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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

DOHC Heads

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Categories: Engine Mechanical | Cylinder Heads

DOHC Heads can be fitted onto A-series Engines. However, nothing is "bolt right up". With all of these DOHC setups you have to reroute oil and water passages, and block some off on the engine casting. All of them take some in-depth work and massaging.

Except for the rare works AY cylinder head.


Nissan AY cylinder head on 1200 block

This is the legendary Nissan 'AY' factory race head on a 1200 block. It's a pushrod/OHV design that features crossflow porting & two plugs per cylinder.

See Main Article: AY12 engine

GM Family I DOHC head

GM Opel/Daewoo/Vauxhall Ecotec Cylinder Head
26080.jpgAlbum 26080 26082.jpgAlbum 26082 26081.jpgAlbum 26081

X16XE head with A-series gasket - lines up almost perfectly
6672.jpgAlbum 6672

Check this out POST this is the thread that discussed this subject, it also talks about using a Vauxall head, it has a pic of the Mazda head gasket and some other pics and info on the subject.

X16XE head on A-series block
6885.jpgAlbum 6885

  • Bolt holes need widening by about 2mm at the top
  • Needs 79mm or bigger pistons. A14/A15 can do this (see Overbore)

X20XE head won't fit. It is for the GM Family II engines, with slightly bigger block dimensions. But you can swap the entire Superboss engine into your 1200.
174_56ec8ad37a71e.jpgPost 477377

Nissan DOHC Head

5987.jpgAlbum 5987
(GA16 ?)

5988.jpgAlbum 5988
Nissan DOHC Head


Mazda 1600

Mazda B6 DOHC head on Datsun A15. A kit was made and multiple copies sold.

The kit fits on both A15 and A14 (both A14 and A15 have a 76mm cylinder bore and the same deck height).

See discussion: POST a15 block mazda head

6695_5247f8e4e77fd.jpgPost 473370

at this stage all the kits have been sold. will not be making any more at this time... cheers rob

Mazda B6: Check out POST this thread that discussed this subject, it has a pic of the Mazda head gasket and some other pics and info on the subject.

Mazda B6 1.6 liter turbo engine

16-valve DOHC
* 1989-1993 Mazda Miata
* 1993-1999 Mazda Xedos 6
* 2000-2005 Kia Rio export markets
* 1997-2003 Mazda Familia/ Mazda Etude (South Africa)

17458_52706543eacf2.jpgPost 446632 17458_5270655c3e29e.jpgPost 446632 17458_5270656fd41df.jpgPost 446632 17458_5270658d5483a.jpgPost 446632 17458_5270659b1b8f4.jpgPost 446632 17458_527065aae1316.jpgPost 446632 17458_527065b87e10b.jpgPost 446632


used Daihatsu Applause flat-top pistons 77mm. The belt is a DAYCO 94616
6695_5247f8cf4e680.jpgPost 445030 6695_5247f8e4e77fd.jpgPost 445030 6695_5247f905c4d8f.jpgPost 445030 6695_5247f91da86cf.jpgPost 445030

737_5277cac1a5119.jpgPost 446984 737_5277cb08437d4.jpgPost 446984

POST Mazda B6 DOHC head

Mazda SOHC

The "a15 block mazda head" thread was originally referring to the Mazda 1600 DOHC head, which has valves too big for the A12. And if I understood correctly, requires the DOHC pistons (see post 61) which won't work in an A12.

POST a15 block mazda head

at this stage all the kits have been sold. will not be making any more at this time. sold them to some morris minor owners with a 14s in them. using single cam 8valve cheers rob

Rob has built up an early A12 using the early Mazda B1 and B3 engine with 71mm bores. The A12 has a 73mm bore, so there is plenty of room for the valves.

B1 1.1 liter SOHC 8V engine
* 1987-1989 Mazda 121
* later model Kia Sephia in European and Asian markets
* 1991-1995 Mazda 121 fuel-injected (European market)
Mazda B3 SOHC 8V 1.3 liter 63-73 hp, 73-80 lb-ft
* 19882000 Ford Festiva/Mazda 121
* 19852014 Kia Pride
* Autozam Revue/Mazda 121
* 1986-1989 Mazda Familia/323
* 1995-2002 Mazda Demio
* 1994-1997 Ford Aspire/Kia Avella
* 1987-1989 Ford Laser
* 1991-1993 Sao Penza
* 2000-2005 Kia Rio


OS Giken

TC16 head since 1973 is for the L-series 4-cylinder engine, so good for a PB110 or an L16/L18 swap. It is a 16-valve design.

174_65caebaa3dfd9.jpgPost 498267 174_65caebcd1aed0.jpgPost 498267

new version: TC16-CI
174_65cae815b2ee6.jpgPost 498267


Will the new E-series heads might fit on the A12 engine? Note that the 1982 E15 engine design is based on the A15 engine:

* Same bore & stroke
* Same bore pitch (82.5mm - 90mm - 82.5mm)
* Lighter casting
* Similar head gasket
* E15 is overall shorter to fit transverse applications (FWD)

E15 Crossflow head with semi-spherical chambers improves on A15: HP and torque are both up 3%

The E15 uses a jackshaft "in the area where the camshaft is mounted on the A-series engine" to drive the fuel pump and oil pump (the distributor is driven off the front of the cam).


2005 Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird head on A14 engine
12139.jpgAlbum 12139 

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