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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Steering wheel boss kit

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Steering System

Adapter Hubs for aftermarket steering wheels. These hubs bolt to the Datsun 1200 steering column and allow for using many brands of steering wheels.



Only a few Datsun models used the small diameter (14mm taper) steering column shaft, including the B10, B110 & B210. However although the B10 had the same shaft, it used blinker canceling pins that were closer together so this made it unique. The B110 & B210 share the same specs so the hub/boss is interchangeable between these two models.

Most other Datsun models, including the B310, used a larger diameter shaft & the boss for any of these will be too big in the hole to fit the 1200.

Factory steering wheel bolts to this shaft. Or you can bolt a converter hub (boss) to it instead and have your pick of aftermarket wheels 23134.jpgAlbum 23134 19528.jpgAlbum 19528

The back of the stock steering wheel has a built-in hub (1200 GL wheel pictured)


The following vehicles can interchange stock steering wheels as well as use the same boss kit:

  • 1970-1973 B110 Datsun Sunny 1200
  • 1973-1978 B210 Datsun Sunny B210/120Y
  • 1977-1979 S10 Datsun 200SX/Nissan Silvia
  • 1970-1977 C120 Vanette/Sunny Cab
  • 1978-1982 N10 Datsun 310/Nissan Pulsar

These all use the same splines, the some turn signal pins and are also horn-switch compatible.

Wheel Bolt Patterns

Other than a boss that bolts to the 1200 column, consider which Steering Wheels it bolts to:

  • 3 x 1.75" PCD: Grant 3-bolt also APC, Superior (1.515" between hole centers)
  • 5 x 2.75" PCD: Grant 5-bolt
  • 6 x 2.75" PCD: Grant (close enough to use with many 6x70mm wheels)
  • 6 x 70mm PCD: Momo, SPW, Netami, Sparco, Mugen, NRG, OMP
  • 6 x 70mm rotated: Grip Royal
  • 6 x 74mm PCD (M5 bolts): Nardi, Personal
  • 6 x 74mm PCD (M6 bolts): RAID, Dino, Gussi Italia
  • 9-bolt with various PCDs and clocking: LeCarra/Loka, Moto-Lita

Adapters are 10mm to 14mm thick and cost $20-$40 USD.

Grant to Momo steering wheel adapter

For Nardi and Personal (74mm PCD) wheels, a thin adapter can be used to bolt to a 70mm boss. It also rotates the wheel so it will be positioned correctly.

Nardi to Momo steering wheel adapter

Multi-pattern Boss

Multi-pattern boss kits usually support two of the most common types: MOMO type and Nardi type.

MOMO: 6-bolts clocked at 12:00 on a 70mm PCD
Nardi: 6-bolts clocked at 1:00 on a 74mm PCD

27789.jpgAlbum 27789


Horn contact in the steering column rides on the bottom side of the hub
174_5886616078c16.jpgPost 483411 174_588661695962f.jpgPost 483411

With two-wire Horn Button:

  • earth wire
  • Horn trigger wire

With single-wire Horn Button

  • earthed via the screws/fasteners
  • Horn trigger wire

Three-bolt Steering Wheels

3-bolt patterns
Grant:      bolts at 12:00 on a 1.75" PCD
Sparco:     bolts at  6:00 on a    2" PCD (50.8mm)
Motamec:    bolts at  6:00 on a  50mm PCD


Grant 4590 steering wheel installation kit (adapter hub a.k.a "boss kit") will work with APC, Superior, and Grant 3-bolt steering wheels. The kit contains a die-cast hub adapter, horn button (with spring), Grade 5 bolts, and wiring. Fits all Grant Classic Series, Challenger Series and Signature Series Steering Wheels. Use the cancel roll-pins from the original wheel.

27781.jpgAlbum 27781 174_60ecbc4ee070c.jpgPost 174_60ecbc4ee070c

The Grant short boss kit is $38 USD brand new and in-stock readily available from multiple speed shops.

Grant 4590
NOTE: As of January 2012, there are a rash of reports that the Grant 4590 model sold on eBay does not fit the 1200.

