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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body

Datsun 1200s came with several badges (emblems). The original 1200 badges were metal, but the new ones -- genuine Nissan items -- are a high-quality plastic that looks very good. Aftermarket reproduction badges vary in quality from poor to very good.



Also see: Badge Part Numbers

Genuine Nissan badges are metal or plastic depending on the year made.

Various early B110 Sunny Emblems (Japan)
2200.jpgAlbum 2200

1972 JDM Facelift emblems
11467.jpgAlbum 11467

Badge Installation

Most Datsun badges are fastened via Hole-barrel nuts.

1. Two or three simple holes are drilled in the sheet metal
2. Round inserts are pushed into the sheet metal
3. The badge is pushed into the inserts


The inserts may be stuck to the old badge, you can see them on this GL badge:
25777.jpgAlbum 25777

The nuts are not sold separately, but can be found on wrecker cars or old broken badges.

Emblem/Trim Retainers (Hole Stud Tubular Nut/Panel Tubular Speed Nut)
174_5705c1e0407b8.jpgUpload click to view

? Tubular Speed Nut 1/8" Stud. #018 Fits 5/32" to .161" Hole. 0.012-0.018" Panel Thickness ?

Market Differences

* Japan market 1200s used "Sunny" & "S" badges
* Export market 1200 used "Datsun", "D" badges

917.jpgAlbum click to view 6001.jpgAlbum click to view

20894.jpgAlbum click to view 20867.jpgAlbum click to view


Most badges, especially the script ones, are simple silver color.

Sedan "S" and "D" grille emblems have red and blue bars:
11318.jpgAlbum 11318

Coupe "S" and "D" round emblems have tricolor red, white and blue pie sections:
16678.jpgAlbum click to view 16758.jpgAlbum click to view

Some are faded after all this time:
19630.jpgAlbum click to view

Most are faded to no color after 40 years:
5199.jpgAlbum click to view


See main article: Coupe Badges

167-02.jpg 21416.jpg


See Main Article: Sedan badges

20869.jpg 20868.jpg 20870.jpg

Sunny Truck & Ute

See main article: Truck Badges

th_867-02.jpg 11318.jpg 20894.jpg


Van uses the same badges as Sedan:

* Grille 'S' ornament (including facelift version)
* No grille trim badges (Deluxe, GL or GX)
* 'Sunny' rear quarter badge
* 'Sunny 1200' rear badge
* 'Deluxe' rear badge (DX only, early version)
* 'Sports' rear badge (DX 4-speed only)

In addition, Van used these unique badges:

96905-18100 LABEL-loading capacity '400 kg'
* lower left side
96907-G1100 LABEL-4 speed Van-Std T, Van-P T
* middle height right side
'VAN' badge - Portugal
421.jpgAlbum click to view 25849.jpgAlbum click to view 25850.jpgAlbum click to view

Van Deluxe (Japan)
25026.jpgAlbum 25026

Van Deluxe (export)

753.jpgAlbum 753

Van - Portugal


'DATSUN 1200' coupe badge + Portuguese 'VAN' badge
918.jpgAlbum click to view


GX trim used mostly standard badges, but some are specific to GX, and those are shown here. NOTE: Only Coupe & Sedan came in GX trim.

Grille badge H23 early wide & H34 1973 narrow versions. Used by Coupe & Sedan.
62330-H2325.jpg 25658.jpgAlbum 25658

Rear sedan GX see-through badge

1200 C-pillar Sedan badges
18264.jpgAlbum 18264

1200 side Coupe Badges

GX5 Badges grille & boot
62330-H7225-1.jpg 25659.jpgAlbum 25659

NOTE: there are 3 types of plain GX letter badges.

* top:    Grille (black-backed script)
          GX grille, 1970-1971
          GX grille, 1972
* bottom: Eear (see-through script)

GX grill badge vs GX rear badge (grille badge has a background):
18023.jpgAlbum 18023


Custom? GX-sports badge, reportedly made of aluminum
26904.jpgAlbum 26904 26905.jpgAlbum 26905

9804.jpgAlbum 9804

1200 SSS

The Datsun 1200 SSS sedan was a product from Datsun New Zealand.

SSS badge on the glove box. Anyone have a photo?

SSS left-side grille emblem
62800-N0401 MARK-radiator grille "SSS"
* Datsun 510 Coupe KPK, Sedan PTK
* Datsun 1200 SSS

5460.jpgAlbum 54605438.jpgAlbum 5438

82858-U0800 boot/rear badge- same as 610/180B SSS
5305.jpgAlbum 5305 82858-U0800.jpg

Non-1200 SSS

1200 SSS badges are not to be confused with similar badges from other Datsuns that are pointy on the bottom.

Pointy badge not Datsun 1200 SSS
5384.jpgAlbum 5384

Black SSS badge is not 1200?
5567.jpgAlbum 5567

Steering wheel badge??? South Africa
16577.jpgAlbum 16577 16576.jpgAlbum 16576 16722.jpgAlbum 16722

910 Bluebird SSS
62892-W3500 Front Grille Mark 8201-8907 [triangular 'SSS']
62892-W3500.jpg 62892-W3500_front.jpg 62892-W3500_back.jpg
62896-W1200 Front Mark 7910-8112 [octagonal 'SSS']

810 Bluebird SSS [Sedan:62396-U7625, Coupe:62396-U8325]
A10_SSS_badge.jpg sss-badge.jpg

62397-U7600 'SSS' ~120 mm long
62397-U7600-1.jpg 62397-U7600-2.jpg 62397-U7600-3.jpg

411 SSS rear badge
11023.jpgAlbum 11023 9998_55429568a2c2c.jpgPost click for topic
1967_Datsun_411_SSS_Wagon_For_Sale.jpg 6157586679_3cb587a1e6_z.jpg

PB110 Sunny Excellent

See Main Article: PB110 Badges


Datsun 1200 S1

The Datsun 1200 S1 2-door sedan was a Datsun of Portugal offering.

* S1 grille badge
* S1 boot badge, fitted to left of the right taillight
See main article: Datsun 1200 S1

Sunny Badges

6985.jpgAlbum 6985

B110 coupe


174_5c97438f970e9.jpgPost 490989


B15 Sunny gold badge 84895-4M405
174_5d507b90111b4.jpgPost 492203


Grille-fixed Sedan boot badge 'Datsun1200' with the 1200 painted red
5732.jpgAlbum 5732

Nissan hamburger grille badge
19414.jpgAlbum 19414


'DATSUN' rear side
'DATSUN 1200' boot right side

26374.jpgAlbum 26374


The only interior badge is the steering wheel, a small piece of aluminum trim. See the steering wheel article.

Part Sources

* Nissan USA and Nissan Japan are out of badges
* Nissan Australia apparently still has some
* eBay has them from time to time
* Yahoo Auctions Japan always has some
* Too Intense usually has some 1200 badges
* Aoba Auto
* South Yokohama
* Matsuoka

Be careful of the quality:
11377.jpgAlbum 11377 13484.jpgAlbum 13484
Malaysia repro vs Nissan item: This reproduction badge has has poor chroming and what appears to be hand-painted coloring that doesn't exactly stay within the lines. However, other reproduction badges may be high quality.

Badge Collections

Datsun badges, including 1200 badges, Yulon-Nissan badges, 120Y badges, and other Datsuns
7189.jpgAlbum 7189 8238.jpgAlbum 8238 8239.jpgAlbum 8239 8240.jpgAlbum 8240 8389.jpgAlbum 8389 8390.jpgAlbum click to view

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