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[Datsun 1200 encyclopedia]

Turbo Inlet Manifolds

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Category: Forced Induction

Intake manifolds for a Turbo engine. For more airflow, a higher flowing carb, intake, heads (ports and valves) and exhaust system is beneficial. Supercharging will increase power on a stock engine, but increasing the airflow capability of the engine will bring your blown engine to its full potential.



#Top-hatted Carburetor on stock manifold
10474.jpgAlbum 10474

#Boxed Carburetor
2253.jpgAlbum 2253

#Log Manifolds
4862.jpgAlbum 4862

#Tuned-port Intake
661.jpgAlbum 661

As far as designing a custom inlet manifold for a turbo, keep the path from carby to turbo as short and straight as possible (hopefully with no uphill stretches) from the turbo, out and up to the top of the manifold. It'll be impossible to avoid an uphill stretch there, just avoid unnecessary twists turns and uphill (or otherwise long) stretches. Use a log type inlet, with the log reaching further forward and back than the front and rear runners.

1982.jpgAlbum click to view 1981.jpgAlbum 1981

6060.jpgAlbum 6060

Stock Manifold

Blow-through or draw-through systems can use the stock Intake Manifold.

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Stock manifold with EFI throttle body (see $1200 EFI Turbo A12)
6746_551625dbea3e4.jpgPost 465360

Blow-through with #Top-hatted Carburetor
526.jpgAlbum 526 10474.jpgPost click for topic

Blow-through with #Boxed Carburetor
255.jpgAlbum 255

With pressure hose adapter
1000.jpgAlbum 1000 1004.jpgAlbum 1004

Stock Manifold cut and swapped sides
5889.jpgAlbum 5889

A15 Turbo using factory Twin Hitachi sidedraft manifold. Adapter runners bolt to a single Weber DCOE
17526.jpgAlbum click to view

Log Manifolds

A log manifold is a cylindrical plenum type with individual runners to each cylinder. Log manifolds can either be fed by an EFI throttle body or by a sidedraft carburetor. They can be used with either blow-through or draw-through systems.

See also: EFI Manifold#Overview for more Log info

Generally, any EFI log manifold can be used with a turbo, you can even use them with a carburetor feeding the log.

Log Manifold
20267.jpgAlbum 20267 20268.jpgAlbum 20268 20269.jpgAlbum 20269

UM-1 Manifold
301.JPGAlbum 301

Ram plenum manifold
652.jpgAlbum click to view 653.jpgAlbum click to view 654.jpgAlbum click to view

clyon's A-series Turbo Manifolds
7952_51415765a064e.jpgPost 432220 7952_514157d6a5905.jpgPost 432220 7952_5156836ba4deb.jpgPost 432220

This kind of stock manifold-runner is limited in horsepower. The turbo can force more air through it (for more HP) but the air temp will escalate, limiting the power to be made.
21086.jpgAlbum 21086

Corolla manifold adapted
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Draw-through with very small plenum
9809.jpgPost click for topic

6974.jpgAlbum 6974

With air horns (trumpets)
8135.jpgAlbum 8135 8136.jpgAlbum 8136 8137.jpgAlbum 8137

19909.jpgPost click for topic

Far-side-mounted intercooler
2443.jpgAlbum 2443

A15 in Datsun 1000
2511.jpgAlbum 2511 2519.jpgAlbum 2519

EFI A14 by dato8u
4481.jpgAlbum 4481 4480.jpgAlbum 4480

Tuned Runner Length

For scavenge effect at 5000 RPM, the runners should be 20" long!
23939.jpgAlbum 23939

Optimum runner length vs RPM
intakerunnerlength.jpgPost click for topic

7611.jpgAlbum 7611

Top-hatted Carburetor

Feeding the carburetor via a top hat was a popular OEM method. phunkdotaspok say the stock Hitachi can handle 10 psi with a good top-gasket seal. In an NA application, a warped top is not a problem, as there is no pressure in the float chamber. This only becomes important in boosted application.

Blow-through system feeding carb top-hat
519.jpgAlbum click to view

Weber 32/36 Carburetor with custom top hat
21572.jpgAlbum 21572 21573.jpgAlbum 21573

Twin-sidedraft top hat
1127.jpgAlbum 1127 2967.jpgAlbum 2967

downdraft Dellorto carburetor on custom manifold
21056.jpgAlbum 21056

Weber 32/36 Carburetor hat
22271.jpgAlbum 22271

Good for 10psi
13860.jpgAlbum 13860

3496.jpgAlbum 3496

Twin Sidedraughts
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8415.jpgAlbum 8415 8579.jpgAlbum 8579

Boxed Carburetor

Blow through works well. The main reason to use this over a draw-through is so an intercooler can be used. The boxed carburetor can take more boost than the top-hatted carburetor.

Boxing the carb allows a more or less stock carb to be used, the outside pressure balancing the inside pressure. Special non-crushable fuel floats are needed.

2249.jpgAlbum 2249 2253.jpgAlbum 2253

535.jpgAlbum 535

255.jpgAlbum 255 293.jpgAlbum 293

350.jpgAlbum 350 

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