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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Transmission Identification

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Transmission

All Datsun 1200s were fitted with a 3-speed, 4-speed or 5-speed 56-Series_Transmission. Other transmissions that will fit the Datsun 1200's engine include the 60-Series Transmission and the 63-Series 5-speed transmission.


By Model

* B10 (Datsun 1000): 56-series
* B110 (Datsun 1200): 56-series
* B210 A12 engine (120Y): 56-series
* B210 A14 engine 4-speed: 60-series
* B210 A14 engine 5-speed: 63-series
* B310 A12 engine (Sunny/210/120Y): 56-series
* B310 A14/A15 engine (Sunny/210/140Y,150Y): 60-series

Casting Marks

Look for the large letters on the right side of the case.

* 56L - no mark
* 56A early
* 56A late ute
* 60-series
  1883.jpg  6942.jpg
* 63-series

After determining the series, see the following pages to identify 4-speeds from 5-speeds:

* 56-Series_Transmission
* 60-Series Transmission
* 63-Series Transmission

Bell Pattern

Rear-wheel drive A-series engine bellhousing pattern:

Visual Characteristics

The 56-series transmissions are identified by their small size and extensive ribbing. The 60-series transmissions are a little bit bigger but have a smooth case. Finally, the 63-series transmissions are much bigger units.

56 "ribbed case" vs. 60 "smooth case"
1674.jpg 945.jpg

Smooth case: 63 'big boy' vs. 60

Toyota vs 63 "big boy" vs. 60 "smooth case"

Toyota "cast iron case" vs 56 "ribbed case"

1287.jpg 1288.jpg

1667.jpg 1668.jpg

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