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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Propeller Shaft Swaps

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Propeller Shaft And Differential Carrier

This article primarly compares RWD Sunny propeller shafts. Note that 1200 Coupe, Wagon and Sedan use the same shaft, but the 1200 pickup uses a different length.


Swap Considerations

When swapping rear axle assemblies, the rule of thumb is:

Get the matching shaft with the diff

In general, all B110, B210 and B310 and B120 driveshafts are the same (or close to same) overall length, but the ends differ:

* Auto vs. Manual 
* Japan diff vs Borg Warner diff 
* H145 vs H150 vs H165 diff 

Shafts for all 3-, 4- and 5-speed 56-series and 60-series boxes are the same and only differ for the type of diff fitted.


Automatic and manual cars use different propeller shafts (aka driveshaft or tailshaft). Automatic transmissions are 15mm shorter than a standard transmission, so the auto propeller shaft assembly is 15mm longer. The shaft itself may be the same, but the yokes are different length so the overall length differs.

56-series transmissions and 60-series transmissions are the same length, and use the same shaft. It doesn't matter if you get the transmission from a B110, B210 or B310. What matters is which differential you have.

63A 5-speed transmissions use the same input yoke as the Automatics. All you need to support the 63A transmission is the AT prop shaft.

You may need to remove the dust cover (cup on front yoke that fits over end of gearbox) for some swaps. The cup sometimes looks like its purpose is a stopper, to stop the yoke from sliding in too far (see B310 Manual Conversion, tailshaft doesn't match?).

Can you use a B210 driveshaft in a B110? Yes, IF you get the B210 driveshaft for H145 differential (1974 B210s). Here are some driveshaft (tailshaft) considerations

  • The 56 and 60 transmissions are the same length
  • The automatic and standard cars use the same differential, so the back flange is the same
  • Automatic and Manual Transmission cars use different shaft assemblies, apparently the shaft's slip yoke is different
  • 1974 B210s uses the H145 diff. Other B210 models used the H150 diff which has a larger flange
  • Aussie-assembled B210s used a Borg-Warner diff, so that shaft is totally different from any other

Note that all models in a generation use the same shafts -- there is no difference between coupe, sedans or wagons.

7662.jpgAlbum click to view

The 1971-1973 Datsun 1200 manual tailshaft is the same overall length as the B310 manual but with different flange bolt pattern at rear.

Left: B310 fits to H150 differential. Right: B110 fits to H145
7474.jpgAlbum click to view
B110 and B310 both use the "Japanese" differential (H145 or H150). So do most B210s, except Aussie-built B210 sedans which use a Borg-Warner differential.


Round, rectangular, or scalloped flange?
17848.jpgAlbum click to view

Flange Bolt Pattern (see #Flange)
19859.jpg 174_56f08227124b3.jpg

Large Diameter or small-diameter Slip-Yoke? Depends on transmission.

  • 56- and 60-series gearboxes use ~27mm yoke Outside Diameter
  • 63-series and Automatic use ~35 mm Outside Diameter yoke

left to right: 1200 ute, 120Y with BW, Sunny B310, 1200 Auto

Both are same diameter. Some use a dust shield
17849_.jpgAlbum click to view


Overall length (fits B110,B210,B310)
1334mm H145 manual/transmission
1330mm H150 manual/transmission
1295mm H165 manual/transmission
1520mm H165 manual/transmission GB120 long body

7662.jpgAlbum click to view

Length (mm) B A C Overall Diff
B10 1967-1970  ? 1178  ?  ? H145
1971-1974 m/t 115 1189 30 1334 H145
1971-1974 auto 130 1189 30 1349 H150
B110 Aussie  ?  ?  ?  ? BW60
B120 Shortbody  ? 1138  ?  ? H165
B120 Longbody  ? 2-piece  ?  ? H165
B210 A14 m/t 115 1182 33 1330 H150
B210 A14 m/t (revised) 119 1178? 33 1330 H150
B210 A14 auto 130 1182 33 1345 H150
B210 Aussie  ?  ?  ?  ? BW68
1976-1978 FSW5A 130 1189 30 1349 H150
B310 m/t 120 1177 33 1330 H150
B310 auto  ? 1045 33  ? H150

B10 Propeller Shaft Specs

  • 1178 mm (u-joint to u-joint)
  • 63.5 mm Tube diameter. 1.6 mm thick


H145 36 x 50 scalloped
H150 45 x 54 rectangular
H165 same as H150, round
H190 50 x 60
BW68 48 x 60
BW60 ??
H145: 36 x 50 mm bolt holes. Inner circle 38 mm
19859.jpgAlbum click to view
H150: 45 x 54 mm. Inner circle 57 mm
24888.jpgAlbum click to view
  • H165: Same as H150 (as measured by flange from 1978 Datsun A10)
  • BW68: 48 x 60 mm. Inner circle 46 mm (Australia-assembled 120Y sedan) NOTE: BW68 is also about 20mm longer than H145, requiring a shorter tailshaft if swapped into a 1200
H190 Round - 50 x 60 mm (ex: Datsun 320)
Diagonal is 78.1 hole center-to-center (or 70.1 hole inner-edge to inner-edge)
174_56f08227124b3.jpgPost click for topic
H190 Rectangular (ex: 510 Wagon)

B110 Propeller Shaft Specs

  • Same for all 1971-1973 models (sedan/coupe/wagon)
  • End-to-end length nearly same as B310 (though diff flange differs)
  • 1189 mm (u-joint to u-joint)
  • 68.9 mm Tube diameter. 1.6 mm thick
  • 20 mm Sleeve yoke (slip yoke) diameter. 1.6 mm thick. 3.150 mm pitch splines
B110 Propeller Shaft - Nissan Part Numbers
* Various. See Propeller Shaft for part numbers

B120 Pickup

The H165 differential ute, from 1971 introduction.

