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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Brake Swaps

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Category: Brake Modifications

For general brake improvements, see Brake Upgrades.


Better Brakes

Here are some considerations of a braking upgrade:

  • Bigger caliper and brake pads will slow down car more quickly
  • Larger-diameter disc brake rotor will improve braking power and sensitivity
  • Vented rotors will improve repeated stops (less brake fade because the rotors can shed heat faster)
  • Coilover swaps permit wider tires
* S13 Brakes for smaller, heavy vented brakes
* 258mm Brake Upgrade for large but light solid brakes


  • Large or wide tires will improve brake contact patch and so are a huge part of increased braking performance
  • A dual Brake Master Cylinder is safer than a single one. See Brake Upgrades.
  • Front and rear caliper/cylinder ratios should match the application of the car weight bias, brake and tire sizes (See Brake Proportioning). For mismatched brakes, or for varying loads, a brake proportioning valve can be fitted to prevent premature lockup
  • Bigger tires. Yes, this has a big effect on brakes, because more rubber on the road lets you stop faster before the car skids. 1200 accept 185-width on front, 205-width on back (if the wheels have appropriate backspacing)

Slotted Rotors

RDA can supply standard 1200 rotors with slots if you ask for them. Mine cost me $290 for the pair.

Some say slotting and drilling have no performance benefit but can increase the likelihood of cracking. But they look schmick. Slotted/drilled rotors are unnecessary and can often weaken the rotors, but may be useful in some racing applications (check with your brake vendor for their suggestions).

1200 Disc Swap

If your 1200 has front drum brakes, take note that disc brakes are:

  • easier to work on
  • More resistant to fading -- safer after repeated stops (they dissipate heat far better)

Swapping 1200 drums for discs is easy.

See Main Article: 1200 Disc Brake Swap

front brake upgrade 1200 ute: i used a sunny strut leg unbolted the disc off the hub and bolted a cc lancer vented disc to that and then a used a 4pot caliper off a 80mod volvo which bolts strait onto the sunny strut leg

front brake upgrade 1200 ute

  • 1200/120Y struts
  • B310 (sunny) hubs, outer edge turned down to 140mm

Better Brakes for B110

You can keep the lightweight B110 struts and improve the brakes.

NOTE: early B210 1973-1975 use the same struts as B110.

Late Datsun 1200 B120 & B210 1976-up are the same but the spindle & hub use smaller bearings

258mm Brake Upgrade

Aerospace Components Drag Race Brake Kit - 260mm will clear 14" alloy wheels
15294.jpgAlbum 15294 DSC_2272copy.jpg

these brakes will stop a car doing 150mph + in the 1/4

POST ** Big Brakes for Big Boys...

For the Imperially challenged, that's a stop from 240km/h in the 0.4km drag race

Better Brakes for HB210

HB210 is the A14-powered North America B210 with 2" strut/hub assembly (same as PB210 Japan).

See Aerospace Brake Kit for A14-powered B210 struts on This kit is a version of the B110 Aerospace Brake Kit (see above).

Brake Sizing

Do you need a different size master cylinder? Or a brake booster?

See main article: Brake Sizing

309 mm Brakes

25507.jpgAlbum 25507 25505.jpgAlbum 25505

* Rotors: AP floating 309mm
* Calipers: PFC
* Hats: SH ex-NASCAR rears
* Redrilled to 4-stud 

Better Brakes for B310 and A10

Large 268 mm disc brake rotors can be adapted to B310 (Sunny/210) or A10 (Stanza/510) struts - and still fit over 13" wheels.

240K alloy caliper and 263mm rotors
17340.jpgAlbum 17340

Maddat Brake Conversion Kit

Maddat Product No FBK001 Front Brake Conversion Kit.Includes 280mm vented disc rotors, RX7 S6 Calipers (new seal kits fitted), adaptor brackets, bolts, washers. wheel bearing kits, new rubber lines. Kit is designed to fit 200B or late Stanza struts. Will not affect wheel off-set. Comes with engineers report. Option of red or black calipers.

Suits Stanza/200B struts (not included)
14915.jpgAlbum 14915 26810.jpgAlbum 26810

Maddat RX7 S4 brakes on Maddat Lowered Strut Assembly
17199.jpgAlbum 17199

S30 (240Z/260Z/280Z) Brake Upgrade

In early 1200 racing, Datsun Competition recommended fitting the S30 brakes to the 1200, however it took a lot of fabrication and there are better choices available today.

