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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Front Combination Lamp

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body Electrical System

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All 1200 body style use the same Front Combination Light Assembly (Coupe/Sedan/Van/Truck). But the specific type varies by country and by year. USA has single-bulb, Japan has dual-bulb. Sunny Truck after 1973 has dual-reflector type.



Datsun 1200 was fitted with four or five different Front Combination Lamps, depending on the year and country. USA and Japan got all-Red, while other countries got Orange+White lamps.

Australia      Indicators (orange) + Clear Parking Lamp
Japan      I   Indicators (orange) + Orange small Lamp
North America  Indicators (orange) + Orange large Running Lamp
ANZAC/Europe - dual color lens
20749.jpgAlbum 20749
Japan/USA - single color lens
20752.jpgAlbum 20752

Body Style

All 1200 body style use the same Front Combination Light Assembly (Coupe/Sedan/Van/Truck).

11526.jpgAlbum 11526 2003.jpgAlbum 2003 14018.jpgAlbum 14018 14437.jpgAlbum 14437

Early Versus Late

Sunny Truck 1200 after September 1973 use a dual-reflector lens. Earlier 1200 Trucks use the standard 1200 single-reflector lens (same as Coupe/Sedan/Van).

1970-1973 - single reflector
20752.jpgAlbum 20752

1974+ dual reflector (starting September 1973)

The dual-relector lamp uses the same lenses as B210, but the housings are different in that 1200 has bullet connectors, while B210 has multi-connector. Interchange 1200 with B210: Probable, but requires wiring connector change. This likely uses the same casting molds as EUR/AUS lenses just in a single color.


Main: Bulbs
Japan single-reflector

26717-89920 inner 23/8 watt


26261-89900 outer (small) 3 watt

Japan dual-reflector 

26717-89900 inner 23 watt


26715-89920 outer 8/3.4 watt

North America single-bulb

26717-89920 23/8 watt

Wiring Differences


1200 bullet connectors (B110 or B120)
20749.jpgAlbum 20749

B210 multi-connector
20750.jpgAlbum 20750

2-wire Versus 3-wire

3-wire bullet connectors - Japan

2-wire bullet connectors - North America
18092.jpgAlbum 18092

Market Differences

Front running light lenses are either all-orange or white + orange. Reportedly the lamp housings are different so that you cannot simply swap lenses.

Europe, Australia (two-color)
4220.jpgAlbum 4220 2094.jpgAlbum 2094 17257.jpgAlbum 17257 17217.jpgAlbum 17217

Japan, America (single-color, but differ slightly)
2003.jpgAlbum 2003 19862.jpgAlbum 19862 21151.jpgAlbum 21151

Japan - Single Reflector (early) 3-wire Large + small bulb
20754.jpgAlbum 20754

Japan - Twin Reflector (late model) 3-wire 2-large-bulb
20757.jpgAlbum 20757

USA - 2-wire 1-bulb
18092.jpgAlbum 18092


Two-color lens
20751.jpgAlbum 20751 13864.jpgAlbum 13864

13093.jpgAlbum 13093 17257.jpgAlbum 17257

H10 Japan Car

19862.jpgAlbum 19862 28374.jpgAlbum 28374

Orange, single reflector, 3-wire, 1-1/2 bulb
20752.jpgAlbum 20752 20754.jpgAlbum 20754

  • 26120-H1010 LAMP ASS'Y-front combination (R.H.)
    • 23/7W bulb
    • 3W bulb
  • 26121-H1010 LENS (R.H.)
  • 26123-H1010 PACKING (R.H.)
    20712.jpgAlbum 20712

28375.jpgAlbum 28375

28373.jpgAlbum 28373

21417.jpgAlbum 21417

サニーB110 フロントレンズ フロントウインカーレンズ フロントマーカー

G10 Japan Sunny Truck

From September 1973 3-wire, 2-reflector, 2-bulb Orange
20757.jpgAlbum 20757 20755.jpgAlbum 20755

    • 23W bulb
    • 8/3.4W bulb
  • 26121-H5000 LENS, RH
  • 26123-H5000 PACKING, RH -8910
  • 26123-G1000 PACKING, RH 8910-
  • 08310-44020 SCREW (2 per side)

1974+ dual reflector (starting September 1973)
20150607210845403.jpg 20150607210845547.jpg

This uses the same lenses as B210, but the housings are different in that 1200 has bullet connectors, while B210 has multi-connector. Interchange 1200 with B210: Probable, but requires wiring connector change.

