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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Categories: Body | Fibreglass

The bonnet (hood) of the Datsun 1200 is a classic design: an elegant flat sheet with a strengthening ridge down the middle. You can use the ridge to aim it down the autobahn. For 1972 japan-market, a new style bonnet was used for all sedans & coupes, including STD, DX, GL and GX.



Original Style
740.jpgAlbum 740 174_57c6189a7befd.jpgPost 480921

1972 JDM
457.jpgAlbum 457

Also see 
Hood Comparison
Front Body Panels Part Numbers
Front Fender and Front End
65100-H1000 1970-1971 ALL
65100-H1000 Van 1972
65100-H3100 Sedan, Coupe 1972

CAUTION: Hoods have the habit of looking great but with a significant spot of damage.
8057.jpgAlbum 8057

Opening the hood

Click this page of the owner's manual for details:

1972 USA Owners manual (Page 21 ... ):

29357.jpg   29362.jpg
Pull the hood lock handle

Fit the hood prop rod like so. It is on the left side (right side of this photo):
7975.jpgAlbum 7975

NOTE: B10's prop rod was on the other side.

Early Bonnet

The type of hood used by all export 1200s (1971-2007), and for all Sunny Trucks.

65100-H1000 PANEL ASS'Y-hood

It was used in Japan as the 1970-1971 bonnet for Japan Domestic Market cars (sedans and coupe).

5271.jpgAlbum 5271 8580.jpgAlbum 8580 GX 16329.jpgAlbum 16329

The hood is 48 inches wide and 36 inches long. It is nearly rectangular but has a 2.25" curve in back, with a corresponding 2.25" peak in front:
11941.jpgAlbum 11941 15301.jpgAlbum 15301

Bracing on underside:
9482.jpgAlbum 9482 13090.jpgAlbum 13090

GX Bonnet

GX 1200s used the same bonnet as STD, DX and GL 1200s.

8580.jpgAlbum 8580

Sedan 1970 Style
16329.jpgAlbum 16329

Sedan 1972 style
8350.jpgAlbum 8350

Late Bonnet

1972 Bonnet

1972 JDM 1200 Sedans and Coupes used a hood with a distinctive chevron-shaped "power boss".
174_620eefbc0e020.jpgbrochure 457.jpgbrochure

All trims — including STD and DX — used this bonnet:

This is sometimes called the "GX Bonnet", but it was fitted to all 1200s trim levels as can be seen in the factory brochure photos above.
752.jpgAlbum 752

65100-H3100 PANEL ASS'Y-hood

If there are any actually available, you'll want to verify it has that specific design, as Nisan may consider the original style a valid replacement part. Let us know what Nissan tells you.

  • 1200 pickup/ute (B120) continued to use the older plain bonnet
  • 1972 Van (wagon) continued to use the old bonnet even while adopting the new 1972 grille

The line just below the Cowl Top Grille differs too:
24193.jpgAlbum 24193 26769.jpgAlbum 26769

3175.jpgAlbum 3175 3177.jpgAlbum 3177 3465.jpgAlbum 3465 9837.jpgAlbum 9837 9032.jpgAlbum 9032 11828.jpgAlbum 11828 17055.jpgAlbum 17055 18820.jpgAlbum 18820 18829.jpgAlbum 18829 18830.jpgAlbum 18830 18840.jpgAlbum 18840 19537.jpgAlbum 19537

24241.jpgAlbum 24241 24242.jpgAlbum 24242 24243.jpgAlbum 24243

Excellent Bonnet

Sunny Excellent 1400 (PB110) bonnet has a sharper peak and is about 50mm longer (4 inches). It is the same with at front, but a bit wider at the rear (implying the fenders are less thick at the rear).

Wider at rear | Underside looks similar with same bracing style
12016_4b6fd214ee4c2.jpgPost 303817 12016_4b6f03faeba92.jpgPost 303733

Hood Latch

The bonnet latch is in two parts and operated by a cable release from inside the cabin. B210/120Y latch differs from B110/1200.

See Main Article: Hood latch

Hood Hinges

65400-H1001 HINGE ASS'Y-hood (R.H.)
65401-H1001 HINGE ASS'Y-hood (L.H.)
65409-H1000 PIN-hinge 2

27169.jpgAlbum 27169 27170.jpgAlbum 27170

Pin Kits

Instead of using the stock latch, you can use racing-style pins.

Nismo 99030-RR120 Pin Kit-Hood Catch
24612.jpgAlbum 24612 24613.jpgAlbum 24613

15464.jpgAlbum 15464 1834.jpgAlbum 1834

Small Parts

Support Rod

65510-H1000 ROD-HOOD SUPPORT 1200, 620.-7808
27289.jpgAlbum 27289

65514-H1000 65514-55W00 CLAMP-ROD,HOOD 1200, B210, 620 (フードクランプ)
25610.jpgAlbum 25610
* sold in quantity 10
* used by 1200, B210, 720, N12, C210, and more

65512-H2500 GROMMET-HOOD SUPPORT ROD B110, 620 フード グロメット 
27288.jpgAlbum 27288

Grommet goes into the core support (the pivoting end of the rod). The hole in the bonnet is non-grommetted
2131.jpgAlbum 2131

Hood Bumper

65806-H1000 BUMPER-HOOD
20107.jpgAlbum 20107 23142.jpgAlbum 23142
Cut on dotted line

Can 620 hood bumpers be adapted?
620_engine_hood_support_rubber_thin.jpg 620_engine_hood_support_rubber_thick.jpg


From April 1985, 1200s were fitted with an under-bonnet fiberglass insulation mat.



65832-F5000 CLIP-INSULATOR (8)
65832-F5000-.jpg 65832-F5000.jpg


USA 1200s have these under-hood stickers

Vehicle Emission Control Information
20394.jpgAlbum 20394 
14994.jpgAlbum 14994 
Inertial Wheel Weight
12230.jpgAlbum 12230 1973

Body Panel Alignment

20846.jpgAlbum 20846 20849.jpgAlbum 20849

Bracing Damage

See main article: Bonnet Brace Repair


Search for hoods at auction

Spectra Fibre
7002.jpgAlbum 7002

カーボン ボンネット

Carbon Fiber original style
24605.jpgAlbum 24605 24606.jpgAlbum 24606

Carbon Fibre 1972 style
24607.jpgAlbum 24607 24608.jpgAlbum 24608 24609.jpgAlbum 24609

FRP (fiber reinforced plastic a.k.a. fibreglas)
862.jpgAlbum 862

Cooling Bonnet
24611.jpgAlbum 24611 24610.jpgAlbum 24610 12679.jpgAlbum 12679

FRP (fiberglass) with cold air induction
9860.jpgAlbum 9860

Side Opening

17740.jpgAlbum 17740 

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