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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Hydraulic clutch

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Clutch | Transmission Modifications

Left-hand-drive (LHD) versions of the Datsun 1200 used a hydraulic clutch system. It is very nice, with a light, linear action.


Daily Care

1972 USA Owners manual (Page 25 ... ):

29357.jpg   29362.jpg
Before driving or whenever you call at a gas-station, be sure to check ...
  • Leakage and amount of fluid in brake and clutch master cylinders
  • Clutch and brake operation

Observe the level of fluid visible through the plastic reservoir of the master cylinder (no need to remove the cap).


Stock pedal force is 10.8 kg (23.8 lb), a bit higher than the RHD mechnical clutch at 8.3 kg (18.3 lb). The slave cylinder diameter is 3/4 inch and the master cylinder is 5/8 inch.

  • Extremely light clutch pedal effort, but with good feedback

1987 Nissan 1200 truck
174_5bc0f5a5a592d.jpgPost 489658

537.JPGAlbum 537

Clutch slave cylinder bolted to transmission
25468.jpgAlbum 25468


This is for the 71-73 1200. The B210 (120Y) measurements are different.

  1. Adjust slave cylinder free play
  2. Adjust pedal pad height without stopper
  3. Adjust pedal stopper

Clutch Slave Cylinder

Stock clutch slave cylinder diameter is 3/4 inch.

Adjust the free play to 5/32" (1 to 2 mm play). Pull the release lever towards the rear of the car as far as you can, then let go, and see how far it goes forward. That's the play. To adjust, loosen the locknut (the two nuts), then turn the shaft in or out.

539.jpgAlbum 539

Pedal Linkage

IMPORTANT: Before adjusting the pedal linkage, first adjust the clutch release arm under the car (see section above).

538.JPGAlbum 538

The pedal specs are:

  • Pedal height: 5.57 in (141.5 mm)
  • Pedal free play: 1.181 in (30 mm)
  • Pedal stroke is 5.65 in (143.5 mm) with the adjustment stop (the switch in the diagram) backed off. Adjustment is made with shims for the cylinder on the firewall.


Adusting Shim

  • 30611-27260 1.6 mm
  • 30612-27260 0.8 mm
  • 30613-27260 0.5 mm

Removable, Replacement and Bleeding

A common problem with clutch not working is the clutch master cylinder leaking internally. So no fluid leaks out, yet it won't fully activate the slave. To test if that's the problem, take the cap off the master, and watch while you pump the clutch pedal. If the fluid level RISES as the pedal goes down, the first piston seal is leaking. In extreme cases a jet of fluid will shoot up.

If the master is bad, replace it. Or a kit (new seals) can be installed.


Master Cylinder

If the Master Cylinder runs dry, or when replacing it, be sure to bleed the Master Cylinder. separately. Remove the outlet pipe & place a thumb over it for the return stroke of the cylinder (to prevent ingestion of air). Push the cylinder rod once or thrice. Once the Master Cylinder is free of air you can bleed the whole system with confidence.

Slave Bleeding can be done by one person (no assistant needed):

  1. Put about 1" new fluid in a clear glass. Place glass on ground. The fluid prevents air from going back up into the cylinder
  2. put a hose from the slave bleeder to the bottom of the glass, making sure the new fluid covers end of hose
  3. Crack the bleeder slightly
  4. pump the pedal while you watch the glass (lie on the ground with the door open, and work the pedal with your hand). When air bubbles stop coming out, it's done. Often this only takes two or three pumps.
  5. tighten bleeder
  6. top-up the master cylinder. DO NOT REUSE BRAKE FLUID

Any spilled brake fluid should be rinsed off painted surfaces with lots of water.

Part Numbers

Stock USA cylinders. "Repair Kits" are also available. These include all new rubber parts, and can be used if the aluminum body is not pitted. The bore is hand-honed. Often with aluminum a kit will leak, so we recommend a new unit rather than a kit. Cast-iron cylinders may have better success.

