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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body Electrical System

Speedometers were either in kilometers or miles. Australia started with mph and then switched to kph via sticker overlays. Some speedometers had a trip meter.



1972 USA Owners manual

29368.jpg08   29369.jpg09
Instrument and Controls

#Bar Speedometer
28385.jpgAlbum 28385

#Round Speedometer
7725.jpgAlbum 7725

See also: Cluster Gauge
See also: Dashboard


The odometer has five digits as shown by this 2006 unit:
17172.jpgAlbum 17172

When the count exceeds 99999 it turns back to 00000.

23010.jpgAlbum 23010


STD bar gauge

STD speedometer was a rectangular type (GL & GX used round gauges as did all coupes). DX varied: Mostly rectangular, but USA Deluxe had round gauges.
1085.jpgAlbum 1085

24850-B8600 B110 ute Speedometer until 1975-1978
28384.jpgAlbum 28384
24850-B8600 KANTO SEIKI TOKYO 160K km/h with wire for intermittent buzzer


Round gauge

2148.jpgAlbum 2148

For calibration, the MPH speedo is marked in KPH ranges on the very edge, which are partly visible when installed.
13742.jpgAlbum 13742

24850-H1816 100MPH w/o tripmeter (AUS/USA standard equipment)
10675.jpgAlbum 10675

?? 100MPH with tripmeter
571.gifAlbum 571

1973 5mph marks

24850-H3400 1200 120MPH SPEEDOMETER Includes tripmeter
25954.jpgAlbum 25954 6551.jpg 6551.jpgAlbum 6551

140 kph
1300060168_177086830_11-DATSUN-SADO-.jpgPost click for topic

160 kph

160 kph late

GX - 180 kph

#Facelift GX - 180 kph

Matsuoka - 240 kph
26445.jpgAlbum 26445

B140 2008
26989.jpgAlbum 26989 174_589e901cb017b.jpgPost 483841

Facelift GX

Gauges changed for the 1972 minor facelift in Japan. As before the GX speedometer went to 180km/h instead of the regular 160km/h. As with all 1972s it had the speed warning sensor.

22.jpg 21084.jpgAlbum 21084 174_5d61ac9394fe3.jpgPost 492370

18701.jpgAlbum 18701 18702.jpgAlbum 18702

Part Numbers


24850-H1816 ASSY-SPEEDOMETER 100MILE/H [With 20 mph markings]
24850-H7000 ASSY-SPEEDOMETER 100MILE/H From 7/72 [With 10 mph markings]
24850-H3400 120MPH SPEEDOMETER Includes tripmeter
JDM Sunny Truck
24850-G1670 SPEEDOMETER ASSY 7804- [Round]


JDM Sunny Truck
24850-G1000 SPEEDOMETER ASS'Y (up to '72-6)
24850-G1001 SPEEDOMETER ASS'Y (from '72-7 for speed buzzer) > 24850-G1000
24850-G1002 SPEEDOMETER ASS'Y (from '72-12 for intermittent buzzer) > 24850-G1001
24850-B8600 SPEEDOMETER ASSY 7510-7803 [Rectangle]
JDM Meter Kaku (Bar Gauge)
Through '70 Dec
 24850-H1000 ASS'Y-SPEEDOMETER Std
 24850-H1100 ASS'Y-SPEEDOMETER S-Dx, VDT [Van Super-Deluxe T]
 * with trip meter
From '71 Jan
 24850-H1001 ASS'Y-SPEEDOMETER S-Std
 * with trip meter
 24850-H1410 ASS'Y-SPEEDOMETER VS,VP [Van Standard, Van Deluxe]
 * with trip meter

H10 ? - all red lamps
8400.jpgAlbum 8400

MPH Rectangle - 0-100 Miles Per Hour
10290_4a2f72d1a2c39.jpgUpload click to view

B86 - Blue H.B. lamp + yellow/red zones
25031.jpgAlbum 25031

277_4c0264d7b3d4a.jpgUpload click to view

Metric-Imperial Conversion

Sometimes on eBay Australia you can get the vintage conversion stickers.
923.jpgAlbum 923 5362.jpgAlbum 5362


print this on plain paper at 125%, for a test fit. If you like it, print on sticker stock then apply to the speedometer
1101.jpgAlbum 1101


Take the face plate and scan it on the flatbad scanner, then modify it. Finally, print a new one out with the photo printer. You can modify the font, colors, etc. You might think you can simply bolt it to the speedo using the standard screws, but it will not lay flat. Adhesive paper (sticker paper) will work
15393.jpgAlbum 15393

Speedometer Calibration

It is normal for the speedometer to read fast. The specified tolerance is +5% -10%. So at actual 60mph it can read 57 to 66 and still be acceptable. But you can blueprint the speedometer to be closer to the actual speed.

Speed Buzzer

Starting in 1972, all JDM speedometer came with speed switch for warning of excess velocity.

Amplifier Speed Switch

1972 Japan, Australia late utes and 1973 USA used a speed switch.

13695.jpg 20090615145339DSC07168x.jpg


Possible fit: POST Smith's guage from a Triumph
10754.jpgAlbum 10754

11799.jpgAlbum 11799

220km/h coversion from Matsuoka-M
174_5ce20bfaa0bb6.jpgPost 491450

Custom Faces


Z Speedometer

280Z speedometer fits in the 1200 dash cluster.


  1. Swap the mounting cups as the 280Z unit is deeper
  2. Drill a hole for the trip meter shaft through the back
  3. The face is to large for the opening in the 1200 housing, so carefully reduce the diameter by 1/8 inch

350Z speedometer looks a similar size.
14499.jpgAlbum 14499

Electronic Speedometer

Yes, you can fit an electronic speedometer into a 1200.


Speedometer Cable

Drive Ratios

15669.jpg 19T.jpg

Photo Index

2192.jpgAlbum 2192 2729.jpgAlbum 2729 5043.jpgAlbum 5043 8881.jpgAlbum 8881 10934.jpgAlbum 10934 10935.jpgAlbum 10935 12944.jpgAlbum 12944 13092.jpgAlbum 13092


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