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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


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Datsun 1200's A12 engine uses a traditional type of starter motor with a Bendix gear drive. The newer Datsun starter motor is far better the the orginal specification Datsun 1200 starter -- has more power and lasts longer. A newer Datsun starter by Mitsubishi or Hitachi from B210 or B310 is good and will fit the Datsun 1200's A12 engine.



A-series Engine Starting motor (Hitachi ヒタチ or Mitsubishi)
* All have 9-tooth gears

Early Hitachi is easily identifiable by the removable band on the case (bottom of this photo):
20817.jpgAlbum click to view

Late Hitachi has a full end-cap
20827.jpgAlbum click to view 20824.jpgAlbum click to view

ID location is here:
21281.jpgAlbum click to view

Hitachi has a simple Hitachi mark logo:
20813.jpgAlbum click to view

Mitsubishi has full ID on the nose over the solenoid:
21282.jpgAlbum click to view

A-series VS L-series

L-series Comparo
20816.jpgAlbum click to view

If you place the solenoid at the top (12:00 o'clock)

  • The bottom bolt will be at 6:00 o'clock
  • The top bolt at 1:00 o'clock



Auto starters appeared July 1971 and have more torque. They use 4 brushes instead of only 2.

23300-H3900 MOTOR-STARTER (HITACHI S11 A12,AUTO 0771-0573
23300-H6900 MOTOR-STARTER (HITACHI S11 A12 AUTO 0673- <> 23300-H3900
2-brush cover
23337-H0100 ASSY-COVER,REAR A12,MANUAL 0170-
4-brush cover
23337-10605 ASSY-COVER,REAR A12,AUTO 0771- [for H39 starter]


Rotation: Clockwise, Teeth: 9

Reported interchange:

  • All A-series RWD starters interchange. Auto or Manual. Automatic-transmissions starters are slightly more powerful but otherwise the same.
  • FWD A-series have 8-tooth drive gear
  • A14 FWD blocks may not accept all starters -- see POST Starter motors
  • A12 starter will work on A10
  • Per Datsun the A10 starter from Datsun 1000 will not work on A12 -- see A-series Engine Changes

Strict interchange for 1970-1973 Datsun B110:

* Manual Transmission
  * 23300-H5000, H5001, H7301 (Hollander 1217)
    * All Sunny 1971-1979 Manual Transmission 
    * (what about 1980-1982?) 
    * What about Datsun 1000?
  * Hollander 1395 fits if you swap the drive gear
* Automatic Transmission
   * Part number?

Hitachi early 2-brush type | Later 4-brush type
27453.jpgAlbum click to view 27455.jpgAlbum click to view

27454.jpgAlbum click to view

23300-18000, 23300-18005, 23300-18015, 23300-18016
23300-H0100, 23300-H0101
23300-H5000, 23300-H5001, 23300-H5003, 23300-H5004
23300-H0510, 23300-H0511
23300-H6900, 23300-H6901, 23300-H6903, 23300-H6904
23300-H7300, 23300-H7301, 23300-H7302

27456.jpgAlbum click to view 27457.jpgAlbum click to view

Problem Starter

Unusual starter hits the block | normal starters clear the block
27450.jpgAlbum click to view 27449.jpgAlbum click to view

mpa Motorcar Parts America
TBS0004 February 8, 2005
27448.jpgAlbum click to view

NOTE: All three types fit the A-series. Both Mitsubishi and Hitachi were original equipment suppliers to Datsun.

Note that the "unusual" starter is not one of the three listed by MPA (although it was supplied by MPA in the box and has the 16211 sticker). It appears to have been a mistake.

The problem is the end-casting. This may be a FWD starter? It looks very much like late-model Nissan permanent-magnet Planetary Gear Reduction starter of the type used by 1998 Sentra
27451.jpgAlbum click to view 27452.jpgAlbum click to view

Reduction Starter

Reduction gearing means the starter turns slower, but applies the same horsepower. They are used for increase torque, especially for cold weather starting. High-torque starter. High compression starter.


FWD Starter

Since A-series starters bolt to the gearbox, they are dependent on the drive type.

Pulsar N10 A14: 8-tooth
Sunny RWD A14:  9-tooth

A14 flywheel - FWD vs RWD
13801.jpgAlbum click to view

N10 12312-M0200
B10 105-tooth 271mm pitch 10-12 12312-18000

23300H5012, 23300H5014
23300M1500, 23300M1501, 23300M1502, 23300M1503
23300M1510, 23300M1511
23300M5900, 23300M5901, 23300M5902, 23300M5903
Mitsubishi M2T10071, M2T20181, M2T20182, M2T31081
Hitachi S114161, S114161B, S114161F, S114208, S114208F
REMY 16694 gear reduction type
23300M4900, 23300M4901, 23300M4902, 23300M4903, 23300M4904
23300M4910, 23300M4911, 23300M7000
Mitsubishi M2T52271, M2T52272
Hitachi S114252, S114252B, S114252C, S114252E 

Lightweight Starter

The lightweight starter weighs less and is ID'd by the visible case bolts. Has the improved-spec power output (0.8 kw or 1.0 kw -- same as the heavy automatic starter.

