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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

B310 Parts Donor

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Parts Donors | Datsun B310

A few B310 (1979-1982 Sunny) parts fit the B110 directly, while many others are adaptable.


Also see: Parts interchange

Strict Interchange

  • Rear-seat 'rotating' ashtrays -- identical!
  • Arm rests have fancy stitching but otherwise identical
  • Rear Seat belts will fit the 1200. The retractors are on the buckle, whereas the 1200 retractors are near the mount end (sit against seat back). The 1200 ones (USA) are perhaps a better design
  • Carburetor varies for emission equipment but can generally be used on any A-series engine
  • Steering lock assembly. Discussion: Stuffed igntion switch on 1200 ute. Any ideas for replacement?

Loose Interchange

  • Exhaust system (sedan fits sedan from manifold to tailpipe, except for manifold flange)
  • Steering wheel
  • Coat hooks. They are the same color and same shape, but the B310 one has a locating nub which must be cut off
  • 2-dr sedan rear side window weatherstripping. It's almost perfect, but about 1 inch too short for the B110. Surprisingly, the B110 glass is actually larger! The B110 has a window seal that's glued to the outside of the frame, and an inside cover for the door frame. The B310 uses a one-piece seal. Just trim a bit of it off when fitting to the B110.
  • The wiper motor and other electrical parts have reverted to the rectangular connectors (B210s use round connectors). So some of these parts may fit B110.

Upgrade Parts

  • 60-Series 5-speed, requires swap. See 60-Series Transmission
  • Ignition switch
  • Air conditioning
  • Larger Radiator
  • A12, A13, A12A, A14 or A15 engine. See details at Engine Swaps
  • Tires are 13", commonly 175/70-13 in USA
  • B310 Wheels fit rear of B110. They don't fit the front of the B110 as they have too much positive offset
  • B310 Electronic Distributor Swap
  • Various underhood components
  • Front Seats, with rail change
  • Heater demister hoses do not fit
  • Most individual engine parts, except block and fuel pump
  • Glovebox doesn't fit a 1200
  • Dome light is different, the B310 looks very similar but is larger
  • Above-door grab handle (unconfirmed)
  • Rear-view mirror and sun visors. The visors could be used if you change the mounting pads. However, they are a bit wider and slip in the center into the mirror mount. The mirror mount possibly (?) could be fitted to the 1200. It's a nice larger mirror with night anti-glare flip lever.
  • Front Seat belts will not fit, unfortunately. The retractor is large and fits into the b-pillar. Whereas the 1200 retractors are exposed and bolt to the door sill below the B-pillar
  • 2-dr sedan rear side trim. The panels are smaller than the 1200 trim. However, the clips can be saved and used to repair 1200 trim.
  • Front suspension assembly swap donor parts:
    • struts
    • same diameter springs used on B210 and B310 (e.g. 1974-1982), but need to be cut to proper length
    • Larger rotors & calipers (same as first 200SX & late B210) require 13" wheels
  • Differential third-member (pumpkin). This is the H150, so it's stronger than the 1200's H145. It will bolt in the 1200 axle case, but it needs a thin spacer. Or may not need a spacer ... see this discussion: Diffs 145 vs 150]
    • Ratios include 3.54, 3.7 and 3.9
  • The rear axle assembly can be used, if you can weld. B310 uses a 4-link coil-spring design, not a leaf spring like the 1200. It is simple enough to cut the spring pads and link connections off and weld on leaf spring pads. This will also get you slightly larger brakes (all the way around if you use the front stuff too).
  • Brake vacuum booster (does it fit the B110?). It is not like a B210 booster, that has as aluminum extension that holds the booster away from the firewall. The b310 booster bolts right up to the firewall.
  • Steering box is different -- it has a flexible coupling while the B110 has box directly connected to the steering column. But maybe the gears are the same. Does the steering arms fit B110? Could get a different steering ratio this way.
  • Gas cap fits, but is the vented kind and will let your 1200 puke. Don't use it.

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