See Datsun 1200 Competition Suspension Manual

S13/280ZX Brake Upgrade

Upgrade your 1200's brake to large 258 mm (10.15") brakes -- and keep the lightweight 1200 struts! No machining required.

See main article: 258mm Brake Upgrade

BMW E30 Brakes

Bolt E30 vented disc rotors to your 1200 struts. Minimal machining required.

See main article: E30 Brakes


S13 Brakes

13 (1989-1993 Silvia, 180SX, 200SX) brakes can be modified for use on Datsun 1200 struts. With an adapter plate (Kev Rowley special) you can use Silvia calipers and rotors on a 1200/120Y disc brake strut. .

See main article: S13 Brakes


Better Brakes for Z/ZX Struts

After you have installed Z or ZX struts, you may be interested in fitting bigger brakes to them.

See main article: Better Brakes for Z/ZX Struts

4-piston Calipers

Compact, Heavy iron
* MK63 Brakes
* #Hilux 4-piston Calipers
* #Volvo 4-piston Calipers
Light Alloy
* #Nissan_4-piston_Calipers
* #RX-7 4-piston Calipers
Caliper Bolt Spacing
3.0 inch (76.2 mm)  120Y/B310
78 mm               510/610,Volvo
84 mm               B110?
3.5 inch (88.9 mm)  A10/810/R31/S130, Hilux
130 mm              B12 caliper
160 mm              RX-7 FC
100 mm              DR30,R32,R33,Z31,S15

MK63 Racing Brakes

See Nissan competition MK63 Brakes


Volvo 4-piston Calipers

Volvo 4 piston calipers from a 240DL wagon bolt to the A10/810/B310 strut fine, but have different style flare fittings. Use 245mm B310 rotors (non-vented) or possibly S13 250mm vented discs.

There are several kinds of Volvo 4pot calipers (not all Volvo 4-pistons calipers will fit)

  • Front caliper 38 mm bores 1976-1993 in Girling, ATE, or Reb versions
  • Volvo 240/242/244/245/264/265
    • 14.3mm solid rotor version (263 mm disc)
    • 22 mm vented rotor version (263 mm disc)
  • Rear caliper

Works with stock size B310 245mm rotors
12913.jpgAlbum 12913

250 mm S13 Brakes would probably work with caliper spacers (precision washers) about 5mm.

Subaru Leone vented rotors have been suggested but the 242 mm version are just a tad too small for these calipers.

Larger rotors can be used with an adapter to space the caliper farther from the spindle.

Hilux 4-piston Calipers

Toyoda Hi-lux and Landcruisers come with 4-piston calipers (Sumitomo S12). Can be fitted over a variety of rotors.

See main article: Hilux Calipers

Nissan 4-piston Calipers

Non-ribbed Cast iron: see MK63 Brakes
Ribbed Light Alloy: see R32 Brakes

737_4f9e1df395f39.jpg 23795.jpg

RX-7 4-piston Calipers

Mazda RX-7 FC (2nd gen) Series 4 1985-1988 with 5-lug wheels used 4-piston calipers
400px-1986_Mazda_RX-7_%28FC%29_coupe_%2821105743820%29.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

RX-7 FC heavy-duty calipers have a wide 160mm bolt spacing.

FC Brakes - 114.3 PCD
Single-piston use with 4-lug 250x20mm (9.835") rotor
4-piston use with 5-lug 276x20mm (10.86" x .787") rotor

Maddat #Front Brake Conversion Kit

A10 Stanza struts/hubs, Mitsubishi #Magna Rotor and RX7 calipers fit under 15" wheels
13016.jpgAlbum 13016 13017.jpgAlbum 13017 12940.jpgAlbum 12940

A10 Stanza strut, DR910 disc, RX7 caliper fits under 15" wheel (?DR910 = ?DBA910 280x20mm disc for 1990-1994 Cefiro?]

A10 Stanza struts/hubs, 294/296mm disc, RX7 S4 calipers: mcgee

Nissan Alloy Twin-Piston Caliper

See R32 Brakes#Nissan Alloy Twin-Piston Caliper

Lightweight twin spot calipers from R32/R34 Skyline rear caliper for either 1000 or 1200 race front brake conversion. The rotors it uses are perhaps the lightest 297mm rotor around.

Commodore Caliper

GM Holden Commodore/Calais has a popular caliper for swaps, as it is the same bolt-pattern as the larger Datsun strut caliper and is large yet made of light alloy.

