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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Propeller Shaft

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Category: Propeller Shaft And Differential Carrier

Datsun 1200 used two types of Propeller Shaft, the early type with replaceable U-joints and the later version with non-replaceable joints. The propeller shaft is commonly called the "driveshaft" or "tailshaft".



9469.jpgAlbum 9469

Top: Flange end, which bolts to the differential. Nissan calls this the "Flange Yoke"
7474.jpgAlbum 7474
Bottom: Sleeve Yoke end (aka Slip Yoke), which slips into the tail of the transmission

Datsun 1200 used two types of Propeller Shaft:

If your tailshaft has snap rings (C-shaped circlips) holding the U-joints in, they may or may not be "replaceable". Special U-joints are available for "non-replaceable" shafts.

Automatic driveshaft/tailshaft assembly differs from Manual Transmission. Automatic transmissions are 15mm shorter than a standard transmission, so the automatic shaft slip yoke is 15mm longer. The slip yoke is the part that is different. The shaft and rear flange are identical for the two different length shafts.

H145: 36 x 50 mm bolt holes. 38mm inner circle
19859.jpgAlbum 19859

See Propeller Shaft Swaps for:
* Part Numbers
* Specifications, including length
* Swap information


Longbed ute drive shaft = 2 piece
Shortbed ute driveshaft = 1 piece (same as sedan)

1200 pickup (B120) long bed
12374.jpgAlbum 12374


* B210 with H145 Differential uses the same tailshaft
* B210 with H150 diff use different shaft
* B120 with H165 differential (PB210) 
  *may* be same as B310 two-piece shaft (?)
* Longbed Trucks use a 2-piece tailshaft


1334mm manual/transmission (with H145 diff)
1349mm auto/transmission

174_5b78d3a88b480.jpgPost 489264


It will help to park the car on a slight downhill slope. This will prevent gearbox oil from leaking out when the shaft is removed. Or you could obtain a plug ahead of time.

Use a 12mm ring spanner on the nuts. Jam a long screwdriver in the u-joint to keep it from turning.

If necessary, use a length of pipe over the spanner to give it more leverage. It will come loose. Or you could do this using two combo wrenches interlocked to get more leverage:

Once the fasteners have been removed, use a screwdriver to work it off the differential flange. Grab the driveshaft with both hands, and pull it straight out of the transmission. Be sure to support the shaft: dropping it can unbalance it, and letting it hang off the end of the gearbox can damage the gearbox seal.


When reinstalling, do not overtighten the nuts. They are just little M8 nuts, so a little torque is all that is required.

The Haynes Repair manual says:

The propeller shaft is carefully balanced to fine limits and it is important that it is replaced in exactly the same position it was prior to removal. Scratch marks on the propeller shaft and rear axle flanges to ensure accurate mating when the time comes for reassembly.

This is stock wording that's in all the Haynes manuals, even though Datsun already have a precision balanced shaft.

Also see: Vibration

Parts Numbers


Shaft Assembly - Manual
37000-H1001, 37000-H1000 4-speed 56 to 0872
37000-H3100, 37000-H1011 4-speed 56 from 0973
37000-H3100 4-speed 56 from 0373
* Same as B210 with H145 diff
* "Shell" type (non-replaceable U-joints)
37000-H3100 B210 with H145 (to '74-8) except GX
Shaft Assembly - Automatic
U-joints Assembly
37125-H1025, 37125-18025
Slip Yoke
37111-18001 manual
37111-20300 automatic
Flange (that bolts to H145 differential)
37117-18000 (30mm from center of u-joint to end of flange)




Long Body 1200 Truck
16731.jpgAlbum 16731

37521-Y0125 BEARING KIT-CENTER 7510-9204
* Also fits Sunny, 610/710/810, 200SX
37521-W1025 BEARING KIT-CENTER 9204- $146.58
* 1986-1997 D21 Pickup (4x2 Navara/Hardbody/Hustler/Camiones)
* 1998-present D22 Pickup (4x2 Navara/Frontier/Terrano)
* 1979- Cedric 430
* 0781- Datsun 910 Maxima L24E+LD28 USA
* 1083-0786 Nissan S12 200SX CA18ET+CA20E USA
27035.jpgAlbum click to view 16205.jpgAlbum click to view
Timken 206FF Ball Bearing $11.50
Timken HB6 Hanger Bearing Assembly $64.79
* Ball Bearing
* Bore=1.1811"
* Outer Diameter=4.3315"
* Width=2.089"
37525-P0101, 37525-W1010 CUSHION-CENTER BEARING [included in Bearing Kit] $12.63
* 0780- 910 L24E+LD28 USA
* 0886- B12 4WD.E16I+4WD.GA16I USA
* 0885- M10 (FED.S+CAL.S).4WD.CA20E.MT+4WD.CA20E.AT+FED.V.CA20E USA
* 0179- S110 Z20E+Z22E USA
* 0185- S12 CA18ET+CA20E+VG30E USA
* 0788- S13 KA24E+KA24DE USA 

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