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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: A-series Engines | User Community | Forced Induction

Our own 1200rallycar twin-turbo'd an A15 to make the world's first A15ETT. It has a 46% power boost on stock internals, showing the strength of forced induction.



2874.jpgAlbum click to view

A15 Before: 52.3 kw (70.1 hp)


Stock apart from a mild cam, 32/36 cam and extractors.
The torque curve tells the classic A15 story pretty well- feels strong from very low revs but runs out of breath over 5000-5500rpm.

A15ETT After: 75.6 kw (101.4 hp)


The HP is up about 46% more than the previous slightly mildly modified A15. However, torque is up a whopping 132% -- no wonder it feels so fast -- it IS fast.


2874.jpg 2875.jpg 2890.jpg 5826.jpg 6094.jpg 6095.jpg 6611.jpg 6612.jpg 7495.jpg

World Recognition

The outlandish proposal to make triple-turbo A15 caught the attention of the "A-Series Sunny Preservation Society" in Japan.


オーストラリアのサイトで面白い写真を見つけました。本人の承諾が取れたので、紹介します。 うけ狙いでここまでやってしまう彼はすごい。しかし、どんな走りをするか知りたいとコメントしている あたりが、全く冗談という訳ではないような......


I found an interesting photo on Australia site. So was able to take the consent of the individual, we will introduce the photo. I would do it aim to receive up to here it is amazing. However, there have been comments that want to know whether it is running, such as not entirely a joke ...

More Information

Click each photo above for more information. Also see the main forum discussions.

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