The legit Grant 4590 DOES fit. And presumably the version sold by major retailers does too. Beware of eBay listings that say it fits the Datsun 1200 *and* the Datsun 510.
Grant no. 4590 fits
* 1976-1978 F10
* 1976-1978 S10
* 1979-1982 310
* 1974-1978 B210
* 1971-1973 B110
$39 Manufacturer's Suggested List Price (2021)
$36 Summit Racing (2021)
$37 Jegs (2021)
 Post Cover (adapter/column cover) available in:
 * Matte Black
 * Chrome (optional)
No. 470-3592 does *not* fit the 1200, but fits:
* 1970-83 240Z,260Z 280Z
* 1978-85 Nissan pickup 
* 1980-83 Nissan SX200 
* 1979-83 Datsun B310
* 1973-75 Datsun 610 
* 1974-75 Datsun 710

You can also use an adapter ring with 3-bolt Grant bosses to use "universal" Momo/SAAS-style wheels (6 x 70mm PCD with M5 bolts). $30 - $40 USD. With this adapter, it might make the Grant boss kit as tall as some others.

Grant 3-bolt to 6-bolt adapter

Six-bolt Steering Wheels

Handle Boss Sunny B110

ステアリング ハンドル ボス

6-bolt patterns
MOMO:       bolts at 12:00 on a 70mm PCD
Grip Royal: bolts at  1:00 on a 70mm PCD
Grant:      bolts at  1:00 on a 2.75" PCD (69.85mm)
Nardi:      bolts at  1:00 on a 74mm PCD 

HKB Sports

HKB Sports makes perhaps the most popular Datsun 1200 boss kit of all, made in Japan and available in many countries.

HKB ON-10 Sunny search Australia
HKB ON-10 B110
$55 AUD Garage7 in stock 2021 July

174_60ee7b350881d.jpgPost 495608 174_60ee7bc80aefe.jpgPost click for topic

Product of TOEI CO., LTD.

HKB Sports ON-06 fits Datsun 1200 and has a dual-pattern for Momo & Nardi type handles
174_60ee7b4897cce.jpgPost 495608 174_60ee7b56e0196.jpgPost 495608
Also includes the 1200-compatible horn ring and horn wire. It takes the stock cancel pins, so the factory turn-signal works as intended.

UPC 4991138020069
174_60ee7ba128b34.jpgPost click for topic 174_60ee7bb462515.jpgPost click for topic

This boss has the wheel threads built-in, so no need for an 10mm adapter ring.

Package size: 110mm×115mm×115mm


6-bolt #Multi-pattern Boss
TALL type 82mm tall (estimated)

Labeled "OM-10" and a hand-written "S.022" (possibly meaning it is compatible with the #Daikei S-022 part -- however this is a cast boss instead of the steel Daikei part) サニー(B10,B110,B210 シリース)
Sunny (B10, B110, B210 Series)
Silvia (S10)

Note that while it will work with the Datsun B10 (Datsun 1000), the turn-signal cancel pins won't work.
27790.jpgAlbum 27790 27791.jpgAlbum 27791 27792.jpgAlbum 27792

Daikei S.022

6-bolt #Multi-pattern Boss
TALL type 67mm tall

Daikei S.022 Steel Boss (not cast metal) has both Momo and Nardi patterns
27785.jpgAlbum 27785 27786.jpgAlbum 27786

Spline taper type depth 14mm
Spline O.D. 14.8mm

Splines 28
スプライン テーパありタイプ深さ14mm
スプライン 外径 14.8mm
スプライン 山数 28山

OM-10 S.022 ダイケイ (Daikei) generic steel boss
27787.jpgAlbum 27787

Cover: 99mm diameter, 67mm height
TOP ピン?3mm

27788.jpgAlbum 27788
26308.jpgAlbum 26308


#Multi-pattern Boss
TALL boss

N-3 boss kit marked "Tarantula Auto-promotion" (オートプロモーション)
27794.jpgAlbum 27794 27795.jpgAlbum 27795

Includes an S-ring
27793.jpgAlbum 27793

According to the packaging, ERI N-3 also fits "ニューシルビア" (New Silvia) &#91S10]

