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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Nissan Sports Graph

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Categories: Documentation | Racing

Nissan Sports Graph (日産スポーツグラフ) was an occasional four page pamphlet related to motorsports (race news).

  • The Nissan Graphic (「ニッサン グラフ」) was an in-house magazine
  • Nissan Sports Graph (「ニッサン スポーツ グラフ」) was a 2 or 4 page folding pamphlet



1971 04

nsg197104c.jpg nsg197104b.jpg nsg197104a.jpg

1971 June 10

Issue 10 June 1971 reporting on 29-30 May 1971 race at Maze Sea circuit

ダットサン サニー コーペ
Datsun Sunny Coupe
Triumph of the Sea of Japan

Datsun Sunny Coupe Maze Sea Circuit, Seiichi Suzuki won.
Results at JAF


Winner: 鈴木誠一 Suzuki Seiichi privateer/Tomei co-founder in the No. 84 Maruzen Technica Sunny
26644.jpgAlbum click to view 26645.jpgAlbum click to view 26646.jpgAlbum click to view

UPPER: Suzuki on the straight ... LOWER: Toshimori in the lower hairpin curve ...


Kuni Takahashi & Moto Kitano

Autograph Session

Nissan factory drivers Kunimitsu Takahashi (right) signing poster of Nissan cars. With Moto Kitano (left)
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歳森康師 Toshimori Yasushi

処女コース、処女優勝、鈴木誠一ケン(左)と歳森康師 ケン(右)の名が間瀬に娍るよ。 The names of the virgin course, debut Championship, Seiichi Suzuki (left) and Yasushi Toshimori (right) are in Maze

174_60c84e3c95486.jpgPost click for topic

車検がすんでステッカーはりも本格的? After the vehicle inspection, the sticker beam is also full-scale

174_60c84c75b4c21.jpgPost click for topic

クーペの王者 Sunny 勝つ
トランスニッポン クーペシリーズ 3
Transnic Sea of Japan Maze 200km
Coupe Champion Sunny Win
All-Japan Coupe Series 3

174_60c06feb8e3ff.jpgPost click for topic
1 位No84 鈴木誠一
(周数回100 2時間04分29秒9)

2 位No32 歳森康師

3 位No58 鈴木昭一
周数回 97)

出走17台 平均時速96.38Km/h(鈴木誠一)
1st place No84 Seiichi Suzuki Technica Sunny Coupe
(100 laps Time 2:04:29.9)

2nd place No32 Yasushi Toshimori
Sunny Coupe
(100 laps)

3rd place No58 Shoichi Suzuki
Takashimaya RORO Coupe
(97 laps)

17 cars. Average speed 96.38Km/h (Seiichi Suzuki)

スポーツカーフェスラィバル Sports Car Festival
174_60c5039ddd73e.jpgPost click for topic

山合いの問非サーキット。イン・フィールドの?で??付車。 ニッポン?のそ??。あ?たをローカル・カラー、??のビット、?木林のスタンド。いい?分ジャヨ‼
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Datsun Z432
174_60c4f990157a5.jpgPost click for topic

1971 06

1971 June 30

17276.jpg 17277.jpg 17279.jpg

1971 09

Winning 1,2,3 Sunny 1200 Coupe (also see Racing)

富士 日産 パンフレット ニッサン スポーツグラフ サニー クーペ

September 1971 Nissan Sports Graph, 2 pages folding
nsg_197109c.jpg nsg_197109a.jpg nsg_197109b.jpg

1971 10

Issue date: 10 October 1971

常? サニー
?? Sunny
Suzuka also Swept!!

nsg197110a.jpg nsg197110c.jpg nsg197110b.jpg

1972 September 25


And sunny!
Victory in the Bell

174_60b17a8cd314b.jpgPost click for topic 174_60b17a9b92631.jpgPost click for topic 174_60b17aa663313.jpgPost click for topic
No. 12 2位安田



1972 July 2

Nissan Sports Graph 5 July 1972 昭和47年7月5日

Reporting on Japan All Star Races 2 July 1972 Fuji Speedway

  • Freshman All-Star Race 1st Place Car Number 1 椎名 寿隆 サニー1200クーペ Sunny 1200 Coupe Hisataka Shiina
  • Touring (TS-a) All-Star Race] Number 24 ジャパレン Sunny Coupe Kobayashi Motoyoshi
Sunny coupe

174_60aed77ad6fef.jpgPost click for topic 174_60aed78d642ca.jpgPost click for topic
Freshman * Allstar
Touring * Allstar
Sunny 2 Class Win

174_60aed7cc694ff.jpgPost click for topic

1972 August 20

Nissan Sports Graph No. 20 (25 August 1972)

1972 Japan Suzuka 300 kilometer Touring Car Race (20 August 1972)

Technica Sunny number 15 Wins! driver Hiromi Nishino. Seven of the top ten were Sunny, the other were Toyoda Publica, Corona, and Sprinter

Sunny Won Again やっぱりサニーまたも勝ったぜ (with Sunny-chan)
174_60ae407e2f66a.jpgPost click for topic174_60ae40a168113.jpgPost click for topic 174_60ae409574a00.jpgPost click for topic

120PS at 8000 RPM

72全日本鈴鹿300キロ・ツーリングカーレース 1972 Japan Suzuka 300 kilo Touring Car Race

1973 January 13


Nissan Sports Graph 20 January 1973

新春の凱歌 New Year's Triumph

Sunny 1200 Coupe wins the All-Japan Suzuka New Year 300 kilometer race

  • 1st 田沼 昭雄 (Tanuma Akio) in the Number 23 Sunny
  • 2nd 1200 Coupe GX Number 8
  • 3rd Datsun 1200 Number 1
  • 4th Techno Corolla Coupe

174_60b618fe4667b.jpgPost click for topic 174_60b61910304c4.jpgPost click for topic

1973 May 10

17295.jpg 17296.jpg 17297.jpg 17298.jpg


1972 June PMCS Princess Skyline C10 2 pages
1979 June 20 Datsun Violet rally

1971 May 10, 29.7  21.0 cm、p.4
1971 in Japan Grand Prix
* Bluebird 510 WINS

Skyline also TS-b class 1, 2, 3, Porsche 240Z1, 2nd place, 3rd place (Z432)
nsg19710510a.jpg nsg19710510b.jpg nsg19710510c.jpg

1973 dark cover with SSS-E 610
1978 V2 Southern Cross Rally (Violet on cover)
1980 November S130 Paul Newman, 4 pages 

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