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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

60-Series Transmission

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Transmission

The 60-series transmissions can handle the torque from A14 and A15 engines. So the 60 four-speed is stronger than the 56 four-speed which was used behind A12 engine. The 60-series 5-speed is a beefier model than the stock Datsun 1200 GX-5's 56-Series Transmission. These 5-speeds came in the 1977-1982 Datsun B310 (210/Sunny/140Y/150Y). The four-speeds came behind A14s & A15s.



Look for the '60' casting mark on the right side of the gearbox:
22342.jpgAlbum 22342

Also see 60 5-speed v 4-speed for more identification tips.


60-series transmissions were used exclusively behind A14 and A15 engines, due to their ability to handle more torque than the smaller 56-series. However, starting with the B310 it was also offered behind the A12.

* B310 GL with A12 (B310H) came with optional 5-speed 60L (B310HF)
* FS5W60L used through 8010 (end of A12 in Japan)
* A13 (debut 8011) used 60A

60A 5-speed
26668.jpgAlbum 26668 26669.jpgAlbum 26669

60-series transmissions came in three varieties:
* 60L four-speed for A-series engine
* 60L five-speed for A-series engine
* 60A five-speed for A-series engine
60L for A-series engine
* Four-speed: 1975 to 1982
* Five-speed: 1977-1979 B310 Sunny (manufactured through 1979 September)
  * Dogleg shift pattern
60A five-speed for A-series engine
* 1980-up B310 Sunny (from 1979 October)
* Standard shift pattern

Note that 60-series gearboxes may be available for other engine types, so make sure you get one to match the A-series engine.

For an overview of 5-speeds in general, see: 5-Speeds. Comparos, Ratio info, etc.

26670.jpgAlbum 26670 26767.jpgAlbum 26767

Gear Ratios

(see 5-speed Gear Ratios)
22723.jpgAlbum 22723

box	         4th	3rd	2nd	1st	5th	Rev
60L 4-speed     1.000	1.378	2.170	3.513		3.764
60L 5-speed     1.000	1.378	2.170	3.513	0.846	3.464
60A 5-speed A   1.000	1.378	2.170	3.513	0.821	3.764
60A 5-speed B   1.000	1.320	2.170	3.513	0.821	3.764


  • The 1st through 4th gears are all the same -- 4-speed and 5-speed -- except for a few 5-speeds with 3rd closer to top (larger gap from 2nd to 3rd).
  • For freeway driving, the 60A has a larger overdrive and so is preferable to the 60L dogleg.
  • First gear is the same in all 60-series boxes

Swap Notes

When swapping a 60 transmission into a 1200, these parts should be obtained from the donor car:

* Transmission
* Release Lever which differs from the 1200 part
* Release Bearing sleeve, which may differ from the 1200 version
* Shifter
* #Rear Crossmember or at least the rubber insulator

Read Blat's first-hand account of swapping the 5-speed: Experiences swapping B210 H150 rear and B310 60A 5spd into my 1200.

Can you give me some tips on installing a 60-series 5-speed?

* the 60a 4-speed and 60a 5-speeds are the same length as the stock Datsun 1200 transmission, and the shifter is in the same spot

Rear Crossmember

The rear engine crossmember, that is to say the Gearbox Crossmember.

B310 stock 60-series rear engine crossmembers - 60L has a 20mm dip in it. 60A is level
25665.jpgAlbum 25665

Pitroad says the South Africa Datsun Bakkie (B140) had a FS5W60A 5-speed, and that the trans crossmember might work for a B110. B140 Gearbox crossmember for FS5W60B is pictured below. It appears the tunnel mounts are fitted further back than in the 1200.

B140 stock 60A (5-speed) & stock 60L (4-speed)
18129.jpgAlbum 18129

  • 11321-H6201 B210 A14 0978-0874 [60-series 4-speed]
  • 11321-H7300 B210 A14 0974- [60-series 4-speed]
  • 11323-H7310 [63-series 5-speed]

The 60-series insulators sit on top of the crossmember, and bolts from the bottom.

Gearbox rubber mount (see Part Numbers)

B310 60-series rear engine mount
1706.jpgAlbum 1706

Using 1200 Crossmember

The stock 1200 crossmember can be adapted to fit a 60-series transmission. It depends on which 60 (60L vs 60A).

60A crossmember bosses are level with 1200 brackets, so spacers can be fitted
21066.jpgAlbum 21066

60L bosses are 20mm above the 1200 brackets, so no spacers are needed
9665_4cf0c96919da4.jpgPost 347474

The main problem is that the 60-series bosses are further back than the 56-series:
21067.jpgAlbum 21067

To compensate for this:

Automatic-tunnel 1200

Automatic 1200s will fit the 60 by reversing the stock 1200 crossmember (reference).

