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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Body Styles

From Datsun 1200 Club

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Category: Body

Datsun 1200 was manufactured in the full range of models: Sedans, Coupes, Wagons and Trucks.


Datsun 1200 (B110) Body Styles

In Japan, the B110 is called the Datsun Sunny. In most other countries it was marketed as the Datsun 1200.

750.jpgAlbum 750 753.jpgAlbum 753

751.jpgAlbum 751 754.jpgAlbum 754

752.jpgAlbum 752 755.jpgAlbum 755

2-door Sedan and 2-door Coupe
749.jpgAlbum 749 748.jpgAlbum 748

2-dr Coupe (fastback). See main article: KB110
16330.jpg 738.jpg

2-dr Sedan. See main article: B110R
29304.jpgAlbum 29304 29306.jpgAlbum 29306

4-dr Sedan. See main article: 4-door sedan
751.jpg 737.jpg

2-dr Wagon/Van. See main article: VB110R
420.jpg 421.jpg

4-dr Wagon/Van (a.k.a. 5-dr Wagon). See main article: VB110
638.jpg 672.jpg

2-dr Utility (aka truck, pickup, 'ute', camioneta or bakkie). See main article: B120
20832.jpg 20833.jpg 

Search the Photo Album for more pictures of all these models.

So what's the difference between a 2-dr 'sedan' and a 2-dr 'coupe'?'

A sedan is a car with a back seat, where the back seats passengers have more of less the same room as the front seat passengers. Also, it has a trunk compartment separated from the passenger cabin.
748.jpg See main article: B110R

A coupe on the other hand, due to styling, has a smaller cramped passenger area.
749.jpg See main article: KB110

coupe [ koop ]

car with two doors: a car with two doors and a hard, fixed roof that seats two people or has a small rear seat.

Coupe - Encarta World English Dictionary

So the 1200 coupe is a 2+2 ('has a small rear seat'), while the sedan is more optimized for both front and rear passengers (the 1200 sedan has more headroom in back seat, you'll notice, even though the seats are the same size).

This is another example of the word evolving over time. Originally coupe meant two passengers inside and a driver outside.

U.S. type of car: a car with a fully enclosed passenger compartment, a permanent roof, two or four doors, front and rear seats, and a separate trunk

Sedan - Encarta World English Dictionary

In the case of the 1200 Coupe, the trunk area is not separate from the passenger compartment (even though it has a 'trunk lid' rather than a hatchback).

16330.jpgAlbum 16330

Trim levels

Trim levels and names vary by country, but include basic Standard, better Semi-Deluxe, Deluxe (DX) luxury GL (Grand Luxury) and sporty GX (Grand Luxury Twin-Carb).

See main article: Trim


STD (Standard) trim was not available for Coupe. It included painted bumpers (instead of chrome), no roof rain gutters (drip rails).

DX (Deluxe) was the base Coupe trim, and one step up for Sedan and Truck.

  • all STD features including drum brakes and rubber floor mats
  • chrome bumpers
  • roof rain-drip moulding

GL (Grand Luxe) included premium seats and steering wheel. It was available on 4-dr Sedan, Coupe and 1972 2-door sedan (GTR).

GX (GL Twin Carb) was the top of the line for the B110 model series. It included all the GL appointments, plus twin carburetor engine. Available only on 4-dr and Coupe. Datsun-Nissan South Africa also produced GX version, but with different hubcaps and interiors.


GX-5 was not a trim level, but a special model for year 1972. It was a GX with 5-speed transmission and a few other changes, including high-back seats.

See main article: GX-5

1972 Facelift

In Japan, a minor facelift was applied to 1972 B110s, including a "power bulge" hood on Standard and Deluxe models.

See main article: Facelift

Model Availability By Country

Australia got the Coupe, 4-dr Sedan, Ute, 4-dr Wagon and 2-dr Wagon
15.jpgAlbum 15 17.jpgAlbum 17

Germany 1974
Datsun-1200-1974.jpg 5679097351_f2700c9b29_o.jpg

United States got only the 2-dr Deluxe Sedan and the standard or Deluxe Coupe in left-hand drive version (LB110). LHD models have hydraulic clutches.
130.jpgAlbum 130 131.jpgAlbum 131

England The 'Sunny 1200s' in the UK were:

* Deluxe 2-Door Saloon
* Deluxe 4-Door Saloon (sedan)
* Coupe
* Estate Car (station wagon) 

Japan got everything :-) including the Standard, GL, and Deluxe trims. In late 1971, the GX was added.
738.jpgAlbum 738 737.jpgAlbum 737
154.jpgAlbum 154
That's the 1200 GX (B110) on the left, and the special Excellent 1400 series (PB110) on the right.

Excellent models have a different front bonnet (hood), grill and wings (fenders) and tail lights, and different interior from B110s.

* lights in grille
* pointed bonnet
* lights at edges of grill

For more info on the PB110, see the article Datsun PB110 Excellent Series

Ecuador built the 1200 pickup during the 1990s
400px-Nissan_1200_Pickup_Ecuador.jpgWIKI click for photo


2-dr Sunny Truck was sold around the world as the 1200 Pickup, 'ute', camioneta or bakkie.

