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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body

Various dashes were used for various countries, trims, and years. Standard used rectangular gauges, while GL and GX used round gauges. Deluxe (DX) could use either, for example all USA models use round gauges.



In Nissan official terminology, the "dash" is the cowl & firewall. But in common usage, the dash is the instrument panel or gauges therein and sometimes refers to the dash pad.

Dash Panels -- see Firewall ダツシュ パネル
24072.jpgAlbum click to view

Instrument Panel is the entire removable pod assembly (commonly called the Dash) インストルメント パネル
5044.jpgAlbum click to view 5046.jpgAlbum click to view 23456.jpgAlbum click to view

The metal frame is the Instrument Panel Assembly
24118.jpgAlbum click to view

Gauge Cluster - see Cluster Gauge
21616.jpgAlbum click to view

Dash facia is Cluster Lid.  クラスター リツド
24073.jpgAlbum click to view

Dash pad is the Instrument Panel Pad.  インストルメント パツド
23277.jpgAlbum click to view


Dash includes the pad, instrument panel, and dash frame

Glovebox is on the passenger side
26012.jpgAlbum click to view

Defroster vents connect to the dash frame
26013.jpgAlbum click to view

Instrument Panel

  • Rectangular gauge instrument cluster (角/kaku): Standard, Deluxe Sedan
  • Round gauge instrument cluster (丸/maru): Deluxe Coupe, GL, GX

2149.jpgAlbum click to view

804.jpgAlbum click to view 11149.jpgAlbum click to view

DX Coupe
1350.jpgAlbum click to view

5172.jpgAlbum click to view

1970-1971 (flat type)
11440.jpgAlbum click to view

1972 Japan (hooded type)
13214.jpgAlbum click to view

B110サニーインパネ inpane

Defrost Finishers

defrost finisher (ventilation garnishes/ventilation trim)

See Main Article: Defroster#Finisher


Trim Levels

Datsun 1200 trim packages received different factory equipment.

STD:      Rectangle with OPTION clock
DX Sedan: Rectangle with OPTION clock
NOTE: North America DX sedan came with round gauges
DX Coupe: Round with OPTION clock
GL:       Round with clock
GX:       Round with Tachometer 
          * clock moved to Console
          * 180 kph speedometer
Tachometer and Clock were both OPTION
26413.jpgAlbum click to view

Datsun Sunny Excellent 1400 PB110 trim levels were outfitted the same way except that DX Sedans came with round-gauge dashes.

1972 Facelift

Copyof1200GLwheel02.jpg 13453.jpg

See main article: Facelift Dash


Kilometers vs Miles

Miles only
10290_4a2f72d1a2c39.jpgUpload click to view

Miles only

Kilometers only
9082_4ae0b82060332.jpgUpload click to view

Dual range Kms with miles
277_4c0264d7b3d4a.jpgUpload click to view

Sunny Truck Dash

13485.jpgAlbum click to view


1971-1978 rectangle dash the same as B110 STD/DX -- but only with black interior.

8400.jpgAlbum click to view

JDM DX utes got a shifter console.
Japan | Australia
16662.jpgAlbum click to view 11149.jpgAlbum click to view

12506.jpgAlbum click to view


1978-1989 Brown Round
978.jpgAlbum click to view

the brown can be re-painted black using vinyl paint
6205.jpgAlbum click to view

With rectangular Choke warning added to dash April 1978 (Japan Market)
174_5d65ee6af3492.jpgPost click for topic


1989-1994 dark Gray with Round Gauges
26028.jpgAlbum click to view 26029.jpgAlbum click to view

0702356A30140208W00104.jpg cgb3.jpg



With rectangular Choke warning and EXH TEMP warning (Japan Market)
27042.jpgAlbum click to view
27036.jpgAlbum click to view 27037.jpgAlbum click to view

B140 Bakkie

14515.jpgAlbum click to view

  • "NISSAN" clock delete plate


Nissan calls the Dash pad the Instrument Panel Pad. Reference: Dash Trim Part Numbers

68910-H1000 ASS'Y-PAD, instrument [round or square]
68910-H2501 PAD-INSTRUMENT PB110 (black) DX,GL,GX
68910-H2600 PAD-INSTRUMENT PB110 (blue) GL
68910-H2700 PAD-INSTRUMENT PB110 (brown) GX
68910-H3100 PAD ASS'Y-instrument 1972 [Facelift]
68910-H2500 PAD-INSTRUMENT B120 -7803 BLACK
68910-G1060 PAD-INSTRUMENT 7804-8910 DARK BROWN
68910-95W00 PAD-INSTRUMENT 8910- GRAY

Maddat Code DP1200 - Datsun 1200 Dash Pad. Datsun 1200 RHD genuine Nissan dash pad, Brown only.

