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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Parts Sources

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: General Information | Parts Suppliers

Parts Sources: Where to Get Parts for Datsun 1200s.

Use the Search box (below, bottom of this page) to find specific part numbers and suppliers.



Following is extra-notable companies that famously make parts for Datsun 1200s.


Buy parts from the original designers of the Datsun 1200. See Nissan Parts for a brief overview.

See the information below about ordering from your local Nissan dealer.

Or from the competition parts division of Nissan: They mostly do mail-order but are located in Burbank, California. A-series parts

  • oil pans, camshafts, head gaskets - composition and metal, lightweight lifters, oversize lifters, headers (extractors)

In Japan, Nissan dealers don't sell parts. Instead, go to a regional Nissan Parts Business. If you speak or write Japanese, you may be able to order parts by mail order. Nissan Parts Business (various locations). Don't go to a new-car dealer. Have your part numbers written down before you arrive.


In USA, most 1200 parts will need to be ordered.

These are the parts likely to be in stock at a Nissan dealer:

  • Air filter
  • PCV Valve
  • Oil pressure sender
  • Water Temperature Sender
  • Wiper blade
  • Wheel stud
  • Carburetor Repair Kit
  • Clutch pedal pad
  • Clutch Pilot Bushing
  • Clutch Pressure Plate
  • Release Bearing
  • Radiator Drain Plug Gasket
  • Radiator Cap
  • Thermostat
  • Water Pump
  • Accessory Drive Belt (fan belt/alternator belt)
  • Rear Wheel Bearing Kit bearing + collar
  • Rear Wheel Bearing Retainer
  • Rear Wheel Seal
  • Alternator
  • Distributor Cap
  • Distributor Rotor
  • Ignition Condenser
  • Ignition Points
  • Spark Plugs
  • Starter?
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Crankshaft Seal?
  • Oil Drain Plug Gasket
  • Oil Filter
  • Valve Cover Gasket
  • Fuel Filter
  • Idler Arm Bushing
  • Ignition Switch (electrical switch which bolts to key lock)
  • Automatic Transmission Filter Kit
  • Transmission Countershaft Bearing
  • Differential Bearing
  • Wheel Bearing
  • 4B100-38258 Room Lamp bulb
  • Miscellaneous lamp bulbs
  • Misc fasteners, bolts and nuts


Cusco makes LSD, Camber plates, and coilovers, etc

See main article: Cusco


See main article: Tomei



See main article: Pitroad

Part Suppliers

General Tune-up Parts

Virtually all parts suppliers (including Nissan and your local auto parts store) carry tune-up parts for Datsun 1200s: Oil filter, Air filter, PCV filter, fuel filter, PCV valve, Spark plugs (sparking plugs), spark plug wires (leads), Coil, points and condensor, distributor rotor and cap.

For online vendors, try:


They also carry standard parts, which are not specific to Datsun: Battery, headlights (standard 2-headlight units), dome lamp, dash lamps, turn-signal and parking lights, Turn-signal "flasher" unit, fuses, Oil, Wheel bearing grease, Automatic Transmission fluid, Transmission lube, differential lube, antifreeze (coolant)

Parts Interchange

Many parts from B210 and B310 fits our 1200s. See:

Local Nissan Dealer

You know the quality is right, because Nissan designed the Datsun 1200.

Your local Nissan dealer still carries (or can order) a surprising number of useful 1200 parts. It's surprising because most of the rare-to-start-with parts (like complete axle assemblies) became NLA long ago.

NLA means "No Longer Available"

Many parts are still available from the Nissan dealer, but you need to find a dealer that knows the part numbers. If you are serious about new parts, give Ericksen Nissan in Edmonton, AB Canada a call at 800-661-3966 or 780-429-4611.

The parts still available are often Japan-market or european-market 1200 parts -- and not in the USA catalog. But they'll fit a USA 1200 with little or no modification.

Japan Mail Order

See Autoworks Magazine for latest advertisements.

  • Aoba Auto -- The Sunny Truck Shop, Yokohama. clear lights, mirrors, Tachometers, new grilles, hi-peformance parts, 5-speeds, emblems
  • Matsuoka M, Yokohama. Tachometers, new grilles, hi-peformance parts, emblems

Local parts Stores

  • NAPA Auto Parts carries staples: engine parts, suspension parts, tune-up parts etc.
  • Pretty much any store that carries auto parts has tune-up parts for Datsun 1200.
  • In Australia, Repco is not recommended for finding Datsun parts. Super Cheap being less expensive, and reportedly more helpful.
  • Supercheap
  • Australian Auto Accessories - mirrors, etc
    Phone: 1800 722 227


Lots of Datsun 1200 parts for sale, and the stock changes every day. The trick here is, are they selling the part you need when you need it?

* eBay Australia Datsun 1200 search Classifieds

Check the Club's Classifieds Forum. Use the search feature -- search for older posts -- and if the post doesn't say the parts were sold, contact the seller. Please update the post if the parts have been sold.

For easier searching use: "classifieds" Classifieds forum search

Nissan South Africa

Since Nissan South Africa is still selling the 2004 version of the Datsun 1200 truck (now the 1400), they are familiar with ordering many parts. Many of these come from Japan, so check with your local Nissan dealer first.

