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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: General Information

Vehicle Identification Number

Also see:
* Chassis numbers
* Body Codes



Starting in 1980, Datsuns for sale in North America were marked with an international-standard VIN number (Vehicle identification number). Prior to 1980, the identification scheme that Nissan used was called the #Car Number.

Australia started using standard VIN for passenger cars January 1992 (Australian Design Rule 61/00 - Vehicle Marking).

You'll find the VIN in these locations:

  • Engine compartment ID plate
  • dash plate, visible through windshield

VIN, based on 1979 & 1980 ISO Standards, was the first international standardized vehicle identification number system. Prior to this, manufacturers used their own system. Nissan called their earlier IDs the "#Car Number". Since the 1981 calendar year, only the standardized VIN has been used in North America and Europe.

N. AmericaManufacturer IdentifierVehicle AttributesModel YearPlant codeManufacturer + chassis number
Int'lManufacturer IdentifierVehicle Descriptor Section (VDS)Model YearPlant codeUnique chassis number


Here is a photo of actual B310 plate:
12224.jpgAlbum 12224
VIN: JN1PB04S2B9259790 (17 digits)
* WMI: JN1
** J: Japan
** N: Nissan
* VDS attributes: PB04S2
** These are manufacturer-specific attributes
** Check digit: 2
* Model year: B - 1981
* #Plant code: 9 - Fujiya
* Chassis no: 259790
24050.jpgAlbum 24050
VIN: JN1PB05S7C7205723 (17 digits)
* WMI: JN1
** J: Japan
** N: Nissan
* VDS attributes: PB05S7
* Model year: C - 1982
* #Plant code: U - Fujiya
* Chassis no: 205723

Car Number

Prior to the 1980 VIN ISO Standard, Datsun used a vehicle identification number they called "Car Number".

174_617e925217b76.jpgPost 496101

The Car Number is stamped onto the engine compartment aluminum ID plate.
12220.jpgAlbum 12220

For more 1200 ID plates from various countries, see Chassis numbers. They all follow a similar format and location.

The plate is located either under the right bonnet hinge or forward of the right strut tower.
174_5d40897c492f8.jpgPost 492035 20108.jpgAlbum 20108

The Car Number is also stamped into the body sheet metal next to the left bonnet hinge. Specifically the cowl top panel is stamped.

Japan Domestic Market

For vehicles manufactured and sold by Japanese manufacturers for domestic use, the international VIN is not adopted but instead the Chassis Number identification scheme was used. They used a combination of the chassis code (B110 or B120/B121/B122) and chassis serial number.

New Style with plant information
20016.jpgAlbum 20016
* Chassis number: VPJC22-202948

This is not an ISO 3779 standard VIN but only a "Chassis Number", a Nissan-specific vehicle identification number. It has a unique serial number but is not in the format of the international VIN.

Plant 4: Aichi Machine
Color 002: white (truck has been repainted)
Trim K: gray
1970s Chassis Number
車台番号 B110-xxxxx
12226.jpgAlbum 12226

Plant Codes

For more details, see VIN on wikipedia.

Oppama test track on commemorative plate

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