Manual-tunnel 1200

Stock 1200 mount fitment (56-series)
884.jpgAlbum 884 4648.jpgAlbum 4648

60-series fitment with stock unmodified 1200 crossmember -- using simple adapter plate between rubber mount and gearbox:
26446.jpgAlbum 26446
The wide holes bolt to the 60 transmission mount boss
26367.jpgAlbum 26367
The narrow holes bolt to the top of the 56 rubber mount
C dimension is the offset
21067.jpgAlbum 21067

Similar treatment done with non-Nissan gearbox:
18921.jpgAlbum 18921 18922.jpgAlbum 18922 18923.jpgAlbum 18923 18924.jpgAlbum 18924
Simple rectanguler plate with four holes drilled

60L fitment with stock 1200 crossmember. The rubber mount is modified (plate welded to the rubber mount top plate, and the original holes trimmed off for factory appearance):
21885.jpgAlbum 21885 21895.jpgAlbum 21895 21897.jpgAlbum 21897
9665_4cf0c96919da4.jpgPost click for topic 9665_4cf0c97c3f088.jpgPost click for topic 9665_4cf0c98b46e65.jpgPost click for topic

POST Chris's Rip Snorter A12 & Red B10 -- classic cut & shut. Slice up the old mount & crossmber then reweld it.
21066.jpgAlbum 21066 21067.jpgAlbum 21067 21068.jpgAlbum 21068 21069.jpgAlbum 21069

60-series fitment with modified 60-series crossmember:
- crossmember narrowed, cut to fit into 1200 tunnel
- tabs welded to the crossmember
b110-60-1.jpg b110-60-2.jpg

Using B310 Mount

Or, use the B310 60-series rubber insulator with a simple custom crossmember that bolts to the original crossmember points.

60-series rubber mount
* See Gearbox Crossmember#Rubber_Insulator for part numbers

NOTE: There is a difference in how a 60L 5-speed and a 60A 5-speed mounts. Apparently the 60L is lower by 20mm. When using a 60A custom crossmember, 20 mm spacers may be required to fit a 60L.

Flat Steel Crossmember

Fabricate a u-shaped flat steel adapter, then bolt on for a 60L (4 or 5 speed). For the 60A, fit it with long bolts and spacers.

60 custom crossmember for Datsun 1200
1705.jpgAlbum 1705 1703.jpgAlbum 1703 6567.jpgAlbum 6567

A sleeker version can also be fabricated:
15858.jpgAlbum 15858
* The rubber insulator picture is a stock 60-series rubber unit.

Bprojects 60-series Install Kits

Bprojects sells a sophisticated kit which doesn't need long bolts or spacers. It includes both the rubber mount and the new conversion crossmember.

VENDOR: Bprojects Product: 56-60A Conversion Member kit☁ 60A 5-speed

VENDOR: Bprojects Product: 56-60L Conversion Member kit☁ 60L dogleg 5-speed or 4-speed 60-series

Fits 60A 5-speed to Datsun 1200 manual tunnel
missyon2.jpg 333.jpg

60A | 60L difference is length of "ears"
27362.jpgAlbum 27362 27363.jpgAlbum 27363

Pitroad 60A Fitting Kit

Pitroad sells a kit to place a 60A into a 1200:
25671.jpgAlbum 25671 25668.jpgAlbum 25668 25670.jpgAlbum 25670 25669.jpgAlbum 25669

They say it will also work for 60L if 20mm spacers are used.
22671.jpgAlbum 22671

Home-built Kits

ang94541 60A kit
2403.jpgAlbum 2403

Rolands 60A kit made from flat steel with B310 rubber
28854.jpgAlbum 28854 28853.jpgAlbum 28853 28841.jpgAlbum 28841 28840.jpgAlbum 28840

tsillay 60A kit
2698.jpgAlbum 2698

EDP 60A adapter
P1020261.jpg P1020260.jpg P1020259.jpg

Unknown adapter
21810.jpgAlbum 21810 21809.jpgAlbum 21809

clyon's 60A adapter
21068.jpgAlbum 21068 21069.jpgAlbum 21069

OR, cut down a 60-series crossmember and weld angle-iron to it:
holes offset ~40mm and ~230mm apart
24065.jpgAlbum 24065 24066.jpgAlbum 24066

Custom Crossmember

Various type can be used, including:

* Wide crossmember, bolted to floor pans
* Modified stock crossmember
* Solid-mount

Wide Crossmember

A wide crossmember can be bolted to the floor pan using large washer for reinforcement. Then the original 1200 gearbox body brackets can be removed, providing enough space for the reverse lamp switch.

See Main Article: Wide gearbox crossmember

Modified Crossmember

A 1200 crossmember was welded to a B210 crossmember
60_b110a.jpg 60_b110b.jpg 60_b110c.jpg

Solid Mount

If you don't mind vibrations, the rubber isolator can be left out. This makes the 60A 5-speed easy to bolt up. The 60L can be treated similarly but needs spacers.

