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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Nissan Brochures

From Datsun 1200 Club

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In-house dealer newsletter

1971.12 number 99 - emporer visits Nissan exhibit at 18th Tokyo Motor Show, Christmas/New Years article, Letters from Datsun Users, Societe Richard, Okinawa, Denmark
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Okinawa Salesmen Earn Tokyo Trip

In early November a group of 14 top Datsun salesmen if Okinawa were awarded a visit to Tokyo. They were selected from leading dealers following the successful results of the "Sunny Summer Bonus Sale" campaign. The salesmen each average sales of 12 Datsun 1200s per month during the sales campaign.

The visiting group was headed by Mr. G. Arakaki, executive vice president of Nissan Sunny Okinawa Sales Company [日産サニー沖縄販売株式会社] which has its main

[photo caption: Okinawa Datsun Dealers pose at the main entrance of head office]

office in the capital city of Naha. The visitors paid a call at Nissan's Head Office in Tokyo and also attended the Tokyo Motor Show among other activities during their one-week trip.

1972 Tokyo Motor Show


Nissan's Rotary engine!!

1972 October: 19th Tokyo Motor Show, Sunny Excellents were fitted with the Nissan rotary.

1973 Tokyo Motor Show


 V I D E O  showing Gloria, 610, 260Z, KB210 (click to view)

Nissan's 1973 Motor Show brochure (16 pages)

2-3 Fairlady Z 2600 2+2

4-5 Nissan Technology
Capturing the future of people and cars

NVCC, catalytic converter/EGR/AIS system (first look at NAPS), Rotary Engine, Nissan ESV
26403.jpgAlbum click to view

6-7 Nissan Store: G610 Bluebird 2000 GTX, 710 Violet, President, Bluebird, Bluebird sedan, Violet Hardtop, Violet sedan, Fairlady Z, Datsun Truck, Commercial vehicles (wagons, trucks, Patrol)

8-9 Motor Store: Cedric, Laurel + commercials (Homy, Cedric van, Cabstar truck, Junior truck, bus)

10-11 Sunny Store: 1200 sedan, 1200 Coupe, 1400 sedan, 1400 Coupe, Van 1200, Truck 1200

12-13 Cherry Store: Cherry Coupe, Cherry sedan, Cherry van, Violet Hardtop, Violet sedan, Cherry Cab

14-15 Prince Store vehicles: Gloria 2600, C210 Skyline, Skyline Hardtop, Skyline sedan, Skyline van, Homer Clipper,

16 back cover

1973 Motor Show
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1973 Brochure Closeup | display photos
nissan_wankle.jpg 26402.jpgAlbum click to view 26401.jpgAlbum click to view

1975 Tokyo Motor Show


Nissan World

174_5ccab39c2f152.jpgBrochure 27687.jpgBrochure

71 Nissan

'71 Nissan (12pp) 2130cm
B11071range12pp.jpg B11071range12pp2.jpg

1971 Guide

A Guide To Nissan, 44pp 8.5x11

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Nissan '72/3


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