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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Instruction Manual

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Category: Documentation


In Japan there is the Datsun Sunny 1200 取扱説明書 (translated as User's Guide or Instruction Manual). It has similar sections to the English language Owners manual, but goes into far more detail and has actual photos instead of the drawn figures of the english version.



Different from the dry technicality of western owner's manuals, in the the User's Guide a young lady teaches with photographs everything from how to listen to the radio to how to change a tire, it is a very polite and hands-on instruction manual

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B110 サニー 取扱説明書



#1972 Van



#1972 Facelift

26370.jpg pride_of_17-img600x450-1305368388rdusb884250.jpg IM.jpg

Service Dial

A binder for keeping all your service-related documents.

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Clarion (radio) service station list & Nissan Elephant Oil
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Securities warranty 保証証券
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Automobile inspection certificate 自動車検査証
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back page of User's Guide & Inspection
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Nissan Service Network Details

Nissan Service
Any time any place Nissan service
Nissan Jidousha
Service Network-Details

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B110-era version
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Nissan Service
日産自動車Nissan Jidousha
日産プリンス自動車販売Nissan Prince Jidousha Sales
サニー???Sunny ???
日産デイディーセル販売Nissan Diesel Sales [UD logo]
愛知機械販売Aichi Machine (Cony) Sales
日本石油Nippon Oil [Nippon Oil and Caltex logos]
Afiliated Logos
出光興産Common Oilblue circle, red dot
共同石油 Idemitsu Kosan petroleumhead in circle
SHELLRoyal Dutch Shell oilshell
丸善石油Maruzen Oilbird

Datsun 1000 version
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N Nissan Service
  President, Cedric
  Bluebird, Fairlady, Silvia
  Nissan Truck
  Junior, Caball
  Datsun Truck, Cablight
S Nissan Sunny Service
  Sunny 1000
P Nissan Prince Service
  Skyline GT
  Clipper, Miler
Table of contents
page 1 北海道地方 Hokkaido region 
page 5 東北地方 Tohoku region
page 10 関東地方 Kanto region
page 27 中部地方 Chibyu region
page 38 近畿地方 Kinki region
page 47 中国地万 Chugoko region
page 52 四国地万 Shikoku region
page 53 九州地万 Kyushu region

Hokkaido - Asahikawa district
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page 59 Kyushu - Kagoshima Prefecture
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取扱説明書 - Instruction Manual 全52ページ(表紙含まず) 昭和46年8月発行 21x15 cm (A5 size)
2200.jpgAlbum click to view 174_5a4b108bcdf51.jpgPost click for topic

Table of Contents
Quality assurance and service
Driving device 
Starting the engine
Handling of full automatic car
How to use the switch
How to read the meter
Body parts
Indoor ventilation and heating
Operation of Radio
Inspection before going out
Replacing tires
How to tow

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1970 Van 取扱い説明書 (Instruction Manual), 昭和45年12月 44 pages, 15x21cm
26369.jpgAlbum click to view VAN_im-2.jpg VAN_im-3.jpg

1972 Van

Here is the user's guide for 1972 facelift van.

11132.jpgAlbum click to view

DATSUN Sunny 1200 Van 取扱説明書
174_5a4af188d5589.jpgPost click for topic 174_5a4af19614847.jpgPost click for topic

back cover 日産自動車株式会社 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
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1970 Datsun Sunny coupe.coupe GL, 53 pages
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1970_coupe_im-2.jpg 1970_coupe_im-3.jpg


1971 DATSUN Sunny 1200 GX & COUPE 1200 GX (50 pages) 1971 February 日産自動車サービス部技術資料課 (Nissan Service Department Technical Information Division), 21 x 14.7cm
25703.jpgAlbum click to view 27460.jpgAlbum click to view

1972 Facelift

1972 Facelift Sedan, 取扱い説明書- 48 pages, 15x21 cm
22535.jpgAlbum click to view 1972-2.jpg sunny1200-2.jpg

Table of Contents
Quality assurance and service
Driving device 
Starting the engine
Handling of full automatic car
How to use the switch
How to read the meter
Body parts
Indoor ventilation and heating
Operation of Radio
Inspection before going out
Replacing tires
How to tow


Truck, 1971 昭和46年 ニッサンダットサン サニートラック1200取扱説明書, 14.8 20.9 cm 33ページ
26370.jpgAlbum click to view 26371.jpgAlbum click to view 26372.jpgAlbum click to view

1975 H-B120 with NAPS 34pp
pride_of_17-img600x450-1305368388rdusb884250.jpg pride_of_17-img600x450-13053683891xh8tv84250.jpg pride_of_17-img600x450-1305368389i9hwzc84250.jpg

With maintenance log books

c.1994 取扱説明書 Nissan Sunny Truck Instruction Manual
IM.jpg IM_.jpg


1971 May

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Table of Contents
Quality and service
 4 Operation system
 6 Starting the engine
11 Handling of the Nissan
14 Using the switch
15 View of the meter
18 Body parts
27 Heating and ventilation
30 Working with radio
32 Outing before the inspection
40 replacing the tires
44 how to tow
45 specifications

page 2 models (continued)
page 3 Table of Contents
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page 8 Light Switch, Dimmer Switch
page 9 Turn signal, Backup lamp, 4-way flasher Switches
174_5c2c28d986904.jpgPost click for topic
page 14 Engine, choke
page 15 Meter views
174_5c2c28e1158fc.jpgPost click for topic
page 18 Door locks
page 19 Bonnet & Trunk Open, Close
174_5c2c28e7bc138.jpgPost click for topic
page 22 Seat belt, Sun visor, Inside back mirror
page 23 Cigarette lighter
174_5c2c28edb7869.jpgPost click for topic
page 26 Door Open, Close
        Door glass & Side window Open, Close
        Door ventilator Open, Close
page 27 Ventilator
174_5c2c28f3dec56.jpgPost click for topic
page 34 Engine Room (oil & radiator levels)
page 35 Brake & Clutch pedal inspection
        Fan Belt & Battery terminal Checks
174_5c2c28fb32685.jpgPost click for topic
page 36 Window washer Checks
page 37 in-car Checks
        Handle (steering wheel)
        Foot brake, Hand brake
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page 40 Jack, Spare Tire Changing
page 41 Wheel cap, Wheel nut
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1972 March

1972.3 48 pages
28150.jpgAlbum click to view 28151.jpgAlbum click to view 28152.jpgAlbum click to view 28153.jpgAlbum click to view 

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