VL 1986-1988
VR 1993-1994
VT 1997-2000 extra-large caliper
V6 - low-profile single arch w/square indents
V6 - low-profile twin arch
V8 - heavily finned (single piston)
Turbo - lightly finned (twin piston)
Girlock (?)


VH/VK calipers


VL Turbo caliper with 275mm rotors (See #Magna Rotor)
1229.jpgAlbum 1229 4593.jpgAlbum 4593

10740.jpgAlbum 10740 7877.jpgAlbum 7877

276x26mm mazda 929 disc with VR calais caliper
13270.jpgAlbum 13270

Twin Piston

PBR caliper, lightly finned (fins not visible from front) with two arches in front originally used on VT 296x28 rotors.

GM Commodore VT (PBR) caliper bolts directly to Datsun 610(180B), B310 Sunny and 240K struts.
12866.jpgAlbum 12866 12867.jpgAlbum 12867

Holden Commodore VT disc and caliper on a Z strut
2111.jpgAlbum 2111

Magna Rotor

2.0" Datsun struts with Mitsubishi Magna/Verada/Diamante rotors.

180B strut
* Early small axle, 232mm rotor (same as 510 "1600")
* Late large axle, 245mm rotor (same as A10 "Stanza"/B310 "Sunny")
Stanza Strut Swap
DBA 425
276x22.4mm, 45mm height, 69mm hole
* 1990-1995 Mitsubishi 3000 GT, GT-SL
* 1995-1997 FTO/ECLIPSE 2.0 V6 w/15" wheels
* -1992 Magna TR 4-cylinder
* 1992- Verada KR, KS.V6
* 1997 Verada KE

Datsun 610 (180B - 10 x 232mm or 245mm rotor) vs Verada disc (276mm x 24mm VENTED)
4597.jpgAlbum 4597

You can use GM Holden Commodore VL Turbo caliper with 276mm rotors
1229.jpgAlbum 1229 1228.jpgAlbum 1228 4593.jpgAlbum 4593

  1. Mitsubishi Verada/Magna/Diamante 276mm rotors. Get DBA425 rotor blanks
  2. have them drilled to suit the 610/A10/B310 hub bolt pattern (4 x 0)
  3. have the center hole was machined out to 73mm
  4. VL Turbo calipers (Girling) - no adapter needed
  5. use a 1.5mm thick washer between the caliper and the strut (for 610/180B struts, may differ for B310/A10 struts)
  6. (Optional) can use taller pads for Australia-built R31

Girling Calipers
26615.jpgAlbum 26615

Or use corona hubs, 250 rotors and 60-series cruiser calipers, fit under 13" wheels with a 1mm grind
250mm rotors and 4pots under 13" rim
12657.jpgAlbum 12657

Sunny struts, swapped left to right with Mistubishi Verada vented rotors and commodore calipers. I've also heard of rx7 4-spot calipers being used. All this fits under 13" rims.

sunny struts ,magna discs, girlock calipers...

Caliper is HZ holden PBR alloy (e.g early Holden Kingswood) with Verada disks. You will need 15" rims or bigger to fit over this change.
3774.jpgAlbum 3774

size comparison: 12" hubcap VS 11" mitsu rotor (10.9")
8061.jpgAlbum 8061

Verada rotors on Datsun 240K hubs/struts with Holden Commodore caliper.
10740.jpgAlbum 10740

A10 Stanza struts/hubs, Mitsubishi Magna Rotors and #RX-7 4-piston Calipers fit under 15" wheels.

Datsun 810

810 rotors are solid discs. Vented discs like the 280ZX swap are superior for fade-resistant, which is important for racing and for mountain driving.

See main article: 810 Brakes

Datsun 910

Datsun model series 910 was produced 1979-1986. In some countries it was marketed as "Bluebird". In the United States it was badged as "810" or "Maxima".

See main articles:
* 910 Brakes
* Disc Over Drum

Nissan U12

Nissan U12 (Bluebird/Pintara/Stanza) 1987-1992
Australian production Nissan Pintara U12 1989-1992
* CA20E (GLi, Executive)
* KA24E (T,Ti,TRX)

257 mm x 22 mm rotors: See S13 Brakes#257 Rotor

Uses the same rotors as:
* Japan S14 some models
*  USA  S14 some models
*  USA S13 largest size
*  EUR S13 smallest size

Nissan B12

Nissan Sunny/Sentra B12 (1985-1990). Front rotors are #same as B13 -- 3 different sizes.

