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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Alternator mounting

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Categories: Charging System | Engine Electrical System

Datsun 1200 mounted the alternator on the left or right side depending on the year.



アルタネータ マウンテング

Early A-series engines (1966-1973) mount the alternator down low on the left side of the engine, under the intake manifold as shown in this photo:
7891.jpgAlbum 7891

1974-up engines mount it high on the right side of the engine:
10489.jpgAlbum 10489

For the A Engine Redesign, the alternator was moved to this right-side position to make more room for accessories such as Air conditioning pump or Smog pump.

Yahoo search: サニーダイナモ (closed: サニーダイナモ)

Left-side Mount

Early A-series engines (1966-1973) mount the alternator down low on the left side of the engine, under the intake manifold as shown in these photos:
7891.jpgAlbum 7891 174_59eda1efec985.jpgPost click for topic

23324.jpgAlbum 23324 23555.jpgAlbum 23555

* 11720-18002 BELT-fan (L=838) B10
* 11720-27720 BELT-fan B10 (op.) Rally
* 11720-18002 BELT-fan (L=838) B110
* 11720-25604 BELT-fan (L=856) E10
* 11720-18002 BELT-fan (L=838) E10 (from '72)
B10, B110, B120, E10
* 11710-H0100 BRACKET-alternator
B110/B120 - using studs in engine block
** 08911-20810 NUT (2)
** 08915-43810 WASHER-plain (2)
E10 - using bolts into engine block
** 08313-02210 BOLT, fixing bracket (2)
** 08915-14010 WASHER-lock, fixing bracket (2)

14950.jpgAlbum 14950

* 11710-18000 BRACKET-alternator B10 (replaced by 11710-H0100)
* 11710-27720 BRACKET-alternator (506W alternator) (op.) B10 Rally
B10 used these to fix bracket to engine block:
** 89-11210-1 NUT, fixing alternator bracket (2)
** 89-15140-1 WASHER-lock, fixing alternator bracket (2)
** 81-31022-1 NUT (2)
** 89-14140-1 WASHER-lock (2)
Fixing alternator to bracket
B10 early
** 11711-18000 BOLT, fixing alternator to bracket
** 89-15140-1 WASHER-lock, fixing alternator to bracket

B10 late
** 81-30830-1 BOLT (2)
** 89-11208-1 NUT (1)
** 89-15138-1 WASHER-spring lock (2)
** 89-15438-1 WASHER-plain (1)
** 08131-02210 BOLT (1)  [fixing alternator rear]
** 08915-14010 WASHER-lock (2)
** 08130-83010 BOLT (fixing alternator front) (1)
** 08911-20810 NUT (1)
** 08915-13810 WASHER-spring lock (2)
** 08915-43810 WASHER-plain (1)
** 08130-83510 BOLT (fixing alternator rear) (1)
** 08915-13810 WASHER-lock (2)
** 11713-M0100 NUT-stopper, alternator bracket

9595.jpgAlbum 9595 7304.jpgAlbum 7304 6417.jpgAlbum 6417

Adjusting Bar

Attaches to front face of cylinder head
15170.jpgAlbum 15170 20402.jpgAlbum 20402

Thicker version
174_5c9759df71a1e.jpgPost 490991 174_5c9759f9ac8d7.jpgPost 490991 174_5c975a08090c5.jpgPost 490991

174_5c9759e751a11.jpgPost 490991 174_5c9759eecd396.jpgPost 490991

Adjusting Bar buy at Bprojects
B10, E10, B110, B120 early (A10 & A12)
* 11715-18001 BAR-adjusting, alternator B10
* 11715-H2300 BAR-adjusting, alternator B110 (to '70-Aug.) [thin ~3.2mm]
* 11715-M0100 BAR-adjusting, alternator (from '70-Sept.) [thick ~4.5mm]
* 11715-M0110 BAR-adjusting, alternator (op.) E10 1974
Bolts Fixing Adjusting Bar
** 08110-81610 BOLT, fixing adjusting barp
** 08915-13810 WASHER-lock, fixing adjusting bar