Master Cylinder

Clutch Master Cylinder - 5/8"


  • 30610-24900 (superceded by 30610-24910). $111 USD
  • RHINO PAC M0600 $35.79

Slave Cylinder

Clutch Slave Cylinder - 3/4"

    4652.jpgAlbum 4652
  • Left: Original Style 30620-H1601 (superceded by 30620-H1600) $59 USD
  • Right: Replacement Style 30620-H1600
Clutch Slave Cylinder Rockauto
* RAYBESTOS SC37495 $12.44
* ACDELCO 18F19 $14.56
* RHINO PAC S0600 $15.92
* EXEDY SC558 $6.84
* KELSEY-HAYES S51000 $4.83
* NAPA/UNITED 37495 $14.72
* RAYBESTOS SC37495 $4.71

27025.jpgAlbum 27025

B310 A14 (60-series gearbox)
25417.jpgAlbum 25417



* Clutch Master Cylinder: 5/8 inch

30610-H5801/30610-H5802 4> 30610-B8001
19294.jpgAlbum 19294
* Comparo: B110 and B210 are both 5/8" Master Cylinders
* NOT interchangeable with B110 due to the rod differences
* B310 looks the same as B210 except bolts are at 45 degrees

Beck Arnley part number 072-6489
* 620 Pickup from 1972-3/76
* B210 (all models) from 1974-4/75
* SPL-311 (1600 or 2000) from 1966-70
* 510 from 1968-73 (with Nabco master cylinder)
* 610 from 1973-75 (with Nabco master cylinder)
* 710 from 1973-75

Beck Arnley part 072-6521
* 74-75 B210
* 76 F10
* 72-76
* 620 pickup
* 66-70 SPL-311 1600
* 68-70 SPL-311 2000
* 75-78 280Z
* 69-73 510
* 78-81 510
* 73-76 610
* 74-77 710
* 77-81 810


11/16" - 4speed ALL, 5speed from 11/76
* 30620-H6100 Clutch Slave Cylinder <> 30620-H6101/30620-H61012
early 5-speed 3/4" - to 9/76
* 30620-U7000 Clutch Slave Cylinder: 11/16 inch <> 30620-R6400
30620-S0100 Clutch Operating Cylinder [slave cylinder, 3/4"]
* For 63-series 4 or 5-speed
* 30620-18V00, 30620-18V01, 30620-69F03, 30620-69F70, 30620-P9500
* 30620-S0100, 30620-U7000, 30620-U7001, 30620-W7000, 30620W-W7001
* S13 240SX 1991-1993
* S14 240SX 1996-
* S130 280ZX 1982-


The hose is difficult to find in USA, except on eBay. Alternatives: lot of the brake hoses from cars with a solid rear axle will work also.

(rear brake hose)
* BRAKEWARE #77001 $12 at Autozone.  

It's about 1.5-2 inches longer then the original, does not hang too low and bolts right up

1200 rear brake hose $4 at RockAuto
* one male, one female end
* Wagner BH96544
* Bendix 77101
* American Remanufacturers 8704300
* Coni-seal BH177101
* Dorman H36866 (13")
* Raybestos BH36866/4536866/SP5939 (13-3/16")
* Centric 15042300
* Guardian 3196544
* Beck/Arnley 073-0879 ( 0730879)
Bendix 77101
* 46201-89918
* 46201-H7200
* 46211-89911
Length: 13-3/64"
10x1.0 mm female x 10x1.0 male

25419.jpgAlbum 25419 25467.jpgAlbum 25467

RHD Hydraulic Conversion

  1. Fit a master cylinder. You can purchase LHD 1200 part or use a local Datsun such as 180B, 200B or R31 parts
  2. Fit clutch pedal
  3. Fit slave to gearbox (see Converting to Hydraulic)
Also See:
* Remote Clutch Master Cylinder (under-dash)
* Pedals

180B master
7738.jpgAlbum 7738 7741.jpgAlbum 7741 7742.jpgAlbum 7742

200B hydraulic swap
5409.jpgAlbum 5409

R31 swap, box braced to steering post. Original clutch pedal removed
10824.jpgAlbum 10824 10825.jpgAlbum 10825

Remote Clutch Master Cylinder

See main article: Remote Clutch Master Cylinder

7656.jpg 4859.jpg 9524.jpg

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