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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Alternator Upgrades

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Charging System

Many different Datsun alternators and alternators from other makes can easily be fitted to the Datsun 1200. If you are running high-power headlights, off-road lighting systems, or high-power stereo gear, using a high output alternator is called for. Or, if you need to replace the 1200 alternator and have free or inexpensive access to different alternators, you might consider a swap. Lastly you might have a bad Voltage regulator, and by swapping to an internally-regulated alternator reliability increases since these use a solid-state (no moving parts) regulator.



There are two major considerations in a swap:

  • Physical swap. How does it bolt to the A12 engine?
  • Electrical swap. How will the new alternator be connected to the wiring?

Early A engine (1966-1973) has limited room for alternator. It is mounted low, under manifolds, on left side of engine. The larger 50A alternator will bolt to the bracket, but the alternator rubs against the lower radiator hose. It could be made to work, but is not recommended.

Original Datsun 1200 1970-1973
Type U01 35A Hitachi LT-135
* Datsun 510
* Datsun 610
* Datsun 1200

Physical Specifications

Alternator Comparison & swap info
5088.jpgAlbum 5088

Stock Hitachi LT-135 35A

  • Weight: 8.4 pounds with pulley
  • Front flange (bolt ears): 13mm thick
  • Distance between engine-side mounting ears: 80mm
  • Distance between Adjustment bolt and mount bolt: 156mm
  • 10.5mm diameter mount holes
  • Diameter of body: 114mm (4.5")
  • Fan belt center: 29mm from front bolt face
  • Pulley diameter: 69mm
  • Adjustment bolt: Flange threaded for M8x1.25 bolt

Electrical Connector

Datsun 1200 uses the typical 1970s Hitachi T-shaped connector:

  • F: Field
  • N: Neutral point

Other alternators use different connectors. Since the LT-135 uses spade connectors, wiring should be pretty simple.

Hitachi LT-150

High amperage Hitachi LT looks like it will bolt right in place of stock LT-135 -- but on a B110 the alternator rubs against the lower radiator hose. It could be made to work, but is not recommended.

On later A12 it bolts right in place of the 35A unit, though a slightly larger fan belt may be needed.

  • NO wiring changes needed — uses the same FN connector as B110
  • 50AMP 1974-1978 9.6 pounds Bosch AL237X
  • 60AMP Hitachi LT-160 (Bosch #AL241X)

Hitachi LT150 (Bosch remanufactured)
174_6279858a948f9.jpgPost 496896 AL237X.jpg

1979-1982 Datsun Sunny
1972-1980 Datsun 620
1979-1985 Datsun 1200
1976-1981 Nissan Caball
1982-1990 Nissan Cabstar
1975-1983 Nissan Patrol
1976-1986 Nissan Urvan
* CHEVROLET LUV PICKUP (1981 - 1982) 
* ISUZU PICKUP (1981 - 1986) 
* ISUZU TROOPER (1984 - 1985) 
* DATSUN 200SX 1977 
* DATSUN 610 (1974 - 1976) 
* DATSUN 710 (1975 - 1977) 
* DATSUN B210 (1975 - 1977) 
* DATSUN F10 (1976 - 1978) 
* Fits same as Bosch #AL241X 60AMP

40A Hitachi LT-140
Nissan 23100-A4800 to 1971.08
* replaced by 23100-H6206 (#Hitachi LT-150?)
* all metal back (no black grille)
  • Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 10463708, 10463981, 19134560, 19134561, 2310080210, 2310080215, 23100A4800, 23100F0610, 23100H6200, 23100H6201, 23100H6202, 23100H6203, 23100H6204, 23100H6212, 23100H6213, 23100H7200, 23100H7201, 23100H7202, 23100H7203, 23100H7204, 23100H7206, 23100M6900, 23100N3300, 23100N3301, 23100N3302, 23100N3303, 23100P0100, 23100P0101, 23100P0102, 23100P0103, 23100P0110, 23100P0111, 23100P0112, 23100P0113, 23100P4500, 23100P4501, 23100P4502, 23100P4512, 23100U0500, 23100U0501, 23100U0502, 23100U0503, 23100U0504, 23100U0505, 23100U0506, 23100U0701, 23100U0702, 23100U0703, 23100U0704, 23100U0705, 23100U0706, 23100U0711, 23100U0712, 23100U0713, 23100U0714, 23100U0715, 23100U5800, 23100U5801, 23100U5802, 23100U5803, 23100U6000, 23100U6001, 23100U6002, 23100U6003, 23100U6100, 23100U6101, 23100U6103, 23100U6500, 23100U6501, 23100U6502, 23100U6503, 23100U6504, 23100U6505, 23100V0501, 23100V0502, 23100V0706, 23100V1501, 23100V1502, 23100W0600, 329905300, 329905310, 429907000, 429907010, 429907200, 429907300, 5812000860, 8941271840, 8941271860, 8941278600, 8942073580, 8942075800, 8942388500, 8942389830, 8942389850, 94207358, 94238983, 94238985, A3T30577, AG2050N1, AG2050N11, AG2050N16, AG2050N24, AG2050N4, AG2050N6
45A Hitachi - looks very similar to B110 unit
* Same black plastic brush cover grille
* Bigger around
* Datsun 240Z
28536.jpgAlbum 28536

Also available in 50A and 60A versions, all with the same black rear cover grille.

Internal Regulator Alternator

Sunny Truck

Nissan 23100-B9810 (Mitsubishi A1T22971/Hitachi LR135), 35A internally regulated is a direct physical replacement for the original (small) B110 alternator. It even will use the same fan pulley belt. It is wired differently however so a simple wiring mod is needed.

Main: LR135
21283.jpgAlbum 21283
Nissan 23100-B8910
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation A1T22971
12V 35A 1X23
LS wiring

CAUTION: T-connector is LS wired, not FN wired
24754.jpgAlbum 24754

Hitachi LR

For even more power to run spotlights, competition amps, etc. the LR is available in 50A, 60A and 70A varieties.

Newer Datsuns from about 1978 came with an alternator with internal-regulator, the LR150/LR160/LR170, including fitment on newer A-series engines. Also found on Mazdas and Subarus.

Bosch E65

Bosch E65-1003 from 1990s Ford/Holden/Toyota puts out max of 70-85amps (depends which u get), instead of 35 amps, good for BIG stereo, BIG driving lights or injection setups.

548.jpgAlbum 548

More Swaps

Chrysler alternator upgrade on Yahoo! Clubs Datsun 210 - photos

unknown "bolt-in" 70A internally-regulated alternator


Alternator tension rod makes adjustments easy
6716.jpgAlbum 6716

16063_53e965f45ca8a.jpgPost 458875 

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