20150607210844987.jpg 20150607210845063.jpg 20150607210845129.jpg 20150607210845196.jpg 20150607210845262.jpg 20150607210845329.jpg 20150607210845479.jpg 21940.jpgAlbum 21940 21941.jpgAlbum 21941

ia.jpg ib.jpg

H19 North America

18092.jpgAlbum 18092 11720.jpgAlbum 11720

2-wire, single-bulb, single-reflector, orange

  • 26121-H1000 LENS RH AMBER(ICHIKHO)
  • 26121-H1901 LENS RH AMBER(ICHIKHO)
  • 26123-H1000 PACKING RH(ICHIKHO)
  • 26717-89920 BULB 12V-23-8W(ICHIKHO)
  • 08310-44020 SCREW TO FIX LENS(ICHIKHO) (M4X0.7)

North America
fcla.jpg fcla.jpg fclb.jpg fclc.jpg fcld.jpg fcle.jpg

H25 Sunny Excellent

The PB110 Sunny Excellent 1400 front lamp is for indicators only. It has a single element for the Turn Signals.

26929.jpg 26936.jpg

South Africa

The B140 bakkie has the front combination lamp in the front bumper.
26051.jpgAlbum 26051

484381754_2.jpg 16945.jpgAlbum 16945

It looks similar to the Datsun 1000 late sedan lamp.
1263.jpgAlbum 1263

G08 Cherry Cab

From C20 Nissan Cherry Cab チェリーキャブ
400px-Nissan_Cherry_Cab_Truck.jpgWIKI click for photo

G0800 outwardly looks the same as H19 (Single-bulb, two wire, bullet connectors)
26125-G0800-1.jpg 26125-G0800-2.jpg 26125-G0800-3.jpg


  • one reflector Orange (B110 Japan, USA)
    20752.jpgAlbum click to view
  • two reflector Orange (B120, B210)
    20755.jpgAlbum click to view
  • two reflector Orange-White (Australia)
    20756.jpgAlbum click to view
  • B110 - Bayonet connector wires
  •  ??? - square connector
  • B210 - Multi-pin connector
  • Centered single-reflector (Japan, USA)
    20752.jpgAlbum click to view
  • Offset single-reflector (source: ???)
    20753.jpgAlbum click to view

20749.jpgAlbum click to view 20750.jpgAlbum click to view 20756.jpgAlbum click to view


B210 uses same twin-reflector lenses as 1974-up Sunny Truck, but uses a different connector -- a rectangle-shape multi-connector
20703.jpgAlbum 20703 9305.jpgAlbum 9305 20750.jpgAlbum 20750 20756.jpgAlbum 20756

Australia/Europe 120Y
322338478.jpg 26121-H6100.jpg 26121-H6100_obverse.jpg

510 Lamps

Do not confuse 1200 front lamps with 510 laps. They look very similar but the 1200 unit is more rounded.
23008.jpgAlbum 23008

For Japan & USA (all orange), the position of the reflector differs:
510 Offset Reflector | 1200 Centered Reflector
20753.jpgAlbum 20753 20752.jpgAlbum 20752

Clear Lenses

20381.jpgAlbum 20381

Get the right kind of aftermarket lenses for your lamp assembly

  • Euro/Aussie
  • Japan single-reflector
  • Japan dual-reflector
  • USA single-bulb, single-reflector

1849.jpgAlbum 1849 20378.jpgAlbum 20378 24440.jpgAlbum 24440 25580.jpgAlbum 25580 25581.jpgAlbum 25581

Part Numbers


25614.jpgAlbum 25614 25615.jpgAlbum 25615

ウインカー パッキンゴム


JAPAN all-orange
26121-H1000 1-reflector lens -7308 ICHIKO 市光 <> 26121-H1010 KOITO 
26121-H5000 2-reflector lens 7309- [same as B210]
AUS/EUR orange & white
NORTH AMERICA all-orange
26121-H1000 <> 26121-H1901


JAPAN all-orange, dual bulb, 3 male bullet wires
26120-H1000 single reflector -7308 small & large bulbs <> 26120-H1010 KOITO
26120-G1000 dual reflector, two large bulbs 7309-
NORTH AMERICA all-orange, single bulb, 2 male bullet wires
26120-H1900 <> 26120-H1901 <> 26120-H7000

Japan B210

multi-pin connector, 2-reflector, 2-bulb Orange

  • 26120-H5000 LAMP ASS'Y-front combination lamp (R.H.)
    • 23W bulb
    • 8/3.4W bulb
  • 26121-H5000 LENS, RH
  • 26123-H5000 PACKING, RH
  • 01411-00101 SCREW 

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