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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Repair Manual

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: General Information | Emission Control And Tune-Up | Documentation

For all the details, pictures, procedures and accurate information it is a must to get a Repair manual (service or maintenance book). It will pay for itself. The recommend book is a two volume set of Nissan factory service manuals (FSM). Also recommended is to get an original Owners manual. These contains wiring diagrams and specifications for fluids and lubricants. The repair manuals also include detailed troubleshooting guides and pictures or drawings of all repair procedures.


Also see:
* Nismo Catalog
* Parts Catalog


Factory Service Manual

A factory service manual can be purchased for as little as $10 on eBay, though $20 is a more typical price -- they are not rare. The factory service manual (FSM) is in two parts:

  • A12 Engine Service Manual (1971: A10 and A12 Engine)
  • Chassis And Body
    14120.jpg 14121.jpg
  • For 1973, these were combined into one book.

They were published in various editions and revisions by:

  • Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Tokyo [for JDM and USA markets]
  • Nissan Automobile Company (Canada) Ltd.
  • Nissan Motor Co. (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

Not only is the FSM from the designers of the Datsun 1200, but they generally have the most and best photos and diagrams. The other brand of repair manuals usually have reproductions of the Nissan photos, or just drawings, sometimes of poor quality.


  • Nissan Model B120 Series Chassis & Body
    • Publication Number: SM8E-B120G0 Printed March 1984 (06)
    • Printed in Australia
    • AutoTraders


USA Publication Numbers


  • 1973 Combined: 20033
  • 1971/1972 Engine: 20020
  • 1971/1972 Chassis: 20019
  • 1971/1972 Emission: 20027
  • 1972 Automatic Transmission: 20026

Owners manual

  • 1973: 30039
  • 1972: 30035
  • 1971: 30025
These were orderable by Datsun Dealers from
Pendant Industries
P.O. Box 387
Harbor City, Ca. 90710

The dealer was "free to sell, at whatever prices, markups or margins or profit he may choose".


Maintenance manual

  • 整備要領書 Nissan Sunny Truck 1989 October R-B122 type, R-GB122 type 1989
    th_R-B122.jpg th_R-B122-A.jpg th_R-B122-B.jpg

Owner's Manual

Also recommended is to get an original Owners manual. These list general maintenence schedules, capacities, specifications for oils, etc. Owners manuals come up for sale on eBay from time to time. An online manual is here.
6694.jpg th_00_cover.jpg

Owner's manual includes among other things:

  • Gas station information
  • Daily Care
  • Operational guide (e.g. when to shift, towing information, etc)
  • Wiring diagram (some owner's manuals, other's don't)
  • Maintenance schedule

Public Library

The genuine Nissan factory publications are usually in the reference section of the main library, braches don't usually have them.

Or go to your local branch and get one of the following:

  • Chilton Import Cars 1980-1987
  • Clymer Datsun 210
  • Clymer Nissan 210/Sentra
  • Chilton Nissan 210/1200/B210
  • Chilton Datsun B210
  • Haynes Datsun B210

All of these explain how to rebuild an A14 and have specifications. There are tons more, but these are the most common in libraries.

If you are in Australia, look for these:

  • Datsun 1200, Scientific Publications
  • Datsun 120Y, Gregory's
  • Datsun Sunny, Autobooks
  • Datsun 1200, Haynes

Example: Sydney Public Library


Places to get a service manual:

  • Local library. Smaller city libraries can often order the book from the central branch. Larger cities usually have a good selection, perhaps even the factory manauls. For example, the King County Library in WA USA has both the factory manuals, and almost every other brand for the Datsun 1200. They can also order books from the Seattle Public Library, which is even bigger and has Mitchell Emission Diagram books.
  • Local booksellers
  • Amazon (used or new): Datsun 1200 repair manuals on
  • eBay: eBay Datsun 1200 search. These are *not rare* in USA or Australia, so you should be able to get a new or good used one for $5-$10 or less if you are patient and wait for one to become available at that starting price.
  • Online: Nissan A12 Engine Manual (in Spanish)

Repair Manual Brands

Brands: The following publishers make repair manuals specific to the Datsun 1200:

