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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Float Level Adjustment

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Hitachi 306 Carburetor | Fuel System

When the engine is running, look at the float glass, make sure the level is right. If it's not within 1 mm of the center line of the glass, you'll need to take the carb apart to adjust the float level. A repair manual will be useful here.


If the float level is OK

2215.jpgAlbum 2215 7792.jpgAlbum 7792

If the fuel level is within 1mm of the dot, it is already at the correct adjustment.

6854.jpgAlbum 6854


IMPORTANT: High fuel pump pressure can cause a high float, so if it is high, perform the Fuel pump pressure test first -- before taking the carb apart to adjust the Float Level.

1. Remove the air cleaner assembly. For details, see Air Cleaner Removal

2. Remove the top of the carburetor. See Carburetor Top Removal for instructions.

3. Turn the top upside down (and level)
5087.jpgAlbum 5087

4. Measure that the float hangs with .418 inch space per this diagram
7793.jpgAlbum 7793

5. if necessary to adjust float, bend the tang under the float pivot pin.
1009.jpgAlbum 1009

Reassembly: Put the top back on in reverse order of dis-assembly. Just tighten the bolts enough to compress the lock washers. No more.

Then perform Idle Speed and Mixture Adjustment - which will change due to changed float level.

Bad Float

See main article: Float repair 

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