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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Z-series Engine Swap

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Categories: Engine Modifications | Engine Swaps

NOTE: for the Z-car, see Fairlady#Coupes

The Nissan Z Engine is readily available in both USA and Australia in early 1980s Datsuns and Nissans. They came in displacements of 1.8 (Z18), 2.0 (Z20), 2.2 (Z22) and 2.4 liters (Z24). The Z-series and L-series Engine are very closely related, it is possible to put a Z head on a L-series bottom end with the use of the Z24 front cover. Z18s are a top little motor and readily available in Australia. If price is no object, the CA18DET is a lighter and far more powerful engine. However, if you come across a Z18T and the price is right, it makes a little Datsun 1200 move out with style.

Also see: 
* Nissan Z Engine
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* Fairlady (for the Z-cars)



Z-series is the 2nd generation of the L-series engine and both use the same block. So oil pans and mounting is the same as fitting an L-series engine.

Z18ET in 1200
22405.jpgAlbum 22405 22406.jpgAlbum 22406

See Main Article: Nissan Z Engine


crossmember & sump sections.

Z20S in 120Y
3879.jpgAlbum 3879

Z18 in Bluebird (factory install)
7098.jpgAlbum 7098

Mazda truck
10490.jpgAlbum 10490

Z18ET in 510
17760.jpgAlbum 17760

Z18 in B210
20889.jpgAlbum 20889



POST for sale (sedan with Z18ET setup)


Z20S in 1200
5629.jpgAlbum 5629 5736.jpgAlbum 5736 5737.jpgAlbum 5737 7567.jpgAlbum 7567 16178.jpgAlbum 16178

5775.jpgAlbum 5775 5773.jpgAlbum 5773 5772.jpgAlbum 5772 5771.jpgAlbum 5771 5770.jpgAlbum 5770 5769.jpgAlbum 5769 5768.jpgAlbum 5768 5739.jpgAlbum 5739 5738.jpgAlbum 5738 5737.jpgAlbum 5737 5736.jpgAlbum 5736 5629.jpgAlbum 5629


Z20S in 1200
1057.JPGAlbum 1057 1058.jpgAlbum 1058 1059.jpgAlbum 1059 1060.jpgAlbum 1060 1061.jpgAlbum 1061 1062.jpgAlbum 1062


Z24 swap into 1200
20343.jpgAlbum 20343 21160.jpgAlbum 21160 21161.jpgAlbum 21161 21602.jpgAlbum 21602 21604.jpgAlbum 21604 21605.jpgAlbum 21605 21931.jpgAlbum 21931 21956.jpgAlbum 21956 21957.jpgAlbum 21957 22034.jpgAlbum 22034 22035.jpgAlbum 22035 22207.jpgAlbum 22207 22709.jpgAlbum 22709 22763.jpgAlbum 22763 22838.jpgAlbum 22838 23073.jpgAlbum 23073 24559.jpgAlbum 24559 24659.jpgAlbum 24659


Nissan Z18T in Galant
13562.jpgAlbum 13562 13171.jpgAlbum 13171 13561.jpgAlbum 13561


Z-series uses the same transmissions as the KA-series engines. The bolt pattern is the same as the L-series but the lean is different.

Crossmember & Sump

Z-series Engine uses same crossmember mounts points as L-series engine.

This one for Z18T was done differently:
8904.jpgAlbum 8904

Oil Pan

720 4x4 pan modified to fit stock 1200 crossmember
23073.jpgAlbum 23073

But why go to all that trouble?

Vanette Z-22 sump fits stock crossmember:
23004.jpgAlbum 23004 23005.jpgAlbum 23005


Z-series engine requires a rear diff than can handle 98-137 ft. lbs. of torque. H190 is recommended.

Hilux diff

Roller Rocker Head


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