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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

258mm Brake Upgrade

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Category: Brake Modifications

Upgrade your 1200's brake to large 258 mm (10.15") brakes -- and keep the lightweight 1200 struts! Thanks to mklotz and morrisun at Ratsun for this great idea. The rotors are Nissan S13/S14 (Silvia/240SX/180SX) rear disks. The calipers are from Nissan N13/N14 Pulsar. You can also use 280ZX/Bluebird/S12 rear discs but they are a little heavier.



If you require vented brakes, see:

S13 Brakes for smaller, vented brakes

Bolt On Extra-large Brakes for Datsun 1200s -- no fabrication, no welding, no machining

  • Lightweight disk rotors
  • keep your lightweight 1200 disk struts
  • fits under 13" aluminum wheels & 14" steel wheels
  • No modifications needed to master cylinder
Will fit under 16 & 17" wheels too for you new-school fans
* 1982-1990 Nissan B11/B12/N13/N14 calipers
* 1982-1983 Bluebird/S12/S13/S14/280ZX REAR rotors

Doug Morrisun from Oregon came up with this idea: the lightest, largest brakes that would fit on the stock struts. To keep weight down, his idea was to use a solid rotor. Non-vented. He reports that for a light 1200 street vehicle there is no fading.

Remove the 1200 disks from the hub, then put the 1200 hub back on the car.

you will need slightly longer wheels studs, from a wreckers or buy them new

Slip the new disks over the hub

Here's the trick: it needs a caliper spacer/adapter:
100_0088.jpg 100_0066.jpg 100_0067.jpg 101_3664.jpg

Weight: The 258mm solids are 7.7 pounds vs. 11 pounds for the 280ZX vented disks. Also the original 1200 struts and hubs are lighter than the 280X versions. Remember to add lightness.

Alignment: The disks push the wheel mounting face out 1/4" each side, increasing the Scrub Radius which is not good. But this is less that the 280ZX Strut Swap.

Rim Size

280ZX, S13 and S14 all used 14" rims.

This swap can fit under at least some 13" aluminum wheels. Mike and Doug tried two or three various alloy 13", and they fit. It may or may not fit under other 13" alloy wheels. They report that steel 13" wheels do not fit.

* wheel backspace (back drop): 4.25" or less
* wheel barrel Minimum Inside Diameter: 12"


Some 13" wheels have a smaller I.D., and some 13s are narrower near the hub face.

See additional photos & measurements at Ratsun


* 258mm
* 212mm stock 1200
* 48mm single N12
* 48mm stock B110 (Girling Anette)
* D275/D233 108mm N12
* D41/D104 58mm stock 1200
B110 vs B310 pads
8912.jpgAlbum click to view
D275/D233 pad

Note: D275 is used by the factory Sunny Truck Disc Brakes, used with 208mm rotors to fit under 12" rims.


280ZX front vented disk 252 mm, bolts to the 280ZX hub via small bolts, so won't bolt to your 1200 wheel hub:
22880.jpgAlbum click to view

280ZX rear solid (non-vented) disk 258 mm, simply fits over the lug nuts (captured/floating type), and it will fit over the 1200 wheel hub lugs:
22881.jpgAlbum click to view

Track width increase about 1/4" per side, 1/2" total.

Calipers are similar bore to the 1200 calipers, so the master cylinder reportedly does not need to be changed, nor the balance compensated for -- no need for a proportioning valve.

Parts & Specifications

Caliper Bracket

25000.jpgAlbum click to view

1/4" thick plate

The N13 calipers are designed for 12mm rotors, but work with 9 or 10 mm rotors too.


Nissan calipers 41001-05A90 (right) and 41011-05A90 (left)

Buy from

Uses type D275 brake pads

The calipers are from:

* ??? 1982-1991 M10 Prairie wagon 
* ??? 1981-1986 B11 Sunny (NZ)
* ??? 1983-1987 N12 Pulsar
* ??? 1987-1991 N13 EXA
* ??? 1989-1994 G20 S-Cargo van
* B11 Sunny
* B12 Sunny
* N12 Cherry
* N13 Sunny
* B11 Sunny
* B12 Sunny 
* G20 S-Cargo
* M10 Prairie S5
* N12 Pulsar
* N13 Langley
* 1982-1990 Nissan B11/B12 (Sentra/Sunny) 
* 1983-1990 Nissan Pulsar N12/N13

Wreckers are full of these, but re-manufactured are only $21 each. Make sure you get the brackets with the calipers.

NOTE: These are Japan-built models all (Tokico, etc), so Australia PBR-equipped are not the same.

B110: caliper cylinder 1.894"
KN13: caliper cylinder 1.893" (48mm)
KN13 USA Catalog
CA <-- Not this
* 41001-02Y00 0887-0989 CA18D
* 41001-58A01 0986-0887 CA16D
This <--
* 41001-05A90 GA15, E16
** superceded 41001-61A01
*** superceded 41001-62A01
* 1982-1988 B11 
* 1986-1989 B12
* 1988-1989 KN13 except CA engines
* 1983-1985 N13

RockAuto (1990 Pulsar NX SOHC Type)
* BECK/ARNLEY 0770371S Left
* BECK/ARNLEY 0770372S Right
* Centric 14142048 Left
* Centric 14242047 Right

Caliper Specs

Takes pad FMSI type D275/D233
130mm caliper bolt spacing

Brake Hoses

The calipers require banjo-type hoses. Many different hoses can be used. If you are buying new hoses, we recommend these common Nissan hoses:

1989-1994 Nissan S13/S14 "240SX" $5 each


Additionally, this set allows the choice of running calipers either in Leading or Trailing positions. Switching position is sometime done with extreme lowering. This is done by switching struts from side to side for mounting calipers in Leading position.


258mm solid rotors.

