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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Carburetor Inspection

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Hitachi 306 Carburetor | Fuel System

When your carburetor is worn out, buying a used one is a good option -- if you know what to look for. Follow these inspection guidelines to to weed out bad carburetors.

When buying a used carburetor, look it over carefully for signs of trouble. Then buy only from sellers that will take refunds. Most wrecking yard will refund the price if it turns out to be faulty -- but ask first.


Look for:

* Air cleaner stud threads not damaged
* Screws look new, not over tightened, distorted
* Shafts are tight
* Grease/oil is OK, it will clean up
* No rusty linkage
* Throttle opens fully

Bad - air cleaner stud broke off
24149.jpgAlbum 24149

Screws - should look good, not reefed (overtightened/distorted)
24150.jpgAlbum 24150

Throttle blades should open fully -- not stuck
24151.jpgAlbum 24151
Greasy crud can be OK, if it cleans up. Avoid Rusty crud.

Vacuum diaphragms should hold vacuum -- see Vacuum_Leaks#Use_Your_Finger_Method
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