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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Ddgonzal's 1200 Sedan

From Datsun 1200 Club

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ddgonzal's Datsun 1200 two-door sedan
6553.jpgAlbum 6553



In 2004 I flew from Seattle down to Oakland, California and drove this little car home.


* 1972 Datsun 1200 LB110 (LHD)
* Sunshine White
* 99% factory stock, even has 12" wheels and tires
* Electronic distributor upgrade for better reliablity

Stock radio & speaker
13444.jpgAlbum 13444 2126.jpgAlbum 2126

Genuine Nissan defrost vent finishers
13445.jpgAlbum 13445

Good dash pad
13439.jpgAlbum 13439 13440.jpgAlbum 13440

13879.jpgAlbum 13879 13880.jpgAlbum 13880 13885.jpgAlbum 13885

Wheel and Tire

It came with stock type radials. I soon changed those out.
16638.jpgAlbum 16638 13446.jpgAlbum 13446

165/55R12 Yokohama A048R on 5x12" slotted mags
13448.jpgAlbum 13448 15098.jpgAlbum 15098

Trunk contents
15097.jpgAlbum 15097


* GX wiper blades
* Wheel & Tires
* B310 center caps
* B210 rear seat
* Coupe front seats
* AM radio -> B11 AM/FM radio
* Electronic ignition B310 -> EDIS -> Sunny Truck


1/4 mile nero

Drag Racing at Portland International Raceway
IMG_2200.JPG IMG_2206.JPG IMG_2312.JPG IMG_2205.JPG

Following White Zombie
13602.jpgAlbum 13602

With datsa73 at Evergreen Speedway
16226.jpgAlbum 16226

1972 Datsun 1200, USA specification (emission controls intact)
Engine: 1171 cc
Gearbox: standard 4-speed
Diff: standard 3.90 ratio
Power: 68 SAE, 48 rwhp
 V I D E O  ddgonzal's EVil Twin VS White Zombie (click to view)
all stock except for:
* electronic ignition
* Shorter, wider tires (165/55-R12)
* about 80 pounds extra weight (toolbox, two spare tires, etc)

19.887 seconds @ 65.17 mph
13599.jpgAlbum click to view

Version 1.0

My first car was a Datsun 1200 2-door Sedan. In November 1981, I was a senior in high school and my dad called up and said he had bought me a car. He drove it up from San Francisco, a distance of 721 miles. The 1200 was 10 years old and only had 56,000 miles. I put an additional 200,000 miles on that 1200.

However, it needed some suspension work, so he gave me $400 cash, which was enough to fix it and buy the first year of insurance. The right front tire would rub on the wheel wheel every time the brake was applied. The local alignment shop had to replace the right LCA.
28771.jpgAlbum 28771

`1984: Columbia River | Home
5909.jpgAlbum 5909 24143.jpgAlbum 24143

1972 Datsun 1200
* A14 engine
* 5-speed 60A
* 13" wheels
* power windows
* blackout bumpers

Ice machine, during a rare ocean-side freeze. I lived on the Pacific ocean
21766.jpgAlbum 21766 24144.jpgAlbum 24144 20933.jpgAlbum 20933 24145.jpgAlbum 24145 124.jpgAlbum 124

Pacific Ocean salt air takes it's toll (1990s)
1879.jpgAlbum 1879 1880.jpgAlbum 1880 1881.jpgAlbum 1881 1904.jpgAlbum 1904 1882.jpgAlbum 1882

8317.jpgAlbum 8317 9056.jpgAlbum 9056 12228.jpgAlbum 12228 7795.jpgAlbum 7795

I salvaged the Power Windows
1915.jpgAlbum 1915

Version 2.0

2002-2005 ... searching for a new 1200. I looked the Alderwood 1200 but thought it too rusty
2026.jpgAlbum 2026

I saw this local 1200 once but never spotted it again ...
766.jpgAlbum 766

I looked at BiggC2/Icehouse's 1200 but passed on it (POST Gary_P bought it and fixed it)
1479.jpgAlbum 1479

I wanted one nicer than this Olympia mobile
1989.jpgAlbum 1989

3-years of searching, found one in California, 800 miles away
2124.jpgAlbum 2124

August 2003 - POST Driving it North
2119.jpgAlbum 2119 2120.jpgAlbum 2120 2125.jpgAlbum 2125

at Mount Shasta
2121.jpgAlbum 2121

Finally at home in Washington State
2870.jpgAlbum 2870 9587.jpgAlbum 9587 9847.jpgAlbum 9847 9989.jpgAlbum 9989 13030.jpgAlbum 13030 13257.jpgAlbum 13257

Columbia River, 2007
13885.jpgAlbum 13885

Car Shows

I attended many of the Pacific Northwest shows.

Golden_Gardens#2006_Recap in Seattle, Washington

Blue Lake 2004 in Oregon
3993.jpgAlbum 3993 4001.jpgAlbum 4001

Canby 2005 (Canby, Oregon)
6789.jpgAlbum 6789 6790.jpgAlbum 6790

Canby#2006 Photos
9119.jpgAlbum 9119
9120.jpgAlbum 9120 9140.jpgAlbum 9140

Blue Lake 2006
9824.jpgAlbum 9824 9853.jpgAlbum 9853 9857.jpgAlbum 9857

Canby#2007 Photos
13159.jpgAlbum 13159 13879.jpgAlbum 13879

Canby 2008 tire blowout (450 mile trip)
16486.jpgAlbum 16486


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