Recommended: 258 x 9mm (lighter) from S13/S14

Also works: 258 x 10mm (heavier) from 280ZX, 910, S110/S12

S13 Rear Rotors

You can use the S13/S14 258x9 rotors with the bluehands Green caliper adapters.

These are the same diameter as 280ZX/S12/910 rotors, but are 1 mm thinner, saving 2.7 lbs per side!

S13 rear rotors $8 each
AUS 1988-1998 S13 "180SX"
USA 1989-1993 S13 "240SX"
USA 1994-1998 S14 "240SX" 4-bolt
* Nissan 43206-35F00/43206-35F01
* DBA 904
* CENTRIC 121.42042
* 9 mm thickness (vs 10 mm for the 280ZX rotors)
Diameter: 258 mm
Height: 46.5 mm
Thickness: 9 mm
Hub Reg: 68 mm
Weight: 7.7 lbs

86010d0b-6d0f-4701-b33a-032509cff4a3.jpg 2b17db97-8fc4-4f1c-8f7a-3810ed5b43fd.jpg ad089b43-069a-42e9-a4c0-315c9c66f43a.jpg

S12 Rear Rotors

S12/280ZX/Bluebird 910 rotors are 1mm thicker than S13 rotors, so weigh more.

These 258mm rotors (43206-N9501/43206-N9502) are from the rear of:

* 910 Bluebird 8201-8907 Z18E,Z20S.SSS,CA18E
* C31 Laurel 8111- GX#+K.L20.MD
* F30 Leopard 8107-8301 L20E#
* R30 Skyline 8108- FJ20E+L20ET
* S110 Silvia 8105- Z18ET+Z20E+FJ20
* U12 Bluebird 8709- 4WD + CA18DET,SR20DET
* S12 Silvia 8308-
* Z31 Fairlady 8309-8610 
* 1982-1983 S130  280ZX late
* 1984-1986 S12   200SX 0184-0686 CA18ET, 1184-0686 CA20E
* 1982      S110  200SX 0781- Z22E
* 1982-1984 910  Maxima 0981- LD28.MT.F5 +S.LD28.AT +S.L24E
280ZX USA catalog (Turbo or Non-turbo. 2+2 or Coupe)
* 258 mm <-- This one
* 43206-N9501 ROTOR-DISC BRAKE,REAR 0981- (1982-1983 Model year)
** superceded 43206-N9502
* 268 mm <-- Not this one
* 43206-P6500 ROTOR-DISC BRAKE,REAR 0778-0881 (1979-1981 Model year)
** superceded 43206-R4800 0778-0881
* 290 mm <-- Not this one from Europe 1983 Turbo

Rotors are only $16 each new at

* BREMBO 08.4852.10 More Info {#25111, 43206N9502}
* CENTRIC 120.42016/121.42016
258 mm 
* Europe: 02/1980 To 09/1982 280ZX
* USA: 1982-1983 280ZX
* Diameter: 258 mm (10.15 inch)
* Overall Height: 47 mm (1.86 inch)
* Thickness (nominal): 10 mm (0.39 inch)
* Thickness (minimum): 9 mm (0.35 inch)
* Hub Reg (center hole): 68 mm (2.68 inch)
* Hat inside diameter: 156.25 mm
* Bolt size: M12x1.25 (10.75 mm diameter) 
* Bolt circle: 4 on 4.5" (114.3 mm) 
* Weight: 4.1kg (9.0 lbs)
268 mm (for comparison, does not fit 1200)
* 268 mm (10.565 inch)
* Overall Height: 68.5 mm
* Thickness (nominal): 9.6 mm
* Thickness (minimum): 8.6 mm
* Hub Reg: 68 mm
* Bolt size: M12x1.25 (10.75 mm diameter) 
* Bolt circle: 4 on 4.5" (114.3 mm) 
* Weight: 5kg (11 pounds)
COMPARISON 40206-P6510 (does not fit 1200)
Diameter: 252 mm
Thickness: 20 mm
Center hole: 81 mm
Height: 29 mm
bolt center: 103 mm, 10.75 holes

Alternative Rotors

Would these work with the adapter spaced out 2mm?
45mm height (2mm shorter)
* DBA 2033 257 x 10 mm (1990 Primera P10)
  2001-2002 P11 Infiniti G20
* DBA 614  258 x 10 mm (Bluebird U13)
  1993-2001 U13/U14 Altima
  2002-2006 B15 Sentra SE-R

Lug Studs

Since the rotors fit over the 1200 hubs, they add about 1/4" to the mounting face of the wheels. So you will need slightly longer Wheel Studs, which are common from a wreckers or buy them new.

Your local USA parts store will have some, just ask for studs for a 1993-1998 Nissan Quest.

NISMO 40222-A0220 [2" long/51mm] 
B110 or 510 FRONT

Mike Klotz recommends these studs, which the 510 guys use.

NAPA Balkamp 6412785 $2.29 USD each
* Head Marks: 403
* Length: 45.5mm
* Shoulder Length: 15mm 
* Knurl Diameter: 12.90mm 
They are for these OEM applications:
* Infiniti J30 front 1995-93
* Nissan VAN Front 1988-87, From 1/88
* Nissan QUEST Rear 1998-93, From 1/88
Compare to Stock 1200:
* Thread: M12 x 1.25
* Head Code: 240
* Knurl Diameter: 13.00mm
* Thread Pitch: Right
* Shoulder Length: 10mm
* Thread Size: M12-1.25
* Length: 32mm
* Type: Serrated Stud

ARP studs (#100-7708), which are extra long

1200 rear studs are the perfect length for the front, but use a smaller diameter knurl (12.56mm), so they don't work. 280ZX Rear Studs are likewise only 12.83mm.

For more choices, see main article: Wheel Studs 

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