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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]


From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Datsun B210

B210 was offered in two wagon body style: 2-dr wagon and 4-dr wagon. In Japan these are known as "van".



#VB210R 2-dr Wagon (van)
th_VB210R-3.jpg 12787.jpg

#2-door Panel Wagon
7520.jpg 120yvan.jpg

VB210 4-dr Wagon (van)
4808.jpg 10929.jpg

2-door Van

VB210R (R suffix indicates 2-door)

12787.jpgAlbum 12787

120Y wagon from New Zealand
VB210R-3.jpg VB210R-4.jpg

VB210R-1.jpg VB210R-2.jpg VB210R-5.jpg VB210R-6.jpg VB210R-7.jpg

120Y station wagon from South Africa
VB210_1976-a.jpg VB210_1976-b.jpg VB210_1976-c.jpg VB210_1976-d.jpg VB210_1976-e.jpg VB210_1976-f.jpg VB210_1976-g.jpg VB210_1976-j.jpg VB210_1976-k.jpg

jack mount in engine bay

fold-down rear seat

Doors for the 2-door Van use the same shell as Coupe and 2-door Sedan, however the glass frames are shaped differently.

2-door Panel

Australia pannon is a 2-door wagon with the rear side windows blocked.

174_5b762044b3c69.jpgPost 489239 174_5b76206a4c337.jpgPost 489239 174_5b762074b949c.jpgPost 489239 174_5b76207bb62e0.jpgPost 489239 174_5b7620849e5b8.jpgPost 489239

15837.jpgAlbum 15837 7520.jpgAlbum click to view 16062.jpgAlbum 16062 15697.jpgAlbum 15697 120yvan.jpg

With windows added (see POST for sale
17670.jpgAlbum 17670 17671.jpgAlbum 17671

4-door Van

120y_rt_frt.jpgAlbum click to view 12149.jpgAlbum 12149 12160.jpgAlbum 12160 174_5b762240ee3a4.jpgPost 489240 174_5b76224c4d564.jpgPost click for topic

Mat Smith's 120Y wagon (A12-powered)
4808.jpgAlbum 4808 6190.jpgAlbum 6190 4878.jpgAlbum 4878


Malaysia A12-powered with PB210 style front & lights, but on a wagon. Similar to South Africa B210. This one has non-PB front combination lamps.
21125.jpgAlbum 21125

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