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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Fuel System | Hitachi 306 Carburetor

For the 1989 electronic feedback carburetor, see DFC306

1981 B310 introduced the DCF-306, which differs from DCG as follows:

  • vacuum secondaries, instead of counterweighted secondaries
  • replaceable sight glass with O-ring
  • modified choke fast idle system


B310 Sunny A15
* manual choke
Japan models starting November 1980
* automatic choke with 2-wire PTC wax
16010-H8660 B310 A13S w/throttle switch, w/o servo diaphragm
16010-H9060 B310 A15S.MT w/Throttle Opener servo diaphragm
16010-H9065 B310 A15S.AT Throttle Opener servo diaphragm, with Dashpot
* automatic choke
16010-G2600 B120 A12 8110-8503 w/Dashpot
            C122 A12 8106-8508 w/Dashpot 
16010-G1900 B120 A12 8504-8910 w/Throttle Opener
USA - see DCR306

New type sight-glass. This type is replaceable unlike previous versions -- the cover unbolts and the glass comes out.
174_58bf26b05e7a4.jpgPost 484291

Vacuum-Secondary introduced
174_58bf26a9eb102.jpgPost 484291

Gasket set
26813.jpgAlbum 26813 26811.jpgAlbum 26811

26815.jpgAlbum 26815 

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