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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Nissan Vehicles | Parts Donors

The Datsun model series S130 was badged Datsun Fairlady Z in Japan and 280ZX in many other countries. It was sold 1978-1983 (model years 1979-1983 in North America).



1979-1983 Datsun S130 (<280ZX>, Fairlady Z) was the 2nd generation of the Fairlady line, replacing the smaller, lighter S30 (240Z/260Z/280Z). Suspension and brakes were commonly swapped into 1200s.
13419_50f10db4a2d12.jpgPost 427213

 S130 L20E L6 engine
      L20ET turbo engine
HS130 L28E L6 engine
      L28ET turbo engine

400px-Datsun_280ZX_Turbo_in_blue_and_silver.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

11306.jpgAlbum 11306 11307.jpgAlbum 11307 11308.jpgAlbum 11308 4139.jpgAlbum 4139 12830.jpgAlbum 12830 12831.jpgAlbum 12831

Parts Donor

Useful 280ZX parts for Datsun 1200 include:

* Rear brake rotors. See 280ZX Brake Upgrade
* Entire front strut/brake assembly. See 280ZX Strut Swap
* Headlights
* EFI parts (for use with factory A14E or A15E fuel injection manifold)
* Seats for swapping
* Jack and popup wheel chocks
* Ignition Switch for steering-lock 1200s
* Alloy wheels -- see Z Rims

th_280zxt.jpg th_40300-P8185.jpg th_62143goldto.jpg

The S130 six-cylinder engine -- being long and heavy -- has rarely been swapped into 1200s.

See: Engine_Swaps#L-series_Six-Cylinder 

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