VENDOR: Bprojects Product: 0.8Kw Rebuilt Starter

20819.jpgAlbum click to view



Starter parts breakdown for original (2-brush) Datsun 1200 starter
18979.jpgAlbum click to view

  • The brushes can be replaced with a large soldering iron
  • The overrun cluch (drive gear) can easily be replaced

Otherwise, replace with a new, rebuilt or good used unit.

Check Gear Teeth

  • Check gear teeth for nice, consistent chamfer, as shown here.
  • Teeth worn flat will destroy a good flywheel (and vice-versa)

20815.jpgAlbum click to view

Testing Overrun Clutch

If your starter "whizzes" just after the engine catches, the Overrun clutch is almost for sure bad. If you do not replace it, eventually it will wear so much it free spins, instead of turning the engine.

20814.jpgAlbum click to view

  1. Remove starter from engine
  2. With your fingers, turn the small drive gear.
    • It should smoothly turn one direction
    • It should NOT turn at all the other direction, not even a little bit

The clutch gear can be easily replaced with a new or good-used unit. Test it as outlined above.
174_5cc61974b5af1.jpgPost click for topic

23312-E3000 ASSY-PINION <> 23312-10605 <> 23312-10600

Check Bushing

20812.jpgAlbum click to view


Remove the brush cover or end cap. Inspect the brushes.

original Datsun 1200 type with brush band: Brushes unscrew and can be easily replaced
20822.jpgAlbum click to view

newer more powerful starters: although you can buy new replacement brushes for this type, it is a heavy-duty soldering job to replace them
20823.jpgAlbum click to view


If the starter just 'clicks' but doesn't turn the engine, it is probably a low battery, or dirty wiring. It that check out, your solenoid may be dirty. Unlike other brands, the A-series solenoids have soldered connections and are not designed to be disassembled and cleaned.

Clicking, does not turn -- see Battery Maintenance

You can purchase and replace the solenoid, though in some cases it is less expensive to buy the whole starter.
Solenoid $15-52 USD
Starter  $16-30 USD

21280.jpgAlbum click to view

NUTTED TYPE for use with forked lever
* For all Hitachi end-band type (early) S114 starters
27216.jpgAlbum click to view
TANG TYPE with shims
23343-H5000 B210 for Hitachi H5001/H6901 (from 7404, end-cap style)
23343-H5001 B120 OPTION 8504- for H69 Hitachi
22862.jpgAlbum click to view
* Airtex 1M1202 
* Standard Motor Products SS331

CAUTION: different solenoids require different levers

23322-M0100 SET-LEVER SHIFT B110
23322-H5000 SET-LEVER SHIFT B210

H50 type for use with Tang-end solenoid
26419.jpgAlbum click to view 23322-H5000_spring.jpg 23322-H5000_fork.jpg


* polished drive housing for mirror-finish look
* Painted body for anodized look

20818.jpgAlbum click to view


Bolts to fasten the starter to the transmission -- two identical bolts.

08121-03533 (2 required)
08 NES
12 Hexagon bolt, Medium carbon steel 
10 M10
35 35mm length
33 with lock washer
they have a 14mm hex head

or with the optional Reduction Gear starter

08121-03533 (1) [35mm length]
08121-04533 (1) [45mm length]

These bolt sizes are used from 1966 into the 2000s, with 56-series transmissions, 60-series, 63-series and 71-series Automatics.

B10 DATSUN 1000
08121-03510 BOLT M10 X 35mm Zinc cadmium coated
08915-24010 WASHER-LOCK
08915-44010 WASHER-PLAIN
B110 DATSUN 1200
08121-03515 BOLT w/LOCK WASHER M10 X 35mm
08915-44010 WASHER-PLAIN

20677_5ca19369cd5ec.jpgPost click for topic 20677_5ca1937730067.jpgPost click for topic 20677_5ca193810dc04.jpgPost click for topic

08121-0351F replaced 08121-03533		
08121-03533 BOLT w/lock & plain washer M10 x 35mm medium carbon steel

