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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body

Datsun 1200 grilles vary between Coupe and Sedan. The Sedans used a stainless steel grille, while Coupes used a sporty plastic type. Wagons and early utes used the sedan grille, while newer utes use a coupe-like plastic grille. In Japan, the sedan grille changed for 1972.



#Stainless Grille: Sedan, Wagon & 1971-1978 ute
1205.jpg 20857.jpg

#Facelift Grille (1972 JDM Sedan & South Africa sedans)
752.jpg 20855.jpg

#Coupe Grille (black headlight surrounds)
10813.jpg 20858.jpg

#1978-1989 Ute Grille (silver headlight surrounds)
18736.jpg 20856.jpg

#Late Sunny Truck/Bakkie Grille (1989-2007)
18573.jpg 16759.jpg

#Sunny Excellent Grille
pbg0.jpg pbg.jpg

Stainless Grille

Early sedan grille
20857.jpgAlbum 20857

See Main Article: Sedan Grille

Sedan grille "D" and "S" emblems
917.jpgAlbum click to view 6001.jpgAlbum click to view

Plastic Grilles

20861.jpgAlbum 20861
1. Silver headlamp surrounds (#mid-model ute)
2. Black headlamp surrounds (#coupe GX)
3. With Silver center strip (#coupe non-GX)
Black headlight surrounds: (#coupe)
1741.jpgAlbum 1741
Silver headlight surrounds: Mid #Pickup (1978-1989)

Emblems: Rectangular for pickup, Round for coupe
26382.jpgAlbum 26382

Coupe Grille

See Main Article: Coupe_Grille

GX Coupe | DX/GL Coupe
8580.jpgAlbum 8580 3918.jpgAlbum 3918

Sunny Truck Grille

Early Truck

1971-1977 Sunny Truck/ute/bakkie used the stainless Sedan Grille.
15804.jpgAlbum 15804 736.jpgAlbum 736

Mid-Model Truck

1978-up Truck/ute/bakkie. This grille looks nearly identical to the Coupe grille, except:

  • Silver headlight surrounds (coupe has black surrounds)

stg3.jpg stg2.jpg
16656.jpgAlbum 16656 5720.jpgAlbum 5720

  • Rectangular center emblem (Coupe is round)
  • Emblem screws have horizontal arrangement (Coupe is diagonal)

Coupe or Ute grille accepts both emblems

Coupe emblem - screws arranged diagonally
16678.jpgAlbum click to view 19630.jpgAlbum click to view stg1-x.jpg

Pickup emblem - screws arranged (nearly) horizontally
sun-3.jpg stg1_.jpg

385.jpgAlbum 385

To fit a Plastic grille to an early ute or sedan, add these tabs:
21713.jpgAlbum 21713

Square Headlight Truck

See Main Article: Square Light Grille
From October 1989
* JDM Sunny Truck (late B122)
* South Africa bakkie (B140)

Facelift Grille

For 1972, Japan-model 1200s received a minor facelift.


Coupe continued to use the original grille during the 1972 facelift. Only the badges were changed.


See Main Article: Sedan Grille, Facelift


Late JDM grille + intricate "S" grille emblem
457.jpgAlbum click to view 752.jpgAlbum 752

Customized Grilles

12785.jpgAlbum 12785

Blackout center ornament
24625.jpgAlbum click to view

120Y grille
174_55ea1becdb6be.jpgPost 471955

10528.jpgAlbum 10528

Chrome highlights
26395.jpgAlbum 26395

20646.jpgAlbum 20646

Ɛ̃fini emblem (a.k.a. Mazda Efini badge/infini) 1991-1997
10210.jpgAlbum 10210

Kustom grille
11725.jpgAlbum 11725

Color Matched
2099.jpgAlbum 2099 2100.jpgAlbum 2100

D21 Style

Bprojects Nissan D21 style grille on Datsun 1200 truck
8772.gifAlbum 8772

  • D21 was marketed as "DATSUN truck" is Japan
  • D21 was marketed as "Nissan Hardbody" in North America
  • D21 was marketed as "Navara" in much of ROW (rest of world)

D21 Hardbody minor update 1993-1997
400px-Nissan-Hardbody.jpgWIKI go to Wikipedia

JDM look

Coupe-grille with custom insert
5859.jpgAlbum 5859 6761.jpgAlbum 6761 7497.jpgAlbum 7497 16539.jpgAlbum 16539 9956.jpgAlbum 9956 9955.jpgAlbum 9955 grille.jpg