  • Autobooks 753 (by Kenneth Ball) 1000, 1200, 120Y (Autopress, LTD)
    14105.jpg 14106.jpg
  • Autopress (by Kenneth Ball)
    Same contents as Autobook?
  • Bucheli No. 204
  • Datsun 1200 1970-73 Autobook [includes pick-up (B120)] (by Kenneth Ball, Autopress, LTD)
    Comments: Quirky british text
  • Chilton's (many various editions)
    14107.jpg 14108.jpg
    Comments: OK book. Chilton's is the mass-market leader in USA, and their product is a sort of "corporate" repair manual for the mechanic trade. That means there a zillion differing editions, and a good used book trade. On the plus side, they are superior in the general mechanic's information -- very useful for beginners -- i.e. safety, tools explanation (nice photos of tools), tire and spark plug troubleshooting photos. They even have thir own photos of actual parts, supplemented with Nissan drawings. Also instead of a regular (confusing) wiring diagram, they have schematics for invidual circuits -- a nice thing. But it seems they don't love the cars they cover. For example, the 1997 printing covers 1973-1981 (but mysteriously, not 1971 and 1972 models), and sometimes their step-by-steps seem to be missing something. Note that the 1997 edition is printed on low-grade paper.
  • Clymer (many various editions)
    By Alan Ahlstrand
    Comments: Covers 1200 & B210. Early editions have many wiring diagram (e.g. 1978 edition), later editions have none. A fairly good book which looks like it is a repackage of the FSM data (and photos) into a more concise edition, focusing on the repair aspects. Has very good tune-up information.
  • Gregory's (aka Scientific Publications)
    See 'Scientific Publications' below
  • Haynes (many various editions)
    By J.H. Haynes, out of UK
    14111.jpg 2507.jpg
    Comments: 1986 printing has export wiring diagrams (three total). The main advantage over the FSM is that Haynes has organized all procedures into clear step-by-steps. Plus a few charts (including American-UK english word chart) make this a decent book. And of course the famous Terry Davey 'cutaway' drawing on the cover is priceless (NOTE: not all editions have this).
  • InterEurope No. 206
    Comments: A nice-looking book published out of UK. It has interesting british writing, a few tidbits here and there, while "brevity and simplicity" is the stated aim. Lots of charts, export wiring diagram, and an exclusive two-page 'autoservice data chart' suitable for your garage.
  • Leer'M Kennen
  • Motor
  • Nissan (recommended)
    Comments: The best.
  • Paul Davies - 'Tuning Datsuns'
    not a full repair manaul, it may be a racing guide?
  • Paul Young's Datsun Tune-up for Everybody
    Tune-up only, not a full repair manual
  • Peter Russek - Repair Guide
    Comments: Glovebox size!
  • Petersen's Datsun Tune-up & Repair
  • Petersen's The Complete Book of Japanese Cars
  • Petersen's Complete Book of Datsun (1975 and 1977 editions differ)
    Comments: Not a full repair manual, but recommended as 1977 edition has tune-up info, carb tear-down, Datsun history, California Ute, etc.
  • Petersen's "Tuning the Datsun"
    Specs, Carb, tips etc. for 1200, 510 and 240-Z
  • Popular Mechanic's Car Care Guide (covers all Datsuns)
  • Roy Newton - Datsun 1200 Workshop Manual
  • Road Emporer
  • Scientific Publications (SP) No. 87 (aka Gregory's)
    by Murrary Book Distributors Pty Ltd, Sydney
    Comments: A nice book, with unique large photos. Includes reprints of three Wheels magazine "Road Test", two for B10 and one for B110 (four pages total), but no wiring diagram (fourth reprint, 1977). Covers both Datsun 1000 and Datsun 1200 in one book.
  • Vraagbaack, Datsun 1200
  • Others? Please click 'edit' and add it

Introduction Books

  • Vol. 126 Introduction of Datsun 1200 2-door Sedan Model LB110TRU, May 25, 1970 (010210) Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan
  • Vol. 169 Introduction of Datsun 1200 1973 Model Year (K)LB110 Series, July 5, 1972 (010300) Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

Specialty Manuals

There are also some specialty manuals (these are rare):

  • "A look inside the 3N71B Automatic Transmission"
  • "3N71B Automatic Transmission Service Guide"
  • "Collision Estimating Guide, 1971" (National Parts Department, Nissan Motor Co. in U.S.A.)
    14124.jpg view online
  • "Datsun Electrical Service Guide" - Service Department, Nissan Motor Corporation in U.S.A.
  • "Differential Service Guide"
  • "Emission's Analysis, The Datsun Guide to Clean Air"
  • "1200 & 1400 Rally and Race Tuning Manual" (in Japanese), Nissan Motor Co., LTD.
  • "Service Manual B110 Series Rear Axle Borg-Warner Model 60" - Nissan Motor Co. (Aust.) Pty. Ltd.
    14032.jpg Borg Warner 60
  • "Service Manual B210 Series Rear Axle Borg-Warner Model 68" - Nissan Motor Co. (Aust.) Pty. Ltd.
  • "Service Manual Datsun 1200 Model B110 Series Engine Emission Control"
  • "Service Manual Emission Control System For 1972 Year Models" (USA edition, Nissan Motor Co., LTD.
  • "Technical Bulletins for Datsun vehicles, 1978 Edition" (Service Technical Training Department, Nissan Motor Corporation in U.S.A.)
  • Sam's Photofact Auto Radio No. AR-154, covers Audiovox Datsun Sunny 1200 radio model DTN-1200-FM (USA)

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