Shared pattern suits MOMO, Abarth, etc.
27796.jpgAlbum 27796 27797.jpgAlbum 27797 27798.jpgAlbum 27798

Presumably this boss was created to promote the TARANTULA branded steering wheels
27799.jpgAlbum 27799

タランチュラ ハンドル


Nardi and Personal steering wheels use a #6 x 74mm PCD, with the bolts clocked starting at 1:00

Alternatively, you can use:

  • dual-pattern-style hub (universal Momo/Nardi boss kit)
  • or a thin adapter can be used to bolt the 74mm PCD wheel to a 70mm (momo-style) boss

Kit Personal 5310 for B110 (1200) & B210 (120Y)
25464.jpgAlbum 25464 hub-2.jpg hub-3.jpg

Kit Nardi 5310
27782.jpgAlbum 27782 27783.jpgAlbum 27783 27784.jpgAlbum 27784


MOMO boss kits will fit all Steering Wheels with 6 x 70mm (approx. 2.75") bolt pattern (such as MOMO, SPW, Netami, Sparco, Mugen ... etc), approximately 2-6/8" distance between center of both opposite screw holes.

MOMO No. 3504 fits:
* B110 (1200)
* B210 (120Y)
19528.jpgAlbum 19528
MOMO No. 3503 fits:
* Datsun 240Z,  260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, 
* Datsun 510, 610, 810 all yrs
* Datsun/Nissan Trucks up to 1986


$30 including shipping off eBay
174_57940f95e7add.jpgPost 480068


SAAS boss kits suit most sports wheels Including, Saas, Autotecnica, MOMO, Boss, Victor, Oba, Rspeed, and more.

13-BK71L 120Y (B210)
13-BK7BL 1200 (B110)
13-BK8AL B310,510,610,810,910
13-BK8AL 260C
13-BK8BL 240Z, 260Z
13-BK112L 280ZX
13-BK144L 300ZX Australia del. only

Nine-bolt Steering Wheels

9-bolt 3.spoke steering wheel

Use a 9-bolt Formuling or LeCarra to 6-bolt momo adapter.

532.jpgAlbum 532 1886.jpgAlbum 1886

with custom 'DATSUN 1200' cover
6444.jpgAlbum 6444

Slim Boss Kits

Short boss kits are totally worth it to maximize steering wheel to body distance.

Say you are tall and you can't slide the seat back far enough (such as a 1200 ute or 4-dr sedan). You need to wheel close to the dash, and farther away from your body.

Alternatively, consider using a wheel with 'spokes' that are relatively flat, so they don't space the bolt surface back further. Then a regular size hub can be used while still keeping the wheel close to the dash. If you don't like the "flat spoke wheel" looks, then a SHORT boss will allow you to use deep-dish wheels.

A SHORT boss kit also leaves enough room for a quick-release mechanism. These bolt between the hub and the wheel and most space the wheel out 25mm farther.

Short boss kit mean the wheel hits the t/s indicator stalk?

Randoli: i got a boss kit (HKB Sports made in Japan) through disco bob (look him up on this site)and it was about 12mm shorter than the previous one. i find now my knuckles sometimes flick the indicator stalk. i'm 6'2" and the reach is perfect in a standard seat. so how short is too short

Solution: Slightly bend the indicator stalk to the right position. Ring spanner slid down a 1/4 and bend.


datskool110 designed a low-profile boss and was making kits POST and selling on eBay (2013)

Datskool110 SHORT boss kit with multi-pattern adapter ring (arrow)
14333_510a402a1995d.jpgPost 429048 174_60e8c84c41826.jpgPost click for topic 25171.jpgAlbum 25171

Similar/same units were being sold on eBay in 2021. eBay SHORT boss kit with Horn, adapter ring, and fasteners
174_60ecb8a2d9754.jpgPost 495604 174_60ecb912479c1.jpgPost 495604
eBay SHORT boss kit vs others. This boss is not as short when the (required included) adapter ring is bolted on.


Wardman Engineering can custom machine any boss you would like , short , long , big ,small , but they are custom made from billet 6061-t6 so they are a bit more expensive than eBay specials, but you will have the best one for your application discussion

From $150

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