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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Category: Charging System

Late model 35A alternator with integral regulator came factory on Japan-market 1200s from October 1981.



Nissan 23100-B9810 (Mitsubishi A1T22971/Hitachi LR135), 35A internally regulated is a direct physical replacement for the original (small) B110 alternator. It even will use the same fan pulley belt. It is wired differently however so a simple #Wiring mod is needed.

Hitachi (left) versus Mitsubishi (right). Bolt-on compatible, OEM (factory 1200 units). Both units fit the brackets and even use the same fan belt size.
24755.jpgAlbum 24755

The LR135 is the same dimensions as the externally-regulated LT135 (which was used by Datsun B110).

Hitachi Version

Nissan 23100-B9800 Hitachi LR135 (1982-1994 B122)

Mitsubishi Version

Nissan 23100-B9810 Mitsubishi A1T22971 (1982-1994 B122)

23100-B9810 ALTERNATOR ASSY Mitsubishi 8110-

21283.jpgAlbum 21283
Nissan 23100-B9810
12V 35A 1X23
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
#LS wiring

21285.jpgAlbum 21285 21284.jpgAlbum 21284 24754.jpgAlbum 24754 24756.jpgAlbum 24756 23100-B9810.jpg 23100-B9810-.jpg

28546.jpgAlbum 28546 28547.jpgAlbum 28547 28548.jpgAlbum 28548 28549.jpgAlbum 28549 28550.jpgAlbum 28550 28551.jpgAlbum 28551 28552.jpgAlbum 28552 28553.jpgAlbum 28553

High Amp Versions

For even more power to run spotlights, competition amps, etc. the LR is available in 50A, 60A, 70A, and 80A varieties.



N10 Pulsar with E13 engine


  • 1979 Datsun 620 Pickup 35A L20B engine Rockauto
  • 1980 Datsun 720 pickup 35A L20B engine Rockauto


Engines: A12、A12S、Z16、Z18、L18、J16、Z18S、H20、Z20S、H20S、Z20、J15、J16、B210、B310、A14、A14E、E13S

B122 Sunny Truck (A12 Engine)
VB11 AD Van with E13S engine
C120 Vanette with A12
C122 Vanette
TC22 Vanette Truck with A12S engine
E20 Caravan/Homy
E23 Caravan Homey with J16 engine
720 Datsun Truck with L18, Z16/Z18 enginesp
H40 Nissan Condor with Z20S/Z20D engines
F22 Nissan Atlas with Z16/Z20 engines
BF22 BGF22 PF22 PGF22

Part Numbers $50 and up
Baxter's Australia
* 23100-B9810 Mitsubishi A1T22971 $90
* 23100-B9802R Reman Alternator $260.33 from Nissan
* 23100-B9802 ALTERNATOR ASSY Hitachi 8110-8910
* 23100-B9810 ALTERNATOR ASSY Mitsubishi 8110-
* 23100-B9800 Hitachi LR135 
* 23100-B9801
* 23100-B9805


Hitachi LR135
* 1978-1979 Datsun 620 Pickup USA 35A
** 1980 Datsun 720 Pickup with L20B (USA 35A)
** Nissan ForkLift Trucks
** TCM Lift Trucks
** N10 Pulsar E13 [AUS, 35A)
** 160 Patrol [AUS, 35A)
** Prairie [AUS, 35A)
JDM 1990-1994 Nissan Sunny Truck
USA 1978-1979 Datsun 620 Pickup 35A 
USA 1980 Datsun 720 Pickup with L20B 35A

Upgrade Compatibility

The LR135 is a DIRECT BOLT-ON for the stock 1200 35A alternator, and requires a one-wire connection. You can unplug or discard any external voltage regulator.

It bolts on, and uses the same fan belt as the 35A older LT135 alternator. Just be sure to disconnect the external voltage regulator.


The LR135 will fit B110, but has S+L wiring instead of F+N wiring. So one or two jumper wires are required.

CAUTION: T-connector is LS wired, not FN wired
24754.jpgAlbum 24754


Dimensions are the same as the LT135 externally-regulated alternator.

Distance between lower mounting ears: 80mm
Distance between Adjustment bolt and mount bolt: 156mm
Fan belt center: 29mm from front bolt face
Pulley diameter: 69mm


The LR135 has LS wiring like many modern Japanese alternators. The L-terminal goes to the CHG lamp, and the S-terminal goes to either IGN or straight to the battery.

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