Right-side Mount

1974 and up 1200s mount the alternator on the right side of the engine.
23759.jpgAlbum 23759

H62 low mount (adjuster bolts to bottom bolt of cylinder head)
10489.jpgAlbum 10489

H72 high mount (adjuster bolts to top bolt of cylinder head)
3265.jpgAlbum 3265

Right-side High Mount

The adjuster bar bolts to the top bolt hole of cylinder head face
25859.jpgAlbum 25859 A15-B110.jpg

Right side low-mount

The adjuster bar bolts to the bottom bolt hole of cylinder head face
16063_53e965f45ca8a.jpgPost 458875 200balt.jpg

B310 engine

8091.jpgAlbum 8091 195.jpgAlbum 195 6851.jpgAlbum 6851 8856.jpgAlbum 8856

Right-side Cross Mount

Long adjuster mounts across the cylinder head face. Unknown source

POST racertech
3437964674_dd4946256d.jpg 3437156823_8d75b69faf.jpg

Adjusting Bar

11715-H6200 BAR-ADJUSTING, ALTERNATOR [more curved, most vans]
11715-H7201 BAR-ADJUSTING, ALTERNATOR [less curved, sedan+coupe+(van.f/cold)]
Bolts Fixing Adjusting Bar
08120-82062 BOLT [engine end]
23164-H0100 BOLT [alternator end]

H62 curved adjuster | H72 adjuster
19344.jpgAlbum 19344


28540.jpgAlbum 28540 28541.jpgAlbum 28541 28542.jpgAlbum 28542

* 11170-H6200 BRACKET-ALTERNATOR -7801
* 11170-H7401 BRACKET-ALTERNATOR 7802- > 11170-H7400
Bolts Fixing bracket to engine block
* 08131-03510 BOLT [rear]
* 08131-04210 BOLT [front]
* 08915-14010 WASHER (2)
Bolts Fixing alternator to bracket
* 08915-43810 WASHER [plain] (2)
* 08915-13810 WASHER [lock] (2)
* 11915-U0105 BOLT (2)
* 11713-21000 SHIM T=0.3 (As Required)
* 11713-21001 SHIM T=0.2 (As Required)

altbrack.jpgPost click for topic 28543.jpgAlbum 28543 28542.jpgAlbum 28542


Main: Fan Belt

Moving Bracket

Got a late-model A-series engine? Bolt the alternator to the left side down low for a cleaner look. No factory bracket bolt bosses here, but a simple adapter plate can be fabricated from a flat plate. Bolt to the block with the three outside holes, then bolt the alt. bracket to the two close holes. Size up a new fan belt and you are done.

27211.jpgAlbum 27211

A15 with left-mounted alternator
1409.jpgAlbum 1409

Adapter Plate bolts to engine left side, cast-iron bracket bolts to the plate
23465.jpgAlbum 23465

19281.jpgAlbum 19281

Upside down
6265.jpgAlbum 6265

Another method
12532.jpgAlbum 12532

Pillow Ball Adjusting Bar

A rod end bearing, also known as a heim joint (N. America) or rose joint (U.K.), or pillow ball (Japan) is a mechanical articulating joint.

27211.jpgAlbum 27211

Yahoo search:サニーピロボールダイナモ (closed: サニーピロボールダイナモ)

  • The turnbuckle type makes it easy to fine-tune the tension of the belt.
  • Rose-jointed tension rod allows you to custom-tune the length and angle of the alternator adjusting rod. The angle makes it easier to fit non-stock alternators
  • There is no need to worry about damaging the harness or engine with a lever at the time of adjustment.

approximately 146mm eye-to-eye length
28538.jpgAlbum 28538

28537.jpgAlbum 28537 Hole diameter 8mm Pillow ball right left and right screw M8 bolts 159mm 13mm S45C steel/Ni plated

ピロボールダイナモステー Pillow Ball Dynamo Stay

16063_53e965f45ca8a.jpgPost 458875 

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