Facelift custom
10195_4d39306f36cd5.jpgPost 354127


2843.jpgAlbum 2843 7061.jpgAlbum 7061 15945.jpgAlbum 15945

Datrotor: Made up my own mirror finish stainless grill that deffenetly is a 1off.every single bolt that isn't hi tensile has been mirror polished finish and is all stainless
D24072E4-2A90-459A-B283-0524CDAE5C9B-2750-0000029234EC224E.jpgPost click for topic D7822A8C-D64F-42CF-9EAA-5F02EE2BF7FF-2750-00000291C170DCDC.jpgPost click for topic 3bcf07cd.jpg

Blackout Grille

Coupe/Ute grille painted black
3972.jpgAlbum 3972 15846.jpgAlbum 15846 22270.jpgAlbum 22270 12784.jpgAlbum 12784

Square Eye Retrofit

rectangular headlights - dual or quad

See Main Article: Square Light Grille

824.jpg 15589.jpg 7718.jpg 24646.jpg


Aluminum Slat
174_549787fb031b9.jpgPost 461992

174_54978870025dd.jpgPost 461992 26394.jpgAlbum click to view 174_54978883e992b.jpgPost 461992

GDM Style

Jetta A2 headlights (1984-1992) retro-fitted a 1200 -- for the GDM look
7718.jpgAlbum 7718 7688.jpgAlbum 7688 germany119.jpg

8584.jpgAlbum 8584

Hahaha.jpg MB5.jpg

VW Caddy look (see post for more pics)
174_56d798f9ac013.jpgPost 476836 5668.jpgAlbum 5668

Bimmer E30 datsunb120
fgjfgj435.jpgPost click for topic 103_0143.jpgPost click for topic


Each grile type has unique mounting variation.

A plastic grill will not bolt in place of a sedan grille and vice-versa.
24815.jpgAlbum 24815 24814.jpgAlbum 24814

Ditto for round vs square headlight grilles.

The four Datsun 1200 grille types and their mount points
18436.jpgAlbum 18436

* Sedan Grille Mounting
  19558.jpgAlbum click to view
* Coupe Grille Mounting
  19571.jpgAlbum click to view
* Coupe Grille in Sedan: add the missing brackets.
* Sedan Grille in late Sunny Truck
* Coupe Grille in late Sunny Truck
  20859.jpgAlbum click to view

For a late Sunny Truck with square headlights, you also need to fit round headlights. See Converting

16511.jpgAlbum 16511


* 123 x 22 x 10 cm box


PB110 Sunny Excellent Grille
174_61de5fe583b3f.jpgPost 496430 174_61de88f81f378.jpgPost 496433

GX with fog lamps

DX, GL without fog lamps
1985.jpgAlbum 1985 174_61de88ea649cb.jpgPost 496433

174_61de890226af7.jpgPost 496433 1533.jpgAlbum 1533

62302-H2525 GRILLE-radiator (gray) DX, GL
62302-H2725 GRILLE-radiator (dark gray) GX
62310-H2525 MASK-fog lamp, with screw 2 DX, GL

Grille with fog lamps/delete plates unbolted
174_61de5f4c1bd2b.jpgPost 496430

18843.jpgAlbum 18843

Masks (foglamp delete plates) comes with the DX/GL grille
174_61de5f6687837.jpgPost 496430174_61de82424a18a.jpgPost 496431

On the back of the grille are two brackets that look like the 1200 sedan grille mounting brackets. On the 1400 these are actually the fog lamp brackets (#8 in the parts diagram)
174_61de83336abd5.jpgPost 496432 174_61de8340736f9.jpgPost 496432 174_61de834d377f7.jpgPost 496432 174_61de83572c465.jpgPost 496432

62321-H2500 BRACKET ASS'Y-fog lamp (L.H.) 
62320-H2500 BRACKET ASS'Y-fog lamp (R.H.)

This grille is missing the metal fog lamp brackets and lower grille bracket
174_61deabec246c7.jpgPost 496434 174_61deac212bfa7.jpgPost 496434 174_61deac4ddbf43.jpgPost 496434 174_61deabd0cab5c.jpgPost 496434 174_61deabe0ddbe2.jpgPost 496434 174_61deac6142702.jpgPost 496434

PB110 Custom

PB110 sedan retrofitted with chromed B110 Coupe grille. The chrome matches nicely with the PB110 corner lights
U00017593481_10_001.jpg U00017593481_18_001.jpg U00017593481_1_001.jpg U00017593481_16_001.jpg

Photo Index

See Main Article: Grille Photo Index


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