B120 standard-wheelbase
* Type: 2S65A 2-joint
* 1138 mm (u-joint to u-joint)
* Tube diameter: 63.5 mm (2.5 in)
* Sleeve yoke: 148.5mm (5.85 in)
* Outer diameter: 63.5 mm (2.5")
GB120 Long-body (2-piece)
* Unknown

Round flange (H165)
9469.jpgAlbum click to view

B210 Propeller Shaft Specs

B210 H150 shaft overall length is 4 mm shorter than B110 shaft assemblies.

one-piece shaft Length measurements
* 1182 mm (u-joint to u-joint)
* 1330 mm manual (end-to-end)
* 1345 mm auto (end-to-end)
* 33 mm (rear u-joint to flange face)
* 115 mm manual (front u-joint to tip of slip yoke)
* 119 mm manual (front u-joint to tip of slip yoke), revised
* 130 mm auto (front u-joint to tip of slip yoke)
Nissan Part Numbers - Manual
* 37000-H3100 manual, for H145 diff
* 37000-H7200 SHAFT ASSY-PROPELLER manual 4-speed, for H150 diff
  * AMPCO 2 JOINT 1182X68.9X1.6
* 37000-H7300 manual, 5-speed 63 (NOTE: same as auto)
  * AMPCO 2 JOINT 1182X68.9X1.6
Automatic Transmission
* 37000-H5100 for H145 diff
* 37000-H7300 for H150 diff
2-piece Shafts (3 joints)
* 37000-H7500 SHAFT ASSY-PROPELLER (3-joint) A14 F5W63
  * AMPCO 3 JOINT (440+742)X63.5X1.6
* 37000-H7510 SHAFT ASSY-PROPELLER (3-joint) A14T F4W60
  * AMPCO 3 JOINT (440+742)X63.5X1.6
* 37000-H7900 SHAFT ASSY-PROPELLER (3-joint) L16 engine

These last two (2-piece shaft, 3-joints) are JDM models with a small 63.5mm diameter shaft. These were used in the L-engine powered cars.

B310 Propeller Shaft Specs

* End-to-end length nearly same as B110 (though diff flange differs)
* ~1245 mm overall from rear flange face to beginning of yoke slip surface
* 1045 mm auto (u-joint to u-joint)
* 1177 mm m/t (u-joint to u-joint)
* 68.9 mm Tube diameter
* flange: 35mm (from centre u-joint to mating face)
* Type 2S56A
Nissan Part Numbers
* 37000-H8500 SHAFT ASSY-PROPELLER manual (56 or 60 trans)
* 37000-H8900 SHAFT ASSY-PROPELLER automatic
Two-piece shafts
* 37000-H9200 SHAFT ASSY-PROPELLER A14E up to 7909
* 37000-H9201 SHAFT ASSY-PROPELLER A14E from 7910-8010 A15E from 8011

These last two "E" models (EGI aka EFI) used a two-piece shaft with center bearing, similar to the longbed GB122 truck.

B210 vs B310 Auto Shafts

Overall length (from end of slip-yoke to diff flange)

  • B110 auto shaft:
  • B210 auto shaft: 1345 mm (53-1/8")
  • B310 auto shaft: 1208 mm (47-3/4" ).

B210 Swap Notes

The 120Y Borg Warner tailshaft has 1 inch u-joints. The BW shaft can be modified to fit the H150 by changing the rear flange to a Series 1 Bluebird one-piece tailshaft. They have the same size uni's & the rear flange fits a H165 diff, so it'll fit the H150. Just:

  • swap the rear flange onto the 120Y tailshaft, along with some new uni's.


  • get the Bluebird tailshaft cut down to length & the A-series front yoke fitted

A10 specs

  • A10 with L20B engine
    • overall length: ~1375 mm
    • ~1245 mm overall from rear flange face to beginning of yoke slip surface

510 (1600) IRS Propeller Shaft Specs

Sedan (2-door/4-door) & Coupe use the same shaft

  • 1082mm (u-joint to u-joint)
  • 63.5 mm Tube OD, 60.3 ID
  • Same bolt spacing for diff flange as H165
  • Diff flange locating spigot different diameter (smaller) to H165

610 (180B) Propeller Shaft Specs

  • End-to-end length 1183.5
  • 1000 mm (u-joint to u-joint)
  • 148.5 (end of yoke to centre of u-joint)
  • 63.5 mm Tube diameter
  • flange: 35mm (from centre u-joint to mating face)
  • Tailshaft for Hardtop and Wagon are 2-piece and I havent bothered entering this information 

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