The parts work out to be the same price as equivalent car parts [in Australia]. It's not a bargain, but if you want the parts bad enough then its ok.
Nissan SA Web Site [edit: Jan 2005, No longer accessible?]
  1. Click 'OWNING' on the far right, then click 'PARTS'
  2. Click 'LIGHT COMMERCIAL VEHICLES',then in the 'MAKE YOUR SELECTION' are click '1200&1400(1400/5)'
  3. Click the 'SECTION' list then click your choice i.e. engine,powertrain,etc.
  4. Click the subsection list then click your choice,i.e. intake manifold. this will bring up a screen which doesn't fit 1024x768 too well.
  5. scroll up or down,left or right to see the parts. Hover your mouse over the numbers on the screen,i.e. 1 or 2,when the little hand giving you the bird comes up, click and it will give you a listing of Nissan part numbers & prices in RAND.
reference: discussion

Currency Convertor
I've bought 2 shipments of parts through nissan ZA over the internet.

I generally email/talk with Karin Britts. I send the parts department a request containing a list of the part numbers from the website.

They ship DHL. It normally takes a couple of months, because most of the parts need to come from Japan (via south africa).

It's a pain in the ass though. $100 worth of parts cost $200 as the banks charge like nothing else to transfer money, then the government puts a 30% duty on top + 25% GST on top of that. The bank doesn't know how much each of the intermediatory banks will charge for the transfer, as no Australian banks have a working relationship with Nissan's bank in J'burg. This means that you have to pay an extra $20-30 bucks per intermediate bank for the transfer. The final bank keeps all of the extra, so that the destination only gets the amount specified in the transfer. And you never get reciepts for where all of the money went.

If you keep the value of the parts below $400, then the duty and GST isn't a problem. DHL chase you up for the duty and GST if it's required, you can pay that over the phone with credit card.

The parts work out to be the same price as equivalent car parts here. It's not a bargain, but if you want the parts bad enough then its ok.

They no longer stock many of the hard to get parts, like glovebox lids,metal grill parts. etc etc. I think Nissan SA will have to stop making the Bakkies soon because the Nissan Japan parts appear to be drying up.

Yahoo Auctions Japan

Lots of parts on Yahoo Auctions, since the Datsun 1200 truck (B122) was made until 1995.

Mail Order

  • PAECO INDUSTRIES. These folke are real nice people lots of A-series goodies and a great price for the hi perf valve spring, pushrod and lifters, and some nice cam grinds .You can request a catalog via E-mail.
  • Courtesy Nissan (Texas) has a "510 Parts DVD", but sadly no listed parts for 1200s. However, they can order anything Nissan has, so give 'em a call.
  • Yella Terra (check their list of agents) or Shop - Victoria: cylinder heads, superchargers, rockers, flywheels, ...
    Phone: 03 9555 5522

JB Racing Roller-tip rockers for A-series engines, oversize lifters

Classic Garage US website Carries Tokiko, Boge and Koni shocks for the 1200

Rocket - Sydney: roller rockers

  • 02 8825 1900

Crow Cams

Datsun Specialists

  • Classic Datsun Motorsports (California) specialise in parts and restoration of Datsun Roadsters, 510s, and Z-cars. But they have 1200 parts, including rubber parts.
  • shift bushing; spoilers


  • Nissan motorsports Fax # (310) 538-1462. Make it attention to Ron Johnson - he's their resident 1200 expert (won several SCCA championships!) and a real nice guy! reference: discussion

Wreckers (Auto dismantlers)

See main article: Auto wrecking

In the US these are commonly called "auto wrecking yards", where most are closed Sundays but open 1/2 or full-day on Saturday.

Regional Information

North America

1200s are not to be found in the wrecking yards in this part of the world. The last reported sighting was a 2-dr sedan in Vancouver, BC Canada in 2002.

Performance suspension parts for 1200

    Road Race Camber/Caster plates (some cutting needed) $265 pair

  • MALVERN RACING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. These guys know there stuff and can build anything you can imagine! Also have roller-tipped alloy rocker arms. David Weber and crew also nice people!
    UPDATE: Sadly, Mr. Malvern has passed away ... see post at

  • Sunbelt Performance Engines - builds A-series race engines
    730 N Price Rd
    Buford, GA 30518-4724
    Phone: (770) 932-0160

British Columbia

  • Surrey - there's a cream colour 1200 at "Ralphs AutoWrecker" down on Scott Road ... discussion March 9, 2003


    P.O. Box 15010
    Warm Springs Station
    Fremont,California 94539
    This guy goes way back with Datsun power upgrades. D.L. likes to know a lot about what you're building and is expensive BUT his stuff is built to go the long haul and well worth the investmsnt if you want serious muscle. Real nice guy and likes to talk so if you call be prepared to spend some time on the phone but he will open your eyes to some real options. Mention that you got their address off the 1200 club message board because as we grow as a club and get noticed we will see interest in maybe giving us special considerations as we use their services.


  • USA Performance Auto, Southeast Portland, specializes in Datsun and Nissan performance upgrades


  • Best in Kent (by the Green River) is open Sunday morning and has some older cars (mostly 80s and 90s), but I did see a B210 (August 2004)
  • South End Auto Wrecking (Kent yard or Auburn) yard has quite a few Datsuns, including B210s and B310s (August 2004)
  • All-Japan in Kent has newer Nissans
  • Aberdeen Auto Wrecking has a lot of Datsuns, including several B310s (August 2004)


  • Center road wreckers in Westall. Last reported 1200: March 3, 2003
  • OZ Developments, Sydney specializes in engine swaps including all custom parts as needed
    2/ 9 Field Cl
    Moorebank 2170 New South Wales
    phone: (02) 9601 2656

  • JapWreck, Perth
    34 Bassendean Rd
    Bayswater 6053 Western Australia
    phone: (08) 9471 1588

Sydney, NSW Australia

  • Rushes Pick & Payless - Tattersalls Rd - last 1200 reported seen: 2003/March/17

New Zealand

  • Kelti Cams
  • Wade Cams

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