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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

A10 Engine

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Engine Mechanical | A-series Engines

The A10 Engine was designed for the original Datsun Sunny -- the B10 Datsun 1000. 998 cc with small carburetor and 3 main bearings. The A10 Engine was released in September 1966 in the 1967 model year Datsun 1000. The A10 featured a three main bearing crankshaft. Bore was 73mm and stroke was 59mm (same as the older Nissan C engine). With a 2-barrel Hitachi carburetor and an 8.5 to 1 compression ratio this engine produced 62bhp (46kW) @6000rpm and 61.5 lb.ft of torque (83 Nm). The Datsun 1000 Coupe introduced in Sept 1968 was equipped with an uprated A10 engine boasting a free flow dual-outlet exhaust manifold with increased compression ratio, now 9.0:1. With a revised carburetor, this Coupe engine produced 66hp (49kW). Later versions of A10 produced 59 hp (SAE).



A10s are easily identified by the 'Datsun 1000' valve cover.
19102.jpgAlbum 19102

The most distinctive feature may be the rocker cover -- it actually has the engine size on it unlike any other A-series cover.

A more reliable way to identify it -- since the cover may be changed -- is to look for the 'A10' stamp engine ID & serial number
25624.jpgAlbum 25624


* 1967-1970 Datsun 1000 B10
* 1968-1970 Datsun 1000 ute B20
* 1971-1976 Datsun Cherry E10 (Datsun 100A)

6547.jpgAlbum 6547

Datsun 1000 Coupe

Sunny 1000 Coupe has a 60PS engine, rather than the lesser 56PS engine of the sedans.

174_5d009cc70d186.jpgBSC brochure


A10 has a 3-bearing crankshaft, unique among all A-series engine
25622.jpgAlbum 25622 A10_blok.jpg

25623.jpgAlbum 25623

A10 Engine, left side. Most notable feature is lack of a breather pipe hole at the back of the block. The A10 used an old fashion road-breather instead. In fact the entire case bulge is missing in this area.
17129.jpgAlbum 17129

A10 Engine, right side:
17130.jpgAlbum 17130

A10 Engine, front, looks identical to an A12.
17131.jpgAlbum 17131

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