The pad tends to crack after 10 years in the hot sun.
17571.jpgAlbum click to view

Facia (Cluster Lid)

Dash facia is called by Nissan the Cluster Lid (gauge cluster lid). Reference: Meter Part Numbers

See also: Cluster Gauge

RHD | LHD round (GL, GX, USA.DX and all Coupes)
24073.jpgAlbum click to view 24074.jpgAlbum click to view

Rectangle cluster lid (STD & JDM DX + early Truck)

with red BEAM lamp (AUS)
10290_4a2f72d1a2c39.jpgUpload click to view

with red BEAM lamp & empty BRAKE spot (AUS)
8400.jpgAlbum click to view

with blue BEAM lamp
27119.jpgAlbum click to view

with blue BEAM lamp & BRAKE lamp

25010-H1701 [no FAN text]
25010-H4600 0172- <> 25010-H1701 [FAN-PULL]
25010-H7000 0772-

23172.jpgAlbum click to view 24071.jpgAlbum click to view

rectangle type
  * with glass & plug (per 1974 catalog)
  * Sedan DX, Van Super-DX 4-speed (per 1971 catalog)
  25010-G1600 -7803
round type
    25010-H1800 ASS'Y-LID, cluster (metallic)
    25010-H2000 ASS'Y-LID, cluster (wood grain) GL,GX
    25010-H2500 ASS'Y-LID, cluster (gray metallic) 1400 DX
    25010-H2601 ASS'Y-LID, cluster (gold metallic) 1400 GL,GX
  1972 facelift including PB110
    25010-H3100 LID ASS'Y-cluster (gold metallic) STD,DX
    25010-H3300 LID ASS'Y-cluster (gray metallic) GL,GX
  25010-G1670 7804-8910
  68240-95W01 9810-

Close up around heater/radio section
24075.jpgAlbum click to view 27118.jpgAlbum click to view

Dash Frame

The dash frame is the metal part of the dashboard, which Nissan calls the Instrument Panel Assembly Reference: Dash Part Numbers

23278.jpgAlbum click to view

24114.jpgAlbum click to view 24115.jpgAlbum click to view 24116.jpgAlbum click to view 24117.jpgAlbum click to view 24118.jpgAlbum click to view 24119.jpgAlbum click to view

Dash Top

The top of the dash contains:

  • PARK BRAKE indicator lamp (years unknown)
    26134.jpgAlbum click to view


Datsun Sunny Excellent 1400 PB110

* Early: Flat instrument panel 
* Late: Podded instrument panel

Early - Same as 1970-1971 1200, but offered in additional colors

See PB110 Brochure

1972 - Same as 1972 Datsun 1200

16011.jpgAlbum click to view


24073.jpgAlbum click to view

Late - same as 1972 B110
23173.jpgAlbum click to view

H25 Gray Metallic DX
H26 Gold Metallic GL/GX
H31 Gray Metallic DX    from '72-1
H33 Gold Metallic GL/GX from '72-1

Instrument Panel Pad

Sunny Excellent 1400 (PB110) hooded dash

1972 PB110 Facelift double-hump dash

Facelift PB110

Facelift PB110

Facelift PB110 Glove Box door is thick, with a prominent curve

13452.jpgAlbum click to view

Photo Index

Standard Dash

1975 October B120
26046.jpgAlbum click to view

bar.jpg bar-.jpg

1977 April B120 (和52年4月)
1977_B120_dash-1.jpg 1977_B120_dash-2.jpg 1977_B120_dash-3.jpg 1977_B120_dash-4.jpg 1977_B120_dash-5.jpg 1977_B120_dash-6.jpg 1977_B120_dash-7.jpg 1977_B120_dash-8.jpg 1977_B120_dash-9.jpg

50.JPGAlbum click to view 268.jpgAlbum click to view 804.jpgAlbum click to view 838.jpgAlbum click to view 1085.jpgAlbum click to view 1206.jpgAlbum click to view 1448.jpgAlbum click to view 1451.jpgAlbum click to view 2035.jpgAlbum click to view 2041.jpgAlbum click to view 2073.jpgAlbum click to view 2149.jpgAlbum click to view 2181.jpgAlbum click to view 2299.jpgAlbum click to view 2760.jpgAlbum click to view 2937.jpgAlbum click to view 2970.jpgAlbum click to view 3122.jpgAlbum click to view 3410.jpgAlbum click to view 3895.jpgAlbum click to view 3901.jpgAlbum click to view 3902.jpgAlbum click to view 4180.jpgAlbum click to view 4181.jpgAlbum click to view 4409.jpgAlbum click to view 4818.jpgAlbum click to view 4939.jpgAlbum click to view 5044.jpgAlbum click to view 6457.jpgAlbum click to view 6465.jpgAlbum click to view 6595.jpgAlbum click to view 6703.jpgAlbum click to view 7265.jpgAlbum click to view 7373.jpgAlbum click to view 7890.jpgAlbum click to view 8400.jpgAlbum click to view 8807.jpgAlbum click to view 8809.jpgAlbum click to view 9789.jpgAlbum click to view 9792.jpgAlbum click to view 9940.jpgAlbum click to view 10456.jpgAlbum click to view 11145.jpgAlbum click to view 11149.jpgAlbum click to view 11578.jpgAlbum click to view 11581.jpgAlbum click to view 12155.jpgAlbum click to view 12506.jpgAlbum click to view 12507.jpgAlbum click to view 13107.jpgAlbum click to view

Tinted gauge glass
24579.jpgAlbum click to view

Round Dash

See Round Dash Photo Index


1981 April

Custom Dash

Wood, stainless, silvia gauges -- customize the 1200 dash. Or fit an entire dashboard from Silvia, Charade, Starlet etc. into your 1200.

See Main Article: Custom_Dash

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