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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

GX brochures

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Documentation

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Grand Luxury twin carb (GX) was the top of the line for Datsun 1200. Both 4-door sedan and Coupe were offered in GX Trim.



Oh! GX

174_5c513c106edd2.jpgBrochure 174_5c53fdfd37f82.jpgBrochure

1970 Sunny 1200 GX

26952.jpgbrochure 26953.jpg 27189.jpg 27190.jpg 174_5cda6e9a83a81.jpg 27191.jpg 27188.jpg 27445.jpg 26951.jpg

1971 GX 1200s

22560.jpgbrochure 22561.jpg 22562.jpg 22563.jpg 22564.jpg 22565.jpg 22566.jpg 22567.jpg 25826.jpg

Other Documents

Instruction Manual Sunny GX & GX Coupe 1971, 50 pages


NISSAN INFORMATION Datsun Sunny 1200GX Series (1970)



GX-5 was a Japan-market offering exclusive. And only for 1972.

Coupe Sedan GX

13481.jpgbrochure 27777.jpg 27776.jpg 26621.jpg 26622.jpg

Memorabilia Bag

Carry your brochures in this bag:
pb1.jpg pb2.jpg

Other 1972 brochures showing GX5

25661.jpgFacelift Coupe 22548.jpgGirl 12777.jpgSunny Lineup 8881.jpgBlue sedan 22553.jpg1200 Couple

New GX

2-page leaflet color side: Bluebird-U, black/white side: New Sunny GX 新発売 感じるクルマDATSUN SUNNNY 1200 GX
1200cc83ps・最高??160キロ ・0-400m 16.7秒(2人乗車) ・SU型ツインキヤブレター・??4?フロアシッフト・前線ヂスクブレー・ヂュアルエキゾースト・日産自動車????

1972 GX5 advert "New GX5" 自信満々GX5
27187.jpgAlbum click to view 27463.jpgAlbum click to view

New GX5

新登場 -- DATSUN Sunny 1200 GX5 New -- DATSUN Sunny 1200 GX5
27701.jpgAlbum click to view 27702.jpgAlbum click to view 27703.jpgAlbum click to view




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