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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Blue Lake 2006

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Meetings

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Blue Lake is the 2nd Datsun-Nissan meet of the Oregon Summer. Canby is in June, Blue Lake in August. This is a more laid-back event than Canby, it is a one day show & shine with a barbecue. Some say it is the best all-Datsun meet in the Pacific Northwest.


Sunday August 12, 2006: Five 1200s showed, 3 sedans and 2 coupes. This year the 2nd Annual Canby meet split us 1200 owners up: six showed at Canby, five at Blue Lake.

POST Discussion & Pics

Five 1200s attended
9853.jpgAlbum 9853

1200 Class Big Trophy Winners (they were big trophies)
9824.jpgAlbum 9824 
1st Place - Silver/Charcoal Coupe
2nd Place - Dark Green 2-dr Sedan


1st Place in 1200 Class — blat's Oregon Flyer
9850.jpgAlbum 9850 9851.jpgAlbum 9851 9995.jpgAlbum 9995

2nd Place in 1200 Class — Sweet green Datsun
9852.jpgAlbum 9852

1200 sporting a B210 GX steering wheel
9848.jpgAlbum 9848

Coupe yellow weber-carbed A12 racer with rollcage, etc.
9849.jpgAlbum 9849 9996.jpgAlbum 9996 9998.jpgAlbum 9998

Gary_P Green 2-dr sedan
9856.jpgAlbum 9856 9999.jpgAlbum 9999

ddgonzal White 2-dr sedan
9857.jpgAlbum 9857

Hitachi Twin Carb A14 in WB310 sport wagon
9858.jpgAlbum 9858

Datsun 620 truck dash (?620 Parts Donor?)
9997.jpgAlbum 9997 

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