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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Wiring Diagram

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body Electrical System

WARNING: Wire colors can vary by year, model and country. Please double-check the wiring in your Datsun 1200 before connecting parts according to this article. You don't want to burn something up! Use a voltmeter or test light to confirm the circuit behavior. There are even one or two mistakes in the factory diagrams.



Nissan wiring diagrams come in:

Market Differences

Country/Regional Market differences include:

  • Hazard (emergency) Flasher system
    • JDM: Hazard system with single Flasher
    • USA: Hazard system with separate Hazard Flasher and T/S Flasher
    • Export non-USA: No Hazard System (OPTION for later Australia utes)
  • Headlight switch for Australia has two-position dimmer and positions act differently



Datsun 1200 except USA & Canada
dat110_2.jpg 1362 x 1119 (1.4 megapixel)

UK 1200 ?
for manual transmission
22472.jpgAlbum 22472> 1280 x 864 (and blurry)


USA Intro Diagram.
22238.jpgAlbum 22238 1152 x 768


1971 USA, same as or very close to JDM
15962.jpgAlbum click to view 15963.jpgAlbum click to view two pics each 639 x 918 (and blurry)


Minor changes from 1971, mostly additions.
23140.jpgAlbum click to view 23141.jpgAlbum click to view Two-part high res 1519 x 1024

RED: Changes from 1971

  • Automatic Choke and relay
  • dash lamp labeled "IGN" instead of "CHG"
  • ACC circuit added to Ignition Switch (radio and heat glass)
  • Heated Glass added to diagram
  • Heater and switch wired differently

GREEN: New for 1972 emission control for manual transmission vehicles

  • cutting valve solenoid (for TCVAS)

BLUE: Automatic Transmission models only

  • Kick Down switch on gas pedel & solenoid on transmission
  • Inhibit Switch (Park/Neutral switch on transmission)


USA 1973 Manual Transmission
CAUTION: different from 1972-1972, and from non-USA
6823.jpgAlbum click to view 6824.jpgAlbum click to view two pics each 639 x 918 (and clear)

New for 1973

  • anti-diesel solenoid
  • Neutral Switch detect switch
  • Heater illumination
  • seat & retractor switch (?)
  • Ballast resistor deleted (?)
  • Speed switch & throttle opener solenoid (?)


  • "Indicator Lamp" now labled "Indicator Lamp (A/T)"
  • "Heat Glass" hnow "rear defroster"(Canada only) switch & defroster and shows 10A fuse

Changes from 1972

  • Heater and switch wired differently
  • Door switch changed to two-pole with color change from BR to B
    • warning buzzer colors from R to BR
    • warning switch from R to L
  • Wire colors rationalized
    • TCVAS fuse wire color from BW to L
    • Left t/s color body/rear harness (makes it consistent with front harness) from 2nd GB to GR
    • High-beam switch. headlight feed changed to R (from RY) to match headlight switch. High beam out changed to RY from RW to match dash lamp wire color instead of matching headlamp wire color.


1974 Export

For all countries except Japan. The only difference is that the RHD diagram shows an optional ignition switch wiring for Australia.

LB120ST (LHD, Standard, 4-speed) - 1974 Export Pickup Owner's Manual (pages 31):
31.jpg 1024 x 722

B120STU (RHD, Standard, 4-speed) - 1974 Export Pickup Owner's Manual (pages 32):
32.jpg 32-400.jpg 6 megapixel version (3304 x 2328)


1978 Australia 1200 ute
3 parts each 656 x 1280 (Total size 1968 x 1280)
22246.jpgAlbum click to view 22247.jpgAlbum click to view 22248.jpgAlbum click to view 1968 x 1280 (2.4 megapixel)

Other RHD

Differences between 1978 Australia and 1978 other RHD
Horn "Low" is optional in Australia
* standard for other RHD countries.
Transmission switches
* Australia: Spade connectors for Back-up lamp switch
* Other RHD has Round multi-connector to:
** Spade connectors for Top Gear switch 
** Spade connectors for Back-up lamp switch
Other RHD has:
* T/O Cut Solenoid
* Vacuum Cut Solenoid
* Speedometer has speed switch and attached SW amplifier
* Heater is optional 
* Dimmer dash illumination switch
** Has usual six-connector rectangular connector
** Has additional 1-spade wire for Twist Control
** Two-position: Normal and Dim (not continously variable)


Left-hand Drive 1978 B120 has these differences from RHD:

* Cigarette lighter is not illuminated

Otherwise may be identical as far as colors and wires, but presumably the length of many wires differ.


Early B122 [need diagram]

Late B122 Sunny Truck from October 1989
19872.jpgAlbum click to view 19883.jpgAlbum click to view 19884.jpgAlbum click to view 3 x 512x658 (poor scan)

Included in 整備要領書 Service Manual Nissan Sunny Truck 1989 October R-B122 type, R-GB122 type 1989 -- see Repair_Manual#Japanese
th_R-B122.jpg th_R-B122-B.jpg


B210 was the 3rd gen Sunny, marketed as Sunny in Japan, B210 in North America and as 120Y in the rest of the world.


Wiring Diagram for Early Right Hand Drive 120Y Models


 1. Alternator
 2. Regulator
 3,4. Horns
 5. Distributor
 6. Ignition coil
 7. Resistor
 8. Suppressor capacitor
 9. Fuse panel
10. Windscreebn washer
11. Interior lamp
12. Windscreen wiper
13. Heater resistance
14. Heater blower
15. Heater switch
16. Connector
17. Windscreen wiper switch
18, 19. Connectors
20. Stop lamp switch
21. Connector
22. Tachometer
23. Connector
24. Battery
25. Starter motor
26. Reversing lamp switch (manual)
27. Temperature sending unit
28. Oil pressure switch
29. Inhibitor and reversing switch (auto)
30. Kickdown solenoid (auto)
31. R.H. front side direction indicator lamp
32. R.H. parking lamp
33. R.H. direction indicator lamp
34. R.H. headlamp
35. L.H. headlamp
36. L.H. direction indicator lamp
37. L.H. parking lamp
38. L.H. front side direction indicator lamp
39. Radio
40. Ignition switch
41. Horn relay
42. Flasher unit
43. Direction indicator switch
... tbc ...


The first letter of the code represents the main wire color, letters in the code represent the trace color or colors, of the wire.

BLACK        B
BLUE         L
GREEN        G
RED          R
YELLOW       Y
WHITE        W
BROWN        N
ORANGE       O
PINK         K
GREY         S
VIOLET       V
PURPLE       P


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