See main article: B120

South Africa sold the B120 until 1979, Australia until 1985, Japan until 1994.
736.jpgAlbum 736

Nissan South Africa made the B140 short-wheelbase ute from 1980-2007 "Nissan LDV 1400":

New Zealand produced the long-wheelbase RoadStar and SportStar utes.
303.jpgAlbum 303

In South America, the 1200 'pick up' was sold new into the 1990s and is called a camioneta (light truck). You can sometimes find a used one for sale in Costa Rica or Ecuador even today.
14565.jpgAlbum 14565

SSS 1200

The Datsun 1200 SSS was a special version of the Datsun B110 created by Datsun New Zealand. It was sold through the 1974 model year, even though 1200 factory production stopped in 1973. Based on the B110 4-dr sedan, it featured twin sidedraught carburettors, special alloy wheels and blacked-out bonnet.

See Main Article: Datsun 1200 SSS


S1 1200

Entreposto of Portugal created and sold the Datsun 1200 S1, a 2-dr Sedan which included special badges and performance items.

See Main Article: Datsun 1200 S1


Custom Body Styles


Supa Sunny
15319.jpgAlbum 15319 15320.jpgAlbum 15320


Pillarless 1200

See Main Article: Hardtop

23156.jpgAlbum 23156

Roadsters & Convertibles

See main article: Convertible

115.jpg 1180.jpgAlbum 1180

Tudor 4-doors

Tudor 4-doors are 2-door sedans created out of 4-door sedans. These are rarely seen, usually in a country where 2-dr sedans are rare.

11386.jpgAlbum 11386 12494.jpgAlbum 12494 19470.jpgAlbum 19470

Stretch Limousines

Lightly Stretched
11954.jpgAlbum 11954

Stretched Ute
1754.jpgAlbum 1754

Limo made from 4-dr sedan:
744.jpgAlbum 744

2-dr Sedan-based Limo:
1750.jpgAlbum 1750

Limousine is also the german word for sedan:
777.jpgAlbum 777

Chopped Top and lengthened wheelbase (extra-long rear doors)
11954.jpgAlbum 11954

Extra Cab Trucks

Custom extended-cab versions of Datsun 1200 trucks included C-utes and King Cabs.

See Main Article: Extra cab


Wide Body

Body kit

12494.jpgAlbum 12494

174_4fea290b1f9f5.jpgPost 411101

18659.jpgAlbum 18659 2811.jpgAlbum 2811

Comparison of B110 to B210 and B310

Some feel that the B110 was the perfection of the B-class (subcompact) RWD Datsun. Consider some facts:

WEIGHT: lighter means faster accelerating with same engine
B1101640 pounds (700 kg)
B2101780 pounds (A12) or 2000 pounds (USA HB210 - overweight)
B3101900 pounds (A12) or 2000 pounds (A14/A15) - bigger than B210, yet just as light
Fuel Economy - USA
B110A124-speed37.9 mpg
B210A145-speed50 mpg
B310A145-speed47 mpg
Braking performance - US 60-0 mph (smaller is better):
modellight loadfull load
B110195 ft190 ft
B210196 ft211 ft
Acceleration & Passing - USA (smaller is better):
modelengine20-35 mph50-80 mph
B110A129.2 sec16.6 sec
B210A13 (1974)9.0 sec15.6 sec
Size (in millimeters):
B110383023001495124013904.1 m170 mm
B210408023401545127513604.7 m170

Subjective Analysis

The B10, Datsun 1000, introduced in 1966 was a successful car. But really small by modern standards. And small compared to Corolla. The B110, Datsun 1200, introduced in 1970 was larger, almost identical in dimensions to Corolla. This was the right size for the times.

The 1974 B210 had several goals for improvement over B110: Slightly larger, more world-ready, more luxurious. More interior room. Reduce NVH (noise, vibration and harshness). For most countries the A12-powered B210 was nearly identical to B110 except for styling. For North America, because of the emissions controls, competition with more power, and the extra weight mandated by safety regulations, Nissan USA was forced to fit larger engines to keep up the performance.

Instead of the 'rational' styling of B110, B210 would have a 'Young and Dynamic' image based on the 'Streamline and a Cut' styling theme. It would also have a 'Sharp and Soft' atmosphere, 'Long-nosed' proportion, and 'Streamline and Dynamic' style (reference: 1974 B210 Introduction Service Bulleting). Was the B210 styling successful? On the one hand Yes, it definitely sold well, and many people today still like the coke-bottle styling. On the other hand No -- Datsun went back to the 'rational' styling for the B310. And many today see the B210 style as more dated.

The 1978 B310 was longer and wider yet lower. And a return to the utilitarian (more boxy) styling. It handled better than B210, was more roomy, yet didn't weigh any more. It had a significantly smoother ride due to a change from rear leaf spring suspension (as used in trucks ...) to coil-spring rear with 4-link design (as used in most large sedans of the times).


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