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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Body | Brake System | Clutch

Brake and Clutch pedals go in the pedal box. Next to the pedal box is mounted the Accelerator Pedal.



The pedal boxes are the all years, and are the same manual & auto. Brake pedal width differs. Brake pedal looks the same RHD and LHD. Clutch pedal differs LHD (pushrod) vs RHD (cable pull). In Oct 1989 they changed the pedals to use a different pads - they may be interchangeable with earlier pedals.

27059.jpgAlbum 27059 20631.jpgAlbum 20631

Flasher unit is attached to the pedal box
27060.jpgAlbum 27060 27061.jpgAlbum 27061

LHD has a clutch pedal similar to the brake pedal (pushrod hole for master cylinder)
willieoec-img600x450-1327301597khao5r38841.jpg willieoec-img600x450-1327301597qhkfya38841.jpg willieoec-img600x450-1327301597tfg2sp38841.jpg

RHD has clutch pedal of the cable-pull type (notched at the very top)
25866.jpgAlbum 25866 25867.jpgAlbum 25867

Stays (brackets) are welded to the upper dash panel. The box bolts to the stays

Steering Column bolts undeneath the front of the pedal box
15949.jpgAlbum 15949

4 bolts where it bolts to the stays
4 bolts at the front, where it bolts to tabs welded into firewall 

19757.jpgAlbum 19757 26627.jpgAlbum 26627 26628.jpgAlbum 26628 26629.jpgAlbum 26629


Stop Lamp Switch | 1989-up also has Clutch Switch
27059.jpgAlbum 27059 26626.jpgAlbum 26626

Stop Lamp Switch

Stop Lamp Switch Part Numbers
25320-H1000 -8109     bullet connectors
25320-H8500 8510-8910 spade connectors
25320-A7500 8910-      

H10: 620, S10
26632.jpgAlbum 26632

H85: 720, S31, N12
26631.jpgAlbum 26631

Clutch Switch


clutch switch クラッチ スイッチ
26630.jpgAlbum 26630

Pedal Bushings

Pedal shaft, nut & washer with bushings fitted

Remove this bolt and lubricate the bushings (grease them) every Every 12 months or 12000 miles, whichever comes first.

pedal_bush.jpg 20631.jpg

Throttle Pedal

The accelerator is attached to the firewall, outside of the pedal box.

See main article: Accelerator Pedal


Brake Pedal

21609.jpgAlbum 21609

  1. Loosen the stopper nut
  2. Measure height of pedal. It should be 143.5 mm. Insert shims on outside of firewall until height is 143.5 mm
  3. Tighten stopper until height is 139.5 to 143.5 mm. Tighten stopper nut.
  4. Double-check free play (5-15 mm)
  5. Double-check total travel of pedal (120mm)

Cable Clutch Pedal

Disconnect clutch cable at gearbox end. Next, adjust the pedal stopper so the pedal height is in range from 136.5 to 146.5 mm (5.4 to 5.8 in), and secure the position with the lock nut completely. Then adjust the cable.

Pedal height: 5.57 in (141.5 mm  5mm)

6081.jpgAlbum 6081

Hydraulic Clutch Pedal

Pedal height: 5.57 in (141.5 mm)
Pedal free play: 1.181 in (30 mm)
Pedal stroke is 5.65 in (143.5 mm) 

Back off the adjustment stopper, then measure. If measurement is off, change shims for the cylinder on the firewall. When pedal height is correct, adjust pedal stopper.

538.JPGAlbum 538

Also See: Hydraulic clutch adjustment

Accelerator Pedal

See Main Article: Accelerator Pedal


Alloy pedals with non-slip pads
8861.jpgAlbum 8861

12035.jpgAlbum 12035 17607.jpgAlbum 17607 8197.jpgAlbum 8197

Part Numbers

Also See:
Dash Part Numbers for the box and stays
Brake Pedal Part Numbers
Clutch Pedal Part Numbers
* Same: Sedan/Van/Coupe/Truck
  46580-H1000 STAY-bracket, pedal & steering post (R.H.)
  46581-H1000 STAY-bracket, pedal & steering post (L.H.)
  46570-H1001 ASS'Y-BRACKET, pedal & steering post
  46580-H1600 STAY-bracket, pedal & steering post (R.H.)
  46581-H1600 STAY-bracket, pedal & steering post (L.H.)
  46570-H1600 ASS'Y-BRACKET, pedal & steering post

fixing reinforce & stay
  08110-62062 BOLT-with lock washer (8) or 08110-61262
  08915-53510 WASHER-plain (8)
Pedal bushing
46525-18000 BUSHING-pedal fulcrum (2)
* replaced by 46525-N8200 0880-up $1.64 USD
* Fits B10, B110, B210 & B310 USA & JDM

Pedal Rubber

46531-18001 COVER-PEDAL PAD for BRAKE MANUAL $2.52 
46531-M3000 COVER-PEDAL PAD for CLUTCH $2.52 USD 
* formerly 46531-18001 
* Will Fit With Most Nissans


Clear: 46584-S0100, Green: 46512-H0101

Broken and new parts


1400 vs 1200 boxes
9522.jpgAlbum click to view


B210 pedal box differs from B110. For example, it bolts directly to the firewall while B110 bolts to tabs on firewall.

B210 pedal box
DSC03837-1a.jpgPost click for topic

Manual pedal boxes are not interchangeable with auto pedal boxes

dsc03780v.jpgPost click for topic

Manual pedal boxes have an extension welded on the left side for the clutch pedal pivot
dsc03781r.jpgPost click for topic

Brake booster makes a difference too (2-bolt master VS 4-bolt)
dsc03756j_.jpgPost click for topic

All B210 (including 120Y) appear to have provision for a hydraulic clutch master cylinder -- though on some pedal boxes the center hole is not drilled.

B210 JDM Pedal Box
  45670-H5000 Manual A12
  45670-H5800 Manual for use with booster
  * A12 GX,MTM OPT GL,MTM from '75-4
  45670-H5020 Automatic A12 1973-1975
  45670-H5820 Automatic for use with booster
  * GX,ATM OPT GL,ATM from '75-4
 MTM: GX マスターバック, GL ラインオプョン

Automatics have a larger brake pedal
dsc03782p.jpgPost click for topic 26358.jpgAlbum 26358

Datsun 521 pedal box retro-fitted to B210
12306.jpgAlbum 12306

Photo Index

9525.jpgAlbum 9525

See: Remote Clutch Master Cylinder

ブレーキ クラッチペダル 

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