spokes

15800.jpgAlbum 15800

3-hole spokes

Mooneyes 3-Hole Spoke
4246.jpgAlbum 4246

3-hole spokes Autotecnica Dino?
223.jpgAlbum 223 553.gifAlbum 553 559.gifAlbum 559 2041.jpgAlbum 2041 2706.jpgAlbum 2706 669.JPGAlbum 669 772.jpgAlbum 772 977.jpgAlbum 977 978.jpgAlbum 978 5493.jpgAlbum 5493 17571.jpgAlbum 17571

2-hole spokes

NRG makes quite a few 2-hole spoke wheels

50.JPGAlbum 50 6703.jpgAlbum 6703 2531.jpgAlbum 2531

1-hole spokes

Formuling France BMW wheel
6444.jpgAlbum 6444

Solid Spokes

Formuling France Futuro
1886.jpgAlbum 1886



Commando TYP Q 34
16721.jpgAlbum 16721


Cavallino Racing 350mm 3-spoke with Ferrari horse
3864.jpgAlbum 3864 3865.jpgAlbum 3865


532.jpgAlbum 532 1898.jpgAlbum 1898


9789.jpgAlbum 9789 9792.jpgAlbum 9792 236.jpgAlbum 236 601.jpgAlbum 601 639.JPGAlbum 639 784.jpgAlbum 784 1203.jpgAlbum 1203 1563.jpgAlbum 1563 1886.jpgAlbum 1886 2671.jpgAlbum 2671 2881.jpgAlbum 2881 3138.jpgAlbum 3138 3189.jpgAlbum 3189 3852.jpgAlbum 3852 4038.jpgAlbum 4038 4154.jpgAlbum 4154 4155.jpgAlbum 4155 4161.jpgAlbum 4161 11578.jpgAlbum 11578

3-spoke slotted

24579.jpgAlbum 24579 1909.jpgAlbum 1909 3843.jpgAlbum 3843 1976.jpgAlbum 1976 2075.jpgAlbum 2075 

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