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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Datsun 1000 disc brakes

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Brake Modifications | Datsun B10

Fit disc brakes to your Datsun 1000.



4813.jpgAlbum click to view

  1. Bolt rotors on (usually via B110 hub)
  2. Bolt calipers on via adapter
  3. For better proportioning, change rear wheel cylinders
  4. For safety, fit tandem master cylinder

B10 stub axle -- Datsun calls the it the "knuckle spindle" -- is same dimensions as Datsun B110, so the 1200 hub can be bolted on. That means any disc rotors that work with 1200 can be fitted to the 1000.
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The key to a successful swap is in the caliper choice and mounting. Since there are no caliper mounts on a 1000, an adapter bracket must be used. A custom bracket can be fabricated or a Sigma GE bracket can be adapted.
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For safety, a tandem (dual circuit) master cylinder is a must, such as a 1200 brake master cylinder
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Caliper Bracket

Almost any caliper can be used with a custom fabricate bracket. Most commonly however, a Chrysler Sigma#GE (19771980) bracket is re-drilled and used on the 1000.

Custom bracket is made similar to this
3751.jpgAlbum click to view

  • Spacing of caliper bolt holes from center can be varied to suit large or small rotors
  • Spacing between caliper bolt holes can be varied to suit different calipers

The Sigma bracket works with the PBR caliper (Sigma, 120Y and others) and is designed for 229 mm rotors. Also will work with slightly smaller rotors such as Datsun 220mm rotors.
Sigma bracket: Weld the holes in the bracket, and drill new holes to suit the 1000.
15113.jpgAlbum click to view

With either type of brackets, spacers can be used at the caliper bolt holes to suit different rotor heights. For example, the Sigma bracket will work the 120Y rotors which are 5.6mm taller using a spacer between bracket and caliper.

Rear Wheel Cylinders

For better brake proportioning, rear wheel cylinders are swapped for 11/16" cylinders (out of Datsun 1200 disc-brake car).


There are a variety of different disc brake setups, including:

  1. Dattoman1000 professional setup
  2. Dattoman1000 Ford #Laser Swap
  3. qik1000 #257mm Brakes using Pintara rotors and VK calipers
  4. #Kiwi setup by KB10 using Sentra rotor & Wilwood calipers
  5. Late Silvia setup (no details from Ausrotary member, perhaps just using S13 Brakes) with custom caliper bracket
  6. #Sigma Swap mix and match from Sigma GE
  7. Late Vanette front end setup (no details but complete front end change by previous VB10 owner Paul Monk)
  8. #Maddat 256mm rotors with VN calipers
  9. Mazda RX7 setup on steveo's race 1000
  10. Mazda RX7 setup by #Hamilton

This aint too bad for a Sunny with a rare wishbone setup!

120Y Swap

The key is this bracket that baldy designed:
17423.jpgAlbum click to view 17424.jpgAlbum click to view 17425.jpgAlbum click to view

Sigma Swap

Requires 13" wheels

Swap pioneered by asunny and D, photos by LAGWAGON
3756.jpgAlbum click to view

* B110 disc hub (newer 1200 hubs differ)
* Mitsubishi/Chrysler rotor 229mm
* PBR caliper
* Chrysler Sigma#GE (19771980) caliper bracket
* strongly recommend a dual-system master cylinder
  B110 or 120Y (non-boosted) master cylinder
* Rear wheel cylinders swapped for 11/16" units

Weld the holes in the bracket, and drill new holes to suit the 1000.
15113.jpgAlbum click to view

ROTOR sizes
* Mitsu: 229 mm
* Late 120Y: 220 mm
  jempson used POST 120Y rotors with the Sigma calipers
* 1200: 212 mm

Bolt modified Sigma bracket to 1000 axle
15179.jpgAlbum click to view

B110 hub 
* 1970-1973 1200 w/disc brakes
* 1974-1975 120Y w/disc brakes
(1976-1978 120Y differs)

early Sigma caliper machined to fit 1200 disc hub (inner circumference lathed by 3mm)
15114.jpgAlbum click to view 15180.jpgAlbum click to view 15196.jpgAlbum click to view 15197.jpgAlbum click to view

  • disc centres machined out to suit the 1200 disc hubs
  • 3 holes redrilled on the caliper bracket
  • Finish a little of the corner of the new pads for clearance
  • Use the standard flexible brake line from the 1000 wagon
* CHRYSLER Sigma GE PBR Front Disc 1978-1980
* NISSAN 120Y Sedan P.B.R Front Disc 1977-1979 
RDA 210
* 1971-1980 Dodge Colt USA (with 229mm rotors)
* 1976-1980 Plymouth Arrow USA
* 1978-1980 Sigma GE (Chrysler Australia)
* Mitsubishi Galant GC, GD 1974-1977
* Mitsubishi Lancer LA, LB, LC 1974-1981
Outside Diameter: 229 mm (9.005")
Overall Height: 30mm (1.18")
Number of Bolts/Holes: 4
Bolt Circle: 86mm (1200 disc hub is 87 mm)
Discard Thickness: 11.4mm (0.449")
Solid (non-vented)

257mm Brakes

Requires 14" rims

1200 hubs with U12 Pintara 257 x 22 mm vented rotors with Commodore VK Girlock calipers (same as Skyline R31 calipers but without the external fins which limit rim selection).