The 60A is flush to the existing 1200 mounting ears

So a flat bar can be used (the stock B310 crossmember dips down to provide room for the rubber mount)

The new crossmember (flat bar) just needs offset bolts, making it into a sort of u-shaped flat bar

Crossmember Modification

Remove the 1200 original crossmember tunnel brackets and fit a wide crossmember. See Custom Crossmember

OR fit a custom low-profile crossmember. This is what is used with V8 in Datsun, so it should be plenty strong
174_574f745ab3730.jpgPost 479063 174_574f7466add31.jpgPost 479063 174_574f7479137a6.jpgPost 479063

OR for a more factory look ...

Remove the 1200 original crossmember bosses and move them back
5008.jpgAlbum 5008 5009.jpgAlbum 5009
The brackets are tack-welded, so you can drill out the welds, and remove the brackets in one piece.

Use a simple flat plate (8mm thick) for the crossmember and use the 60-series rubber insulator mount.

Use the stock 1200 crossmember and insulator. Idea - will this work? Cut the corners off the stock 1200 rubber mount, drill new holes farther apart so it fits the larger gearbox:
26063.jpgAlbum 26063

B140 Gearbox crossmember for 4-speed 60L or for 5-speed (60A/60B). These may bolt right in after the 1200 tunnel brackets are moved back?
18129.jpgAlbum 18129
Uses the stock B140/B210/B310 (A14/A15) rubber insulator

Using B310-style insulator
13822_543ba7c0463c8.jpgPost 460546 13822_54e5bdd6ba271.jpgPost 463918


The stock Datsun 1200 driveshaft should be used. While the B310 driveshaft is the same length, it has the larger H150-style rear flange.

7474.jpgAlbum 7474

Reverse Switch

The location of the Reverse Switch can differ between all the different transmission. It is a problem when fitting any 60-series gearbox in to the small 1200 manual tunnel. The reverse-light switch is right where the Datsun 1200 chassis x-member mount is.
6567.jpgAlbum click to view

Options to work around this problem include:

Move The Crossmember

  • Move it back


  • use a floor-mounted crossmember

See #Modified_Crossmember


Remove the Reverse Switch, discard it, then plug the hole. A spare A12 engine-block drain plug fits (from the side of the engine block). Optionally you can fit a switch to the shifter to activate the reverse lamp.

* Fit a shifter-mounted Reverse Switch
* Fit a switch plug in the transmission
  25669.jpgAlbum 25669

28804.jpgAlbum 28804

If you screw the plug in too far you end up effectively stopping the shift from traveling over far enough to make either the shift up to 5 or down to reverse. There must be a millimeter or so play.

Or you can modify the reverse switch (grind the head down and seal it) and screw it back in as a plug
21071.jpgAlbum 21071

Clearance Tunnel

Cut a hole in the side of the tunnel bracket and let the switch protrude into it. This is what POST Ziggy did. You can add a cover inside the passenger compartment.

Tunnel Swap

Fit a tunnel removed from an automatic-transmission 1200, a B140, or a larger Tunnel such as B210 or 610 which helpfully is the exact shape needed for a 1200.

Swap Into Datsun 1200

(A special note of thanks to Davo1200 who started this article originally in the old Tech Section)

How do I install a 5 speed Sunny box?

So we've just picked up one of those rare 5 speed Datsun Sunny boxes and we want to bolt it to our engine. The bellhousing itself and starter motor bolts up with no problems but the gearbox cross member sits too far back and the reverse light switch hits the tunnel. What do we do?

Take the reverse switch out. The thread size is an un common size and you will have trouble finding a suitable replacement bolt that is flat enough to clear the tunnel.

Modify the switch! Sit switch in a vice and cut switch with an angle grinder so that switch is now fairly flat. A little ball bearing will fall out and discard the rest.

Now we have a bolt with a hole in it! You can either fill the hole with weld, making sure not to warp the bolt, or, you can just fill with epoxy resin. Let it sit for a while and bolt back into place on the gearbox. You will have no reverse lights now so a seperate switch will have to be added to the interior.

Great! No we can actually sit the box up into place!

Now check out how far back the gearbox cross member mounts sit. Its approx 2" futher back from the stock 1200 mounting points. A fabricated cross member will have to be made to allow for this 2" change. Some flat steel bar, a press drill and a welder will be needed.

After gearbox cross member has been fabricated, bolt into place. Fill gearbox with new oil, fit clutch cable, hook up the tail shaft and go for a drive. Yeah 5 gears!!

Vanette Transmission

Nissan Vanette came with RS5W60A transmission. This is an "RS" (remote shift) version, and so is not a bolt-in swap.

FS5W60A vs RS5W60A 5-speed comparo
4650.jpgAlbum 4650

Pitroad sells a conversion kit to change an RS to an FS:

174_5768a575a82f7.jpgUpload click to view


FS5W60A Factory Service manual PDF 

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