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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Choke Cable

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Fuel System | Engine Control | Hitachi 306 Carburetor

RHD and LHD differ by length. Since the carburetor is always on the same side, the choke cable length is a different length for RHD and LHD models.



B110 cable dash end
17173.jpgAlbum 17173

Carburetor choke cable bracket (early and late versions)
22277.jpgAlbum 22277

Long RHD choke cable
13914_504c5ad938635.jpgPost 417523

Dash tightening special nut (included with cable)
13914_504c5d73be0ec.jpgPost 417525

Short LHD choke cable buy at new Datsun parts
12IN10A.jpg datsun-1200-choke-cable-12in10.jpg

1200 Single Carb choke cable buy at Bprojects
choke-control-single-wire-006.jpg choke-control-single-wire-001.jpg

1200 Twin Carb choke cable (generic type) buy at Bprojects
twin-choke-wire-2014612-002.jpg twin-choke-wire-2014612-003.jpg twin-choke-wire-2014612-004.jpg

TWIN aftermarket
Wire OD: 1mm
Fixed thread OD: 12mm


Hitachi Twin Carb choke cable has a ratcheting mechanism.

19289.jpgAlbum 19289 20152.jpgAlbum 20152


Datsun Sunny Excellent 1400 PB110 with L14 engine

MASK-'Auto Choke' DX/GL Single Carb
* 25250-H2500 -7112 rectangular
* 25250-H2510 7201- round
WIRE-choke control GX Twin Carb
* 18410-H2702 > 18410-H2700

1972 Round "Auto Choke" mask | 1971 rectangular
U00017593481_8_001.jpg 174_5b9d7a428ccef.jpgPost 489454

Sunny Truck

Choke warning lamp added to Dash#Late April 1978 for E-level emission control

  LENS-WARNING LAMP 24250-H2500 (Auto Choke Lens)

The dash 'Auto Choke' is a blank plate for the choke knob hole. Same as the #PB110 part?
174_5d65ee6af3492.jpgPost 492391 27038.jpgAlbum 27038

OCT 1989 updated with EX TEMP warning light
174_5d65ee9653493.jpgPost 492391 174_5d65ee8b19b1b.jpgPost 492391

Part Numbers

Engine Control Part Numbers


  • 18410-H1001 WIRE COMP, choke control RHD 830 mm
  • 18410-H2302 WIRE COMP, choke control GX twin carb
  • 00951-10400 GROMMET

Choke Knob

  • 18415-H2300 ASSY-KNOB-choke control GX superceded
  • 18415-H1000 ASSY-KNOB-choke control GX from 72-12 (backfits to 18415-H2300)

Comparison: 610 JAPAN SSS Twin Hitachi (all Single Carb 610 used auto choke)

  • 18410-U0801 SSS (except E-all)
  • 18415-U0810 KNOB
  • 18418-U0800 BRACKET
  • 24250-89929 GROMMET-rubber

Comparison: 510 JAPAN (some used Throttle Control instead)

  • 18410-A0600
  • 18410-A4901 from '72 model
  • 18410-A4900 PY,JPY
  • 18410-A5100 SSS Twin Hitachi
  • 18415-A4900 KNOB


Hitachi DCG306 Carburetor choke linkage variations are many. Even during the Datsun 1200 run there were several varitions, with more coming with the B210.

Choke cable right-hand vs left-hand entry
22277.jpgAlbum 22277

Choke cable left-hand entry (very early)
22275.jpgAlbum 22275

Choke cable right-hand entry
22274.jpgAlbum 22274

Choke Cable Bracket & throttle spring bracket variations
22276.jpgAlbum 22276 

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