240mm B12 1.6
Centric 121.42035
* Diameter: 240mm (9.44")
* PCD: 4 x 100mm
* Thickness: 18mm
* Hub reg: 61mm
* Height: 45.5mm (1.78")
250mm B12 2.0 small
Centric 121.42052
* Diameter: 250mm
* PCD: 4 x 100mm
* Thickness: 18mm
* Hub reg: 61mm
* Height: 45.3mm
257mm B12 2.0 large
Centric 121.42056
* Diameter: 257mm (10.125")
* PCD: 4 x 100mm
* Thickness: 26mm (1.025")
* Hub reg: 61mm
* Height: 45.2mm 

Nissan B13

Nissan Sunny/Sentra B13 (1990-1993) SR20DE - swap is same as 257mm S13 Brakes except that B13 uses:

  • 4x100 PCD, so the rotors need to be redrilled for 4x113 PCD.
  • height is 4mm different, so different caliper adapter plate is needed
  • Can use the B13 calipers per below photos
  • see swap details at S13 Brakes
B13 4x100 PCD
  250x18x45.32 hub 61 

These appears to be 257mm rotors (DBA 901), with the caliper adapter welded-on (rather than bolted-on)
16164.jpgAlbum 16164 16165.jpgAlbum 16165 16187.jpgAlbum 16187 16186.jpgAlbum 16186 16185.jpgAlbum 16185 16166.jpgAlbum 16166

* 1.6 USA Mitsubishi AD18V/1717
* 2.0 Japan-made 2188

Nissan B14

1995-1999 Nissan B14 (Sunny/Sentra/Lucino/200SX)

These brakes are smaller than B310 brakes

USA with GA16DE engine
Front rotor: 232 mm vented XE
             247 mm vented GXE
Rear rotor: 234 mm solid
Centric 121.42060
232 mm
height: 45.2
thickness: 18
Hub reg: 61 mm
bolt circle 4x100 PCD
weight: 8.5 lb
Centric 121.42061
246.7 mm
height: 45.2
thickness: 18
Hub reg: 61 mm
bolt circle 4x100 PCD
weight: 9 lb
Rear rotor: 234 mm solid
Centric 121.42054
thickness: 7 mm
height: 39.5
pcd: 4 x 100


GC22 Nissan Nomad

22845.jpgAlbum 22845

* 910 Struts
* 910 Bluebird S1\S2 bolt on disc hub
* GC22 Nomad Vented rotors (250mm)
* GC22 Nomad calipers
* approximately 7mm spacers to align caliper with disc 

22844.jpgAlbum 22844

17601.jpgAlbum 17601 17600.jpgAlbum 17600 17599.jpgAlbum 17599


Easy 5-lug brake conversion with the common Nissan/Ford 5-stud bolt pattern (5 x 114.3) and large 287 mm rotors.

Ford Falcon (Australia) 1972-1988 XB to XF rotors bolt to Datsun A01 struts. Any caliper suitable for 24mm thick rotors can be used depending on how you make the adapter bracket. Most popular is the Datsun-compatible {{#Commodore Caliper}}.

A01 Hub: Late Datsun 610 struts, Datsun 810, late 710, GB211, and A10 Stanza front drum hub (Stanza disc hub uses smaller bearings).

Datsun 2" struts with Ford Falcon 11" ventilated rotors and Commodore PBR calipers
12027.jpgAlbum 12027

Sunny 2" strut with Falcon discs and VK Commodore calipers
9219.jpgAlbum click to view

1972-1988 Falcon XB to Falcon XF
commonly found on eBay
PCD: 5 x 114.3 mm (5 x 4-1/2 inch)
Rotor: DBA 107 287x24 mm (11.3"), 75 mm height
Wheel Bearings
L68149  (OUTER) 2.3280" x 1.3775" x .6250"
LM12749 (INNER) 1.7810" x  .8656" x .6550"
These fit the larger Falcon stub axle, replace with Datsun bearings 

aca18t: "press the bearing shells out press in your Datsun ones"
12028.jpgAlbum 12028

wheel bearings
* 1975-1977 (late) 180B
* 1977-1981 200B
eBay bearings
LM11949 1.7810" x  .750" x .6650"
LM67048 2.3280" x 1.250" x .6600"
These fit the late 180B stub axle

