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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Crankshaft Seal

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Engine Mechanical

The front crank seal goes in the Timing Cover and seals the front pulley. The rear seal is commonly called the rear main seal and prevents oil leaking all over your flywheel.



The seal for the front crankshaft goes in the Timing Cover and seals the front pulley. So if you see any oil leaking around the front pulley, inspect this seal. It is commonly included in the timing cover gasket set or can be purchased by itself for a few dollars.

Also check the seal surface of the Crankshaft Pulley. In this case, the pulley was cracked, causing an oil leak:

Part Numbers

  • Nissan 13510-H1000 SEAL-OIL CRANKSHAFT FRONT $7.24 USD

  • BECK/ARNLEY 0521989
  • SKF 14720
  • TIMKEN 223830
  • NATIONAL 223830 {Oil Seal; Acrylates / Shaft Size=1.496" Housing Bore=2.165" Outer Diameter=2.176" Width=0.276"}
* Nissan A-series
* Subaru 1972-1980 H4
* Subaru 1988-1991 H6


* Shaft size: 38 mm
* Housing bore: 55 mm
* Outer diameter: 55.3 mm
* Width: 7 mm

Repair Sleeve

Timing Cover Repair Sleeve fixes a worn crankshaft pulley surface caused by a poorly lubricated seal. Instead of locating a new pulley, just use the repair sleeve.

  • before installation, be sure to put the slinger on correctly, and to grease the new seal.

  • SKF Part # 99147 Speedi-Sleeve
  • NATIONAL Part # 99147 {Redi-Sleeve; 1.490" x 1.496" x .512"}
  • TIMKEN Part # KWK99147 Kwik-Sleeve

SKF Speedi-Sleeve: Consisting of a thin wall shaft repair sleeve and a simple installation tool, SKF Speedi-Sleeve® shaft repair kits can take a worn shaft from scored to restored in less than 5 minutes. Speedi-Sleeve® installation is possible without having to remove the shaft, and requires no change in seal size. Unlike time-consuming shaft regrinding and refinishing techniques that can produce poor-quality sealing surfaces, Speedi-Sleeve® installation ensures an ideal outer sealing surface every time. Engineered from the finest AISI 304 stainless steel.
SKF 99147 Speedi-Sleeve
Shaft (in) 1.496 
Installation Depth (in) 0.984 
Flange Outer Diameter (in) 1.781 



12279-H2301 Rear Main Seal. Use clean motor oil, Sil-Glyde or eqivalent lubricant on the rubber face.

Tap the new seal carefully into place. Use many small taps so that it moves evenly into place.

Before attaching the main bearing cap, apply sealant to the outside corners


  1. Remove oil pan
  2. Remove rear main bearing
  3. Lift out old seal

If replacing the rear main seal when changing a clutch, you may remove it with the oil pan still in place:

  1. Puncture seal with an awl, tiny screwdriver, or similar implement. Punch through the eddge of the seal, by gently tapping through with hammer. Or screw in small screws, using care not to push the seal in further
  2. Carefully pry out slightly and work your way around the circumference until free

7372.jpgAlbum click to view n59975533yoshi_senna-img600x450-1211090038fvol0413765.jpg

Part Numbers

  • Nissan 12279-H2301 SEAL-OIL CRANKSHAFT REAR $81 USD
  • 12279-H2301 is for all A12/A13/A14/A15 engines rear main seal or RockAuto rear crank seal

  • FEL-PRO Part # BS27493 {Rear Main Seal Set} OHV engine; Rear Main Seal Set; Rubber; One-piece
  • TIMKEN Part # 712006
  • NATIONAL Part # 712006 {Oil Seal; Silicone / Shaft Size=2.362" Housing Bore=3.228" Outer Diameter=3.236" Width=0.472"}
  • Corteco/Detroit Gasket 17209
  • Beck/Arnley 0521096 $2.45 USD



Seal specifications
* Shaft Size 60 mm
* Housing Bore 82 mm
* Outer Diameter 82.2 mm
* Width 12 mm

Repair Sleeve

* TIMKEN Part # KWK99235 Kwik Sleeve, Optional Repair; Rear
* NATIONAL Part # 99235 {Redi-Sleeve; 2.359" x 2.365" x .787"} Rear
* SKF 99235 Speedi-Sleeve Rear

National Redi-Sleeves are precision stainless steel wear sleeves designed to produce a superior sealing surface on a worn or damaged shaft. Whether the shaft is marred by tracks or grooves, Redi-Sleeves represent a fast, easy and inexpensive repair. Redi-Sleeves combine stainless steel construction with a 0.010-inch wall thickness. This thin but durable design allows the original seal size to be used. Redi-Sleeves are pressed onto the shaft using a removable flange. An installation tool is provided with each sleeve.
NATIONAL 99235 Redi-Sleeve
Flanged Outside Diameter (Inch) 2.785, (MM) 70.740 
Installation Depth (Inch) 1.375, (MM) 34.930 
Material Stainless Steel 
Outer Diameter (Inch) 2.785 
Overall Width (Inch) 0.905, (MM) 22.990 
Shaft Size Maximum (Inch) 2.365, (MM) 60.070
Shaft Size Minimum (Inch) 2.359, (MM) 59.920 
Width On Shaft (Inch) 0.787, (MM) 19.990 

Lower Gasket Set

The seals are available by themselves (as listed above) but also included in the lower gasket set which also include oil pan gasket and timing Cover gasket.

* Nissan 10101-H9826

* FEL-PRO CS21199

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