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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Brake Booster Swaps

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Brake Modifications

A booster will not improve the braking ability of the car. But you may want one so that it is a bit easier to press the brake pedal.



With the light weight of the 1200, you don't need brake booster — the pedal effort is not high on a 1200. Note that even on heavy cars, a booster doesn't make the car stop any sooner, it only makes it easier to press the pedal (although on many cars such a large diameter master is fitted, it becomes nearly impossible to press hard enough if the booster stops working).

CAUTION: If your small brakes are locking up now, a booster will only make them lock up faster with less pressure on the pedal!

For the factory 1200 booster, see Brake Booster. Brake Booster was used from October 1989 in Sunny Truck.

i ran no booster with hilux 4 piston fronts and r31 rears from a 7/8th master...pulled up fine. sure its easier to stop it with a booster now as you only have to use your small toe to press the brake pedal rather than your whole foot

Swap choices include:

  • Lancer LA/LB or B210 booster for easiest fit into a stock 1200
  • Mitsubishi/Chrysler Galant
  • B210 Brake Booster & cylinder, was fitted to many disc-brake B210s. In Australia, you can use a 120Y dual system master cylinder and a 180B (610) booster
  • B310 (1979-1982) booster and master cylinder (13/16 inch). Need to modify firewall mounting point as these have four bolts
    You may need to modify (lengthen/shorten) the rod that comes out of the booster. Use a depth gauge (bit of stick) and make sure that the booster rod sits nicely inside the master cylinder. The booster is exactly the same internals as the 180B booster. Any larger booster, and you've really got to start cutting into the strut tower. reference: Sunny brake booster
  • 260Z master cylinder (7/8 in diameter)
  • master and booster from a Toyota Celica on a 1200. mareospeedwagon had to drill holes in the firewall to mount it but it worked real well.

Mitsubishi Lancer 1970-1980

The Mitsubishi LA or LB Lancer booster with its master cylinder is a straight bolt-in, though you may need to drill a slightly bigger hole in your brake pedal to fit the new pin through. It will fit next to a clutch master cylinder.

LA Lancer (1970-1976), also known as:
* Chrysler Valiant Lancer (1973-1976)
LB Lancer (1977-1979)
* Dodge Colt (earlier Colts were Galants)
* Plymouth Arrow (coupe version)


Use the whole thing; Lancer booster with Lancer master cylinder. Alternatively you can fit a Datsun master cylinder but that requires some modification. The Lancer master cylinder is for disc brakes and suitable in size for Datsun 1200 discs.

At the end is a brake splitter. It can be removed to use the dash-mounted splitter.

LHD 13/16" (large) bore master cylinder uses 1 remote reservoir (wagon uses two remote reservoirs)

If you'd like a smaller bore, the 7/8" from a 1978-1980 Galant/Colt/Sapporo looks like a bolt-on alternative.

Photos showing install of Lancer Booster
3606.jpg 3605.jpg

If you use a Datsun master cylinder with the Lancer booster, you may need to dent the strut tower in a little in order for the booster to fit.

LA/LB Lancer brake booster bolts straight up to the firewall, and the brake pedal, all u need is to get some brake lines made up. It uses 2 holes to bolt to the fire wall by way of a factory aluminum adaptor bracket.

To use the Datsun master cylinder with a lancer booster, you probably have to do some machining work. The outside diameter of the Datsun part is slightly too big for the front of the Mitsubishi part. A friend of mine machined down the master cylinder, but now I'd get the Mitsubishi bit made to suit the master cylinder. The part I'm referring to is the alloy casting which bolts to the front of the booster, and that the master cylinder bolts onto.

2945.jpg 14905.jpg 14906.jpg

reference: what brake booster is the best fit for a 1200

Booster MB004500

Looks like a Galant master cylinder? on Lancer booster


Daihatsu Charade G10 1977-1983

Very tight fit. Brake line goes through hole in strut tower


Corolla Booster

Booster and master cylinder from circa 2000 Corolla, installed into Datsun 1200.

th_IMGP0151.jpg th_IMGP0153.jpg th_IMGP0155.jpg

Remote Brake Booster


B210 Booster

Some B210 (including later 120Y) models use a type M45 Master-Vac with 4.5 inch vacuum diaphragm. It is the same as the 610/180B booster except for a different vacuum hose fitting. It can be fitted to a Datsun 1200 with small modifications.

See main article: B210 Brake Booster 

th_620_brake_booster_adapter.jpg 22927.jpg


Maddat Product No - BBK1200 CA18 or SR20 /1200 Conversion Kit

Brake Booster / Master / Bracket / Clutch

Simplifies converting the clutch from cable to hydraulic operation. Alloy mounting bracket fits to firewall. New small-can brake booster with 7/8th master. 13/16 or 1" also available.

Basic bracket as supplied in BBK1200 kit for those wanting to use their own booster/master etc



Maddat Code BBK - Datsun Brake Booster. Custom made small sized brake booster. These can be used in many cars where space is an issue. They have adjustable front pins and rear clevis. Finished in gloss black. A range of masters are available to suit you brakes.


Datsport Australia

B210 booster setup with reduced thickness spacer to obtain additional clearance.

Booster Spacer

LHD 1200 From Phillipines, spaced with Remote fillers on master cylinder
23674.jpg 23675.jpg 23676.jpg 23679.jpg

Extra-long booster spacer:

Unknown type on LHD ute

* Spaced out from firewall
* Remote fillers on master cylinder

Yulon 303T from Taiwan with standard 1990s type booster/master cylinder

Datsun 620
full full

Datsun 720 with 620 master cylinder. Clutch master bolts to bracket
full full

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