12031.jpgAlbum 12031 12032.jpgAlbum 12032 12009.jpgAlbum 12009 4616.jpgAlbum 4616


Camry discs + the famous Sumitomo 4-piston calipers
11502.jpgAlbum 11502

* 1988 Camry 5-lug rotor255mm x 22mm (not the 24mm versions)
  DBA 730
* Thickness machined down to 20mm
* on 2" struts
* machine new bolt holes to bolt behind 4-lug hub
probably just as easy to use the s13 discs ... with these you need a spacer to get the right offset and one of the new holes that needs to be drilled ends up half in and half out of one of the original ones

11492.jpgAlbum 11492

Small: Camry. Large: GTR
13433.jpgAlbum 13433

Brake Swap Notes

Twin piston sumitomo calipers for sale, go straight onto stanza struts with the use of larger 200b or 240k discs...early 200b discs are 253mm, about 10-15mm bigger than stanza ones, but are offset to suit the twinspots everything is a straight bolt in
{{Album|9592} boofheads with slotted 240k discs
9585.jpgAlbum 9585

'universal' type coilovers for a Civic donated the springs

200b and stanza are solid discs.

feral's vented package using modified 240K twin-spot calipers.

CA18DET Wagon is go i took an r31 strut, and cut the spring perch off (the diameter of the spring is far too big to fit up the 1200 strut tower) and while i was at it chopped out about 2 inches from the actual length of the strut to accommodate some koni yellow shocks which i picked up cheap and had rebuilt (which is also cheap to have done). so the front end stiffness is adjustable with a little knob. because i had them rebuilt, i asked for the soft setting to have a hard rebound for goodweight transfer when i go to the drags. the springs are just some pedders lowered made for a stanza which i modified. it is just running the standard r31 vented disk and caliper. both of which are huge for a 1200.

you can also equalise the track by fitting a BW KE30 corolla diff, which is 30mm wider than the 1200 diff. then you have a car with 30mm wider track - back AND front - for better handling again! get the handbrake handle and cable too if you do this.

Subaru vented disc on 1200 hubs fit under 13" wheels
84.jpgAlbum 84

GM Commodore VT (PBR) caliper bolts directly to Datsun 610(180B), B310 Sunny and 240K struts (See #Commodore Caliper)
12866.jpgAlbum 12866 12867.jpgAlbum 12867

Holden Commodore VT disc and caliper on a Z strut
2111.jpgAlbum 2111 2112.jpgAlbum 2112

XB-XF Falcon 11" rotors (Nissan 5-stud pattern) with Commodore PBR single piston calipers (See Ford section)
12027.jpg 12028.jpg

Caliper bracket for VL Turbo caliper & disc on Bluebird strut
5918.jpgAlbum 5918

Modified 240k struts to suit Commodore discs and calipers
7872.jpgAlbum 7872 7870.jpgAlbum 78707877.jpgAlbum 7877

Sunny strut with Falcon discs and VK Commodore calipers (See Ford section)
9219.jpgAlbum 9219

300mm VT disc, with an AU Series 3 twin piston caliper
12369.jpgAlbum 12369

Stanza strut with modified Commodore rotors and calipers
12892.jpgAlbum 12892

#RX-7 4-piston Calipers and Stanza strut

276x26mm mazda 929 disc with VR calais caliper
13270.jpgAlbum 13270

Stanza strut with large Vanette vented rotor and Skyline caliper
14522.jpgAlbum 14522 14521.jpgAlbum 14521

1200 spindle welded to 510 strut tube with Wilwood Dynapro single caliper and Wilwood 10.25" two-piece disc
14882.jpgAlbum 14882 14883.jpgAlbum 14883

Honda caliper over Toyoda disc with center mouth by Mitsubishi/Nissan
15075.jpgAlbum 15075

200B rotors with Corona calipers on Stanza/200B strut
17429.jpgAlbum 17429

300ZX Turbo Z31 rotor (280mm x 26mm) compared to 1972 Corolla E20 (228mm x )
13224.jpgAlbum 13224

Corolla E20
* not enough height
228 dia x 10 mm thick
87 PCD
17.3mm height

Rear Disc Brakes

The stock rear brakes are fairly good, a large (for such a light car) 8" x 1.75 brake shoe. Make sure the brakes and clean and adjusted correctly. Using a performance pad will improve it.

But for coolness sake... read the article Rear Disc Brakes.

Datsun 1000

See Main Article: Datsun 1000 disc brakes

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