257mm ROTOR
* U12 Pintara
* U12 Bluebird 8709-9108
* S13 USA
* and more

Photo is of Datsun 1000 suspension with B110 disc brake hubs. A custom steel bracket is fabricated for the caliper mounting.
25920.jpgAlbum click to view 25919.jpgAlbum click to view

  • use the instructions at S13 Brakes in the 257 mm section
  • If you use B110 drum hubs, no machining is needed, and track is not increased.
  • If you use B110 disc hubs, the hub must be machined and track is increased.

U12 rotors
14170.jpgAlbum click to view

Commodore VK six-cylinder
  • cut a new caliper bracket from 10 or 12mm steel. needs four holes to bolt to the upright and two more holes to mount the caliper
  • wheel stud length. the U12 disk slip over the wheel studs before the wheel goes on

259mm Brakes

Use R31 Pintara (rear) 259mm non-vented rotors with matching caliper & factory bracket. Lighter than the 257 vented discs. Slips over the 1000 hub. Reportedly the Pintara caliper is too small for great performance, but the discs are solid.

1986-1990 AUS Pintara wagon & sedan
* Nissan 43206-J7000
* DBA 616 (DBA lists them as 260mm)
* TRW DF7104
* Diameter: 259 mm
* Thickness: 10.5 mm
* Type: solid (non-vented)
* Height: 60 mm
* Centre hole diameter: 68 mm

Laser Swap

Requires 13" wheels. Requires custom hub.

238 mm ROTOR
1985-1989 Ford Laser KC (Mazda 323 clone)
1988-1989 Mercury Tracer USA/Canada

dattoman_1000 developed this swap
14201.jpgAlbum click to view 14200.jpgAlbum click to view 13710.jpgAlbum click to view

The custom hub
3750.jpgAlbum click to view 3749.jpgAlbum click to view 3748.jpgAlbum click to view

Rotor Height
Laser: 31 mm
Sigma: 30 mm
1200: 35.6 mm
  • For proper balance, change rear wheel cylinder to 1200 rear wheel cylinder (for disc brake 1200)
  • recommend 13/16" B310 unit master cylinder, but a 1000/1200 tandem unit can be used for easier braking effort but with more pedal travel
  • The bracket is lasercut from 10mm thick steel plate. Drilled and tapped for the 2 caliper bolt mounting holes (10x1.25) and drilled the other holes 4 holes to mount to the spindle. The centre hole is 60mm for the stub axle to pass thru.
  • The disc needs to be drilled out to 1/2" diameter mounting holes
  • The hubs are machined to keep offset identical to original and accept the standard wheel bearings.

The caliper bracket
3751.jpgAlbum click to view

238 mm ROTOR x 18 vented $10
* DBA 930
* PBR DR930
* ACDELCO 18A306 {#18027906}
* BECK/ARNLEY 0802191
* CENTRIC 12145018
Discard Thickness 16.002"
Nominal Thickness 18.034"
Height 31 mm
Diameter 238 mm
Pattern 94 mm
Type Vented

JBR317.jpg 18A306A_Alternate6.jpg


* Ford Laser KC
* Mazda 323 BF non-turbo 1985-1989
cast 18V on cradle and 15 on caliper body

Caliper (right & left differ)
RC3663-1.jpg RC3663-2.jpg cb.jpg cp.jpg

PBR H1507 with 10x1 banjo bolts and copper washers 


(2) 10x1.25 x 80mm long
(2) 10x1.25 x 90mm long
(4) 10x1.25 x 70mm long +Nylock nuts to suit
(4) 10x1.25 x 35mm long
(8) 12x1.50 x 25mm long + spring washers



Maddat Product No - FBK1000 Datsun 1000 Front Brake Kit

256mm disc, reconditioned Caliper, new rubber lines, mounting brackets and everything you need to bolt this straight on. Will fit under most 14" wheels. $995

5-lug rotors & hubs

4-lug rotors and VN Calipers


Looks like a custom bracket (very professionally finished), a disk-over-hub rotor, and a wheel spacer (which may not necessarily be part of the disc brake setup, but is to suit wheel offset).

Sentra rotors with Wilwood calipers
5961.jpgAlbum click to view 5962.jpgAlbum click to view 5960.jpgAlbum click to view 4332.jpgAlbum click to view 4323.jpgAlbum click to view


Gary Hamilton managed to squeeze RX7 4-spots on his 1000 sport sedan which uses 13" wheels, but don't ask me how!


Gary Hamiltons 1000 Coupe
1372.jpgAlbum click to view 

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