Part Numbers

B10 Hitachi (2-brush)
* 23300-18000 ASS'Y-starter HITACHI S114-87 B10 
* 23300-18005 ASS'Y-starter HITACHI S114-87K (ISO threads) B10 interchages with 23300-18000
* 23300-H0100 ASS'Y-starter HITACHI S114-87L B10 supercedes 180 models
B10 Mitsubishi (3-brush)
* 23300-18010 ASS'Y-starter Mitsubishi MW-V1R B10 
* 23300-18011 ASS'Y-starter Mitsubishi MW-V3R B10 interchanges with MW-V1R
* 23300-18015 ASS'Y-starter Mitsubishi 206-893 (ISO threads) B10 interchanges with MW models
B110 Hitachi (2-brush)
* Starting JUL 1971, Auto vs Manual starter are physically identical, but auto has more torque
23300-H0100 ASS'Y-starter Hitachi S114-87L B110 manual transmission JDM
23300-H0101 ASS'Y-starter Hitachi S114-87M B110 manual transmission 0171- (1270- JDM)
* Weight: 10.1 pounds
* Torque: 6.5+ lb-ft
* Brush length: 16 mm (new), 6.5 mm (service limit)
23300-H3900 ASS'Y-starter Hitachi S114-156 B110 automatic transmission
* Weight: 11.9 pounds 
* Torque: 7.2+ lb-ft
* Brush length: 14 mm (new), 4.5 mm (service limit)
* Easily identifiable by the removable band on the case (bottom of this photo):
20817.jpgAlbum click to view 
* Replaceable brushes (held in by screws)
* 1.0 KW output
B110 Mitsubishi (4-brush)
23300-18015 ASS'Y-starter Mitsubishi MW-V3R (Same as B10 part number)
23300-18016 ASS'Y-starter Mitsubishi MW-V5R (from 72-5) supercedes MW-V3R type
B120 JAPAN 7510-
23300-H5010 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER 7510-8503 Mitsubishi
23300-H5004 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER 8504-8910 Hitachi
23300-H6904 OPTION MOTOR ASSY-STARTER 8504- Hitachi(S114-163F) カンレイチヨウ (1.0Kw)
20827.jpgAlbum click to view
23300-H5013 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER 8504-8510 Mitsubishi
23300-H5014 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER 8510-9207 Mitsubishi M2T200181D
* 0.8 KW
20828.jpgAlbum click to view 20829.jpgAlbum click to view
23300-H5015 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER 9207- Mitsubishi M2T42981
* M002T, 42981, 27 20, 12V MITSUBISHI
B210 manual transmission
23300-H0101 ASS'Y-starter Hitachi S114-87M B210 USA, JAPAN A12 M/T
23300-H5000 ASS'Y-starter Hitachi S114-87P B210 USA, JAPAN A12 (from 73-6) M/T
23300-H5001 ASS'Y-starter Hitachi S114-160 B210 USA, JAPAN A12 (from 74-4) M/T (4-brush)
23300-18016 MOTOR ASSY-starter JAPAN (MW-V4R) 
* direct interchage with 23300-H5010
23300-H5010 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER JAPAN (from '73-11) Mitsubishi MCA02-0
23300-H5002 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER JAPAN 1976-1977 Hitachi S114-160A
B210 Automatic transmission
23300-H3900 ASS'Y-starter Hitachi S114-156 B210 USA, JAPAN A12 A/T
23300-H6900 ASS'Y-starter Hitachi S114-156A B210 USA, JAPAN (from 73-6) A12 A/T
23300-H6901 ASS'Y-starter Hitachi S114-163 B210 USA, JAPAN (from 74-4) A12 A/T (4-brush)
23300-H6902 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER JAPAN 1976-1977 Hitachi S114-163B A12/A14
B310 JAPAN non-reduction starter (for A12A/A14/A15):
23300-H5003 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER Hitachi -8010
23300-H5004 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER Hitachi 8011-
* Hitachi has:
  * square-shaped casting for solenoid lever
  * two bolt bearing cover on rear case
    20824.jpgAlbum click to view
23300-H5011 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER Mitubishi -7909
23300-H5012 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER Mitubishi 7910-
* Mitubishi has:
  * round-shaped casting for solenoid lever
  * bearing cover is integral with rear case
B310 USA non-reduction Starter:
* Specifications: Automatic S114-160G & Manual S114-163F 
  * no-load current: less than 60A
  * no-load RPM: more than 7000 RPM
  * no-load Voltage: 11.5
B310 Hitachi Reduction Gear (USA & JAPAN)
23300-H9101R $94.20 USD
23300-H9101 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER(HITACHI) (S114-253A) USA from 0979
* replaced 23300-H9100 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER(HITACHI) (S114-253) USA to 0878
* S114-253B Specifications
  * no-load current draw: 100A (compared to 60A)
  * no-load miniumum 3900 RPM (compared to 7000 RPM)
  * no-load Voltage: 11.0 (compared to 11.5)
B310 Mitsubishi Reduction Gear Starter (Japan market, not used in USA)
23300-H9111 Mitsubishi JAPAN 7910- 
23300-H9112 Mitsubishi 1.2 KW JAPAN Van 8110-
C22 A15
23300-H6904 8605-
23300-H5014 8605-9207
23300-H5015 9207-

Hitachi S114 series goes way up: S114-800 (23300-0M302) fits GA/QG engines for example 2002 Nissan Sunny.

keywords: スターター セルモーター


三菱 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was an original equipment supplier to the Datsun factory.

Mitsubishi ID mark includes

  • Nissan part number (e.g. 23300-H5015)
  • Mitsubishi starter type (e.g. M002T 42981)

23300-H5015 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER B120 9207- (Mitsubishi M2T42981)
21281.jpgAlbum click to view 21282.jpgAlbum click to view

23300-H5014 MOTOR ASSY-STARTER 8510-9207 Mitsubishi M2T200181D 0.8kw
20829.jpgAlbum click